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  1. Can't wait!! I hope there will be wrap up party on the last episode!! Anyway, someone mentioned this before, will Yoo Young-A give Q&A session before ep. 16?
  2. Btw @bubblechoco i just checked ig acc of the crew who posted the foods and PBG yesterday.. he already deleted it, is it perhaps he got so many regram or because viewers questioning whether PBG using bandange or ring?
  3. Soohyun in her office with Wooseok (E14) Soohyun, trying to fill herself with emotions before filming - Scene where she talked with Wooseok about the correct way of separation - After the filming is done, Hyekyo said "We are friends! Friends with same age!" Jang Seungjo: "Looks like we only say hello and that's it!" Hyekyo: "Hello? And then the drama is ending. Let's meet again in the next project in a friendly way" Jang Seungjo: "Sure" Staff: "As brother & sister?" Hyekyo: "Brother & sister?" Jang Seungjo: "That sounds good" - and then back to filming again- I'm translating this while I'm half asleep~~~~ Didn't even bother to check any grammatical or spelling mistakes Please read it lightly ----- THANK YOU!! i guess the scene of JWS and CSH above was the last scene of them together.. Then let's give our OTP more happy-lovey-dovey screen time
  4. PBG being his cheerful self is always fun to watch.. And, Jang Seung-Jo is undeniably handsome . Not fond with his character, but he nailed it..
  5. Thank youuu @stardustvoid the BTS suddenly lifts up the mood.. We probably need @bubblechoco to help us with the translation Please go to TVN drama YTube channel from Gumtaek, make sure to like and comments..
  6. So far we have almost 60 mins in episode 1, 20 mins of episode 10, and 4 mins in ep 11 of Cuba. From all the scenes in Cuba, we got a lot of footage or fancam (csh and kjh ep 1 in red dress and white shirt, csh-kjh ep 11 in blue shirts in the car) The only scenes i have not yet seen fancam or footage, were the one in the garden and Cuba airport. Other than the drama opening, initially we have no idea, where and why KJH was seen laying in stairs. Soo, still hoping for Cuba scene in Garden, hopefully a happy lovey-dovey scenes. If clouds are blocking the sun, remember there will always be silving linings..
  7. The picture is not really clear, but i guess he's still wearing the ring?
  8. Is it from today? If it is, i hope PBG and SHK stay warm, well and healthy, so are the rest of the casts and crew. The last episode is in 3 days, how they manage to do the rush editing is beyond my imagination. All crew deserve warm and hearty meal and our appreciation for working so hard day and night.
  9. He meant what he said, When he said And now that he overheard his parents conversation and knew the truth, i believe his strong will, eventually will lead him back to where he belong, in Soo Hyun side. Since it would be impossible for him to live without her. JinSoo hwaiting! -------- ------ -------- And also, despite the heartbreaking preview, let's celebrate our OTP, who were re-crowned as the top 2 of most buzzworthy actors and dramas from Jan 14-Jan 20. 1st: PBG 2nd: SHK -- 4th: Boyfriend Thanks @gumtaek for the info, tho it quickly drowned with ep 15 preview. Congrats Park Bo Gum-Ssi and Sing Hye Kyo-Ssi. We demand awards for them!
  10. Watching the preview, although it made my heart aches so much to see Jin Hyuk cried his heart out, somehow i kinda relieved. The most important thing is, JH knew what was really going on. And after that heart breaking moments, it's up to them to find their way back into love. It's clear that they belong together.
  11. 2 days before last 2 episodes, Sec Jang is all of us:
  12. Yess, i've watched this too.. thanks for bringing in here.. I guess tmrw we will get preview from TvN. From the YouTube review, this one struck me the most, taken from Boyfriend website.. it's probably have been disscussed already, pages ago..
  13. BOYFRIEND Cha Soo Hyun - Kim Jin Hyuk in one of the segment of Amazing Saturday variety show. One of the MC is Hyeri, who played Duk Seon in Reply 1988 with PBG