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  1. I guess I can be really happy seeing the reel wedding photos. I don't have to wait for the real wedding photos to realise my delulu dream. Blessed these two couple! mansae to director Park!
  2. I read the comic and the novel version of Nuna fandotcom but I have to wait every 12hours just to read one page. I just can't wait for the whole story goshhhhh it's quite exciting story.
  3. She was really comfortable with PSJ. In WWWSK, after ep 8 and so on, the way PSJ hugs her is becoming more more stronger. If PMY hates too much skinship, she would had ask him to loose a bit, but she didn't. Admit it.. they can just simply saying it is the way to express the feeling on that specific scenes tho but thats too much comfortness. Sometimes people didn't realise how close their body touch each other when they are in close relationship. Thats why I dont think they bother to have gaps between them sitting side by side. Which...I think...they love being close to each other hehe.
  4. At first, I thought they are still getting know each other. I still think things are awkward at the cosmo event. Whether they are trying to cover their love relationship or things just still awkward between them and just friendly conversation between them. I can see that PMY is not being dorky her when I saw the commentary teaser since they admit they have feelings for each other in their interviews. But since that, they simultaneously posting in instagram which I think somekind of message between them. But who knows now... I just wish the sparks between them are still there. Things will go crazy again once the commentary dvd will go out. People will start talking about them again.
  5. Sometimes I feel like PSJ act like how he would treat his real girl. If it's true, gosh...he's the best man in the world.
  6. I thought it wont be release this sooner too... cos they still have long way to shoot the drama.
  7. I read back the first article came out by DongaSport about their so-called-3-years-relationship that they've been 007 like dating till now and 'been supporting each others' works and trust each other' that makes their relationship last long.. well I believe this time they'll keep their relationship strong too.
  8. This time they have to preorder full payment. I'm broke. Haha. But still, I am gonna buy one! Omg simba looking so damn cute!!
  9. Everytime I see fans posted the WWWSK scenes, everything seems new as if the drama is still on going now. Always feel great watching two of them.
  10. I think this must be part of deleted scene. I can't find any scenes that fits with this suit. But I guess it was part of the intro where he said 'Secretary Kim, where are you going' then she said 'going to watch WWWSK' , right?
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