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  1. I think this must be part of deleted scene. I can't find any scenes that fits with this suit. But I guess it was part of the intro where he said 'Secretary Kim, where are you going' then she said 'going to watch WWWSK' , right?
  2. Oh yes! True true. Thanks @twoparkcouple . Yeah he does look like one here . So cute. I still remember her character in Encounter that's why I keep on thinking about fall for guys.
  3. Does she mean by falling in love? That '3 sec' terms meant for that,right? That should be 'samcho'. Or does 'chosam' has another meaning? haha
  4. Right? Gosh I read the interview and I keep saying 'He is such a man. I wish I met someone like him' this sort of words. He just wowed me. What's wrong for being honest? His such-called-fans should support him. Look at his age. He has the right to date someone now. People should look at his talent. He is a good actor. I know he still experimenting this and that character but I can see that he can shine more later. As long as the script is amazing. And guys I personally love this one from new Spring SS 19 ZioZia. Look at his broad shoulder. So jealous Rachel. You get to hug him .
  5. This is basically 1st time I saw PSJ explaining such dating rumor this long. He sure is a great man. He can just lie but date her secretly so that people can stop talking about them (I dont mind too hehe). But deep in him, I guess he likes her so much that he couldn't like straightly deny about it. That's why I think they never been together before but but sparks happened during the WWWSK. That 1st August interview made me totally love him, so manly, so confidence of him about them. Who wouldn't fall for this?
  6. @kdramalover0216 this means that the writer is smart enough to make cliche story feels fresh and a bit different with amazing chemistry. She also thanks PSJ for being part of the story and realise the VP character. Plus, their amazing chemistry and beautiful visual
  7. How can they call themselves fans if they support their artists? Those people are just merely weird so-called-fans who thought they have the power to control the artists. They don't have the right to call themselves FANS.
  8. I bet he was drop-dead when he saw her with black hair and red lips.
  9. Damn he looks like a dandy boy next door. HOTTIE CAPTAIN Can't wait for The Divine Fury to release.
  10. She cut a bit her hair. Looks beautiful as always. Looks younger I guess I wish I can get her candy too.
  11. I would love to see her back in action. She'll be that sexy agent or maybe antagonist would be amazing. But nowadays they prefer taller actresses to play action movie. But it would be amazing if she play one before she settle down.
  12. If that's true, they did have romantic dinner together. My delulu mind is so happy right now.
  13. Who could that be? Was him the VP Youngjoon or photographer Youngjoon ? Hmmmm Or...was it cameo for TYH???