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  1. angiedramadive

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    @nohamahamoud2002 about the award i mentioned earlier in the other thread, i got the info from his house tour years ago and he even showed them off himself (This video has engsub and the award part starts from 2’40 ) I guess KJH himself is just as goofy and unique like all of his charaters
  2. angiedramadive

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    You guys, i’ve just found this gem yesterday! It’s the bts of monster and KJH shows off his ‘monster’ acting there! https://m.tv.naver.com/v/883463 (Here he really got burned during the scene but still carried on with the acting!) haha, i wanted to show this off to the other thread but didnt find it appropriated And KJH used to do musicals, he also sang for Lie to me ost. I found him handsome always, since 2010 And i think he was more lively or more connected to his drama partner then compare to now. Here is the bts of the last scene of coffee house (a kiss scene ), i think he liked the girl a lot. For me, i love coffee house haha bc yes, i ship the couple there and i’ve always got something for a friends turn to lovers relationship
  3. He did win lots of awards in the past Hopefully a more harvested year would come to him for this drama too.
  4. Now we all know the drama’s story is wayyyy different than the webtoon, so i’m very excited looking forward to what the writernim has in the pocket for us next. For now, this is my delusion My 2 most concerned about the drama are: -The reason RD gets involve in the loop with JS -If RD forgets all about the loop (if they follow that ending), her realization on life (try as hard as you can for the best like there’s always the loop) will also be erased . And i really want to see not just JS but RD transformation too. Hopefully the writernim has planned to resolve these 2 things as well. Then this drama would impress me big time!
  5. For the ending of the drama, i positively think it will not be the same and not as sad as the webtoon for 5 reasons: 1. Major details of the drama was changed: the characters, their transformations, the interaction between them, the twists like the disappearance of the loop, the date at musement park (in webtoon it’s between RD&JS), the hug, etc as @selenette has mentioned above. Therefore there’s no reason the ending would not be changed bc writernim has made it into a different story! 2. The changing BJS now gets love and respect from his colleagues and public. So at the end the completely changed BJS will for sure get those as well. 3. Writenim has unfolded RD’s feeling for JS and for the way the show is going now, i see it would hardly be ignored or left unsolved and still able to deliver a ‘make-sense’ ending for the audience. The public view (rating) does have lots of pressure on the flow/ending of a Korean drama. And team Baek for sure is now on the go 4. I actually think it’s hard not to fall in love with BJS. As us audience, we also change from ‘an extremely hate that annoying man’ to ‘an obsessely adore that very same man, who is cute, smart, brave, handsome...’. So if this drama world has some senses, RD would also feel the same way as us 5. Last but not least, every scenes, every highs and lows are screaming RD&JS to me. And at the end it always brings 2 main characters closer together (in a light of trust and also romance). So i hope no one drop the show now and keep our mind strong until the very end. Agree?
  6. The loop is end now. RD is soooo happy with it but i guess everyone here is kind of miss it. So here it is
  7. RD actually did tons of unrequired things that were not related to the loop at all, like: went out of her way to help JS at Garibong, frequently visit his house and got drunk there, even spend nights without rational reasons, that desperate scream when he’s in danger, that hug (which she disgusted earlier), that come to his house again to find the culprit though already in a relationship, etc. And in most cases, she’s the one who initiated it! She’s maybe a good person who wants to take care of people but she didn’t go to that extreme when it comes to her colleagues or even KJH! RD has never questioned herself the reason behind all that until this ep, until she realized she cannot understand her emotion related to BJS. I believe she has not realized her feeling for him yet bc she keeps convincing herself she did all that to stop the loop (yeah, cant imagine you fall in love with the person you hate the most, right?). But now her emotion is kind of disclosing herself. I think BJS is not delusional at all when thinking she likes him through all that acts! I know this is a drama world but i hope there would still be rational reasons behind the act of each charater .
  8. At first i thought this ep would be sad based on the previews & comments, but it turns out so hilarious ! I still have the feeling that RD&JH is not the end game bc there were not many emotions involved in their scenes! I hope the drama back to the heart-warming moments like those first episodes. It may involves the romance but i also welcome the touching meaning beneath this office theme
  9. angiedramadive

    Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer

    Love Dongwan style for Scene Playbill!!! Thanks for your frequent updates @fromlepus
  10. So i guess the 2 OTP ships offcially start sailing tonight! Obviously i’m all for JS-RD one can’t wait to see how this hateful man transforms into a cute, all smiley man in love <3 Ruda should choose wisely now Kang Ji-hwan is back to rom-com after a long time, it would be disappointed if they use the end of the webtoon
  11. Kang Ji-hwan is like fine wine. Really love his style these days <3 also, he should not take off his glasses, EVER! lol
  12. My favorite drama of him (also most favorite k-drama of all time!!!) is Coffee House. Can’t count how many time i re-watched the show, lol. His character there, Lee Jin-soo, is unique also (a thriller novelist), who is a dream man of 1 million fangirls from the outside but indeed a psycho (as stated by his best friend, also his publisher, also his something else... maybe ). This drama is crazy bc you don’t know who the main couple is until the.very.end!, not to mention, the main guy keeps hacking your mind and makes you wander why he’s doing the thing he does. I know i’m not the only one going insane with this show cuz the coffee house forum on soompi has more than 400 pages already!!! https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/253491-drama-2010-coffee-house-커피하우스/ And a Coffee House’s fan even re-write the whole drama in the view of Lee Jin-soo in her blog here: http://sharingtotheworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/coffee-house-jin-soos-story.html?m=1 Plus, this is another ‘glasses’ version of Kang Ji-hwan, so you should not miss the show