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  1. I hope that too! I don't want to see so many tears either
  2. @mads129Maybe Jinhyuks Father? The hair and back look JHs father alike. Jin Hyuks and Soo Hyuns eyes it looks like they really broke up. Oh please no! I don't want more tears in the last 2 episodes. I want more happy moments of JinSoo
  3. @khxy thank you so much for translating and sharing! I cried while reading this. It's so beautiful written and translated. It will break my heart, if Soo Hyun can't be happy with Jin Hyun at the end.
  4. @beebeep I think because it was his wish, that they spend all day in a book store, reading books together und buy a book for each other. Maybe she wants to make his wish to come true. I don´t know what to say... This episode is so sad and depressing.
  5. @ahdrianaa the woman in the gallery was the ex of her ex-husband. Soo Ah or smt like that is her name. I think she is the unexpected gast for SH.
  6. It broke my heart seeing the preview. The bouquet was under the glas bell. It´s just like SHs dream of happiness. So beautiful but so far away, unable to touch for her! It really broke my heart I want to unterstand their conservation badly!!!
  7. It looks like, CSH will move to JHs neighborhood. So many future scenes there
  8. @emmafaye I want her to fight. She built this hotel on her own. Donghwa hotel is so successful now because of her. It's not the money of her ex family in law. So why should she say "take the money"? It is the result of her hard work. The hotel that she received as Allimony was nearly bankrupt. Sure that she can be happy with less. She doesn't need to be rich. But she should not give up on smt, that she was hard working for.
  9. @sugarbunnee thank you for coming back! The last scene brought me tears and reading your post one more time! I like the way they love each other so much! So healthy and sweet!
  10. @bebebisous33 oh, I think you meant me. I didn't know, it was illegal. It looked serious and official for me. Sorry
  11. So he didn't keep his words? the drama hasn't been over yet. Should we remind him of this? I hope there is no spoiler in the interview.
  12. @bebebisous33 Oh my... I'm always so amazed by your analysis and writing! Thank you so much! I have a question. Are you SHKs or PBGs fan or do you just like Kdramas and you're good at observing and analysing? I'm really amazed!
  13. Oh thank you. It's now my turn " why didn't I think of that?" So it is one more proof, how good SH observes everything within some seconds. She can read everything, as someone wrote it several pages before.
  14. About JWS. Sure I feel sorry for him, too. He is the victim of his mother and her education. I can unterstand how he became who he is now. But come on, he is now an adult. We can always work on us, try to develope, heal the wounds of childhood. But he doesn't have the desire to grow up, to get more out of him, to be free and happy. He can do it in so many ways. He can read, he can go to a psychotherapist, he can find things, which are meaningful to him... But he hasn't done any of them. So I think, I feel pity for him but just a little. You must love/treasure and help yourself before you want to love and help someone else. It's my opinion. Sorry for my poor english..