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  1. I miss Encounter and our JinSoo-Couple so much. I still can't get over them
  2. @stroppyse Please don't say sorry about the length of the post. I must say thank you for your post. I enjoyed your writing and thoughts so much and really agree with you!
  3. @thistle I'm sorry to hear that some posts sickened you so badly. I didn't really read the bashing posts about JH's mother because it was too much for me so I don't really remember, how it was. But I really hope that you don't put your happiness in someone's hand. You enjoyed the show so ignore the bad comments or posts if you can and have a nice time!
  4. I like all the songs in Encounter, esp. Take me on, Omara, Fairy tales but really enjoy all of them!
  5. @caileysmiley I've always visited this thread from time to time but didn't write anything. Thank you so much for keeping this thread updated! I always love Hye Kyo and I'm even prouder of her after Encounter
  6. Does someone know if the DVD has engsub? For commentary too? I would immediately buy it when it has!!!
  7. Thank you soooo much for recapping and pics!!!! I love this drama, every second of it!!! I´m so happy right now!!!
  8. @twtwb @NongpeeP Thank you so much for your comments! I really feel the same but can't write as beautifully as you did. Encounter is really a masterpiece for me. Cast and crew stay loyal to their plan and it's wonderful. The story is reasonable and beautifully told. Their acting is amazing! I really appreciate this drama so much!
  9. @ahdrianaa I totallly agree with you. I don´t know which emoji I should choose Thanks or In Love or Insightful!
  10. @mads129Maybe Jinhyuks Father? The hair and back look JHs father alike. Jin Hyuks and Soo Hyuns eyes it looks like they really broke up. Oh please no! I don't want more tears in the last 2 episodes. I want more happy moments of JinSoo
  11. @khxy thank you so much for translating and sharing! I cried while reading this. It's so beautiful written and translated. It will break my heart, if Soo Hyun can't be happy with Jin Hyun at the end.
  12. @beebeep I think because it was his wish, that they spend all day in a book store, reading books together und buy a book for each other. Maybe she wants to make his wish to come true. I don´t know what to say... This episode is so sad and depressing.
  13. @ahdrianaa the woman in the gallery was the ex of her ex-husband. Soo Ah or smt like that is her name. I think she is the unexpected gast for SH.
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