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  1. @ForgottenSoulx http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/11/the-legend-of-hao-lan-2018.html From the article in the link above, there is no poster of Lao Ai character at all, so I don't think Lao Ai character is a big impact character in this drama. Therefore, I don't think the writer will portray that part of history. But then again, that is just my interpretation. Coz to me, for Haolan to have an illicit relationship which results to 2 sons is quite a big scene. Yet, there is no poster of this Lao Ai character. It is quite ridiculous right?
  2. This drama is based on during Warring Period era and it is a love triangle between Haolan, Buwei and Yingren. So I don't think the love aspect to be sweet like in Yanxi. Hence I won't hope for to much on that. But one thing that I like is, they use Nie Yuan's real voice. I don't know how I'm going to adjust if they dub for Nie Yuan.
  3. @blessedchild If I'm not mistaken, it is the scene after 10 years time skip, in Emperor's study room. Emperor shared his worry how Empress is getting older. Before that, Yinglou did eyed Emperor's dessert.
  4. I always tought Yuanming Garden is very far from Forbidden city and wonder how Yinglou can send fresh flower and moon cake to Emperor. Turn out to be, Yuanming Garden just 12 km away from Forbidden City. No worder, for a busy person like Emperor can go to Yuanming Garden so many time during the last year Yinglou was there.
  5. @lyserose from what i've read (google translate version), the translation is exactly as @heychumi wrote. Qianlong did admit his love to YL to Empress Dowager. Yinglou who pretended to be unconcious at that time heard his confession.
  6. @nnnju Thank you for your explaination. Yes, now i realize, those EDs who call themselves Aijia in the dramas and novels that i watch and read, the stories are fiction, not based on real history. Same goes to Huangama or ama. It is interesting to know that the ama word is a Manchu word. Somehow, this makes me appreciate more on how detail the script referred to the real history.
  7. @believed Thank you for your info. Quite interesting coz when I watch dramas or read novels with period background, ED always use Aijia. I never know it is not historically accurate.
  8. Now I realize. Doesn't usually Empress Dowager call herself as 'Aijia'? Just like how Emperor call himself 'Zhen' and Empress as 'Bengong'. But in this drama, Empress Dowager didn't call herself as Aijia right? Is this because Qing dynasty didn't apply this type rule of how they call themselves? As I watch other dramas, imperial children call Emperor as Fuhuang but in Yanxi, they called QL as Huangama. Does anyone know?
  9. I'm glad you like it. Yinglou-Emperor's relationship is one of the reasons why i like this drama. It is so fun to watch.
  10. I highly recommend for you to watch tjis drama. I start with 1st episode and binge-watching until 42 episodes in two days. I became a zombie on the 3rd day due to lack of sleep. Hahaha.
  11. Agree. And Nie Yuan's real voice is suitable for Emperor's character. In Ruyi, Wallace voice was dubbed. Yes, that voice is suitable for an emperor but it is totally clash with Wallace's face.
  12. Hahaha. It was like watching Yanxi Palace with anime voice. So weird.
  13. I watched several episodes of Ruyi and I understand why Yanxi is so famous compare to Ruyi. In Yanxi, we have Yinglou who is strong MC and totally focus on revenge. She did fall in love but love or man is not her priority. While for Ruyi, she entered the palace because of a man and love. Her life just revolved around this man. For Yinglou, if she was wronged once, she will repay the wrong tenfold. For Ruyi, she kept become the victim and too soft the get her revenge. Another thing, though QL in Yanxi is more likable compare to QL in Ruyi. In Ruyi, the emperor was potrayed as a cruel husband who just know how to spread his sperm around. He is lustful and downright jerk. In Yanxi, the only time QL slapped his concubine when Jia Pin tried to frame Yinglou and Fuheng in ep 46. While in Ruyi, QL slapped Ruyi twice, both because of misunderstanding. So, QL in Ruyi is so hateful.