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  1. @dukesa1122 Seriously those fake news is ridiculous. It was as simple as because Chaumet sponsored her jewelleries at Sulwhasoo event yesterday. She wore the ring last year at Sulwhasoo event, when she haven't become the BA. People might think her ring is also sponsored if she wears it.
  2. Today's event heals all my disappointment about BF dvd.. her beautiful images are spreading everywhere
  3. I watched every beauty influencers and journalist's live IG who attend the event, they were all in awe with her beauty and how humble she is.. who won't? More and more CFs for the Goddess.. Ladies, the queen said: don't forget to use moisturizer everyday
  4. @ahdrianaa The first dress is sooooo beautiful i can't.. Goddess she is We still have Dyson CF to wait for
  5. Yess, i watched the live IG too.. So, so sad that we don't know when she will taking a project
  6. A new feeling! @avondale16 coudn't agree more. @bebebisous33 thank you won't be enough to represent my gratitude towards every analyses that you've shared in this thread. I didn't notice that the director also using the same approach to describe other character outside the OTP, even for side character like MJ. I'll make sure to check your blog
  7. @ahdrianaa and @gumtaek So, quite possibly the main reason why SD decided not to release DirCut dvd, because there's not much of the unseen footages? Won't people be interested only with actors, director, and writer commentary of important scene?
  8. @gumtaek Im using papago Average in here means, through all 16 episodes, BF average rating was 8,5. I don't think it means 8,5 is an average cable rating.
  9. @Cheryl295 I hope there will be logical explaination, because releasing dvd with such big fandom like SHK and PBG meaning more dollars to the producing company. So i was as confused as @jl08 Because other drama under the same production company released director's cut. And if the actors agency caved in with public opinions, i mean, which public? as much as i can see, the International supporters are way bigger than those who bombarding every thread and social media with their hate comments. PBG have massive success with his fan meeting, more than 25.000 people attended so far, and he hasn't finished yet. In every fan meeting, he reenact his role as KJH and fans went crazy about it. Together with SHK fandom, how big the demand will be? So talking about momentum, if they release director cut dvd, this is just the right moment.. The only thing that i can think about, is that they probably don't meet in the agreement
  10. The dvd is the reason why i haven't move on.. The reason isn't clear as @ahdrianaasaid it wasn't because of the lack of demand. I wonder after DoTS is there any drama which produce director's cut dvd?
  11. I agree as well, I think spin off could be better.. for personal reason, i really want to see JWS in Boyfriend spin off. Like CSH he's a loner.. would be great to see how he grow as a person. His mother is in jail, he lost his love, enough material to see how he discover love and his true self.. and JinSoo could be in some episodes?
  12. Happy Valentine's Day everyone... To sync with this lovey-dovey atmosphere, I go back to the best part of this thread at page 199-205, when the Cuba Kisses happened. For those who were streaming that night, the fave words are: OMG and WOW.. (we were so shock and busy watching and posting 'OMG', none of us upload screenshot of the kiss, not until the ending ) And yes, we were all @NongpeeP screamed and distracted Everyone was barely alive that night
  13. @larrysouth pray for speedy recovery of your wife.. thank you for stopping by in the middle of taking care of everything. Happy that you satisfied with the ending.. @stardustvoid there's no reply from the boyfrienddvd, i had email them regarding the release, dvd content and sub, but so far i got nothing.. What about you @dukesa1122 Have you heard any news from them? Anyway, thank you @gumtaek for updating the high rated kdrama in cable tv. Even comparing with other romantic dramas airing right now, Encounter stay strong as high-rated drama.
  14. Ignoring any negativity! couldn't agree more with you @roshzanna I was about to reply negative comment in this thread, but i agree, it's useless. I choose to share my love to this drama, making any negativity drowned by our love of this drama and our OTP. Please keep sharing GIFs and throwback pictures of our lovely OTP. A Match Made in Heaven
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