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  1. I have not finished the drama yet but does TsoML have 73 episodes or 79? Currently on Viki it is listed for 73. Is there extended episodes or is 73 the last episode?
  2. greenwatch08

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    Probably my fav scenes/interactions between these two. Such cuties. It's so intimate. SYR/CFY have such natural chemistry/energy together here.
  3. Does anyone know where I can listen to the music score with the music only. Not the soundtrack w/songs. TSoML ends this week or next week? I'm not quite sure. I still have a handful of episodes to catch up to & want to avoid spoilers. It's been such a great run.
  4. greenwatch08

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    It's super awesome. That's really cool. The music score has alot of memorable pieces. They definitely put alot of thought into this. It's probably one of my favorite music score from any drama I've seen.
  5. greenwatch08

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    Thank you so much. I've been meaning to find/listen to it. The music score is probably the best score I've heard in a drama. It's so majestic & memorable.
  6. greenwatch08

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    Does anyone know where I can listen to the music score? Not the original soundtrack with the songs but the music pieces.
  7. Ep.64 was really good. Grandma's awake & TY's back. I almost forgot he was in the show for a bit. CB is such a good son. I really like how the characters matured. Well maybe not all of them but I love the progression. Im so happy grandma's okay. ML&TY together again, the dynamic duo is just too good. I love these cuties. Those pecking/kisses at the end .
  8. A little a bit of both, although the women are well written/multifaceted much moreso than the men in TSoML. The writing for the men has been either alright or somewhat underwhelming, but I do very much love TY as a character. The great thing about TSoML is that it puts women at the forefront in storytelling/narrative & continues to keep the show engaging. Even the most prickly characters are quite enjoyable to watch.
  9. I didnt realized that YouTube had TSoML episodes w/subtitles. Watching it on youtube is so much clearer/HD than on Viki. Should've watched the drama on Ytube sooner. The cinematography is so crisp/ clean.
  10. I'm so happy that ML had Grandma all those years ago & now. Seeing ML cry for Grandma made me teary. These few episodes have been great. I love the focus on ML's character. She's so resilient. I'm just a tad nervous on how everything else will be resolved. So much political upheaval has happened. I've been avoiding the thread to avoid spoilers.
  11. Finally caught up to ep.63. ML is just too awesome. People dont deserve her mercy. The Aunt Kang/Poison Arc is so good. ML can definitely be a detective in ancient times. She's so intuitive & insightful as always. Was ZLY pregnant during these episodes? She seems to have the pregnancy glow. I love how ML handles everything seamlessly while pregnant. Total bad@$$, while walking like a cute penguin & also, ML w/a sword . Aunt Kang deserves to get flogged to her deathbed. Hopefully Madame Qin will be next to get whipped. Seeing ML teary as TY leaves for salt patrol makes me . I love ML interacting w/Ronger & Xian er. So cute. ML & Grandma's relationship is so endearing. The best relationship in this drama, besides her relationship w/TY. Sheng/Madame Sheng doesn't deserve ML. They are both so moronic, it baffles me that their 3 kids came out decent/kind.
  12. The one thing I like about TY scheming to court/win ML's heart(arc) is how he exerted his ways, even to have the majesty grant him marriage not only so ML's father, stepmom, & grandma couldnt reject TY, but because he wanted ML to be the one to decide whether she accepts/rejects him. I like that TY told her his feelings were sincere & if he was a nuisance to her, he wouldnt persist her anymore. It's befitting that she was flattered by his actions/words & someone like him who truly/genuinely wants her. Its amusing when ML told him why didn't he proposed marriage to her directly & he responded saying grandma has a big personality & wouldnt accept it so easily & ML's father wouldnt be able to do a thing about it. TY knows ML & her family so well & read the whole situation like a book. He literally used tactical warfare to win ML's heart. He's so smug about it too.
  13. Yep. Most of the best/engaging characters in this show are the women. Its definitely more female-centric then most dramas I've watched & that's what I like. I love the female relationship/friendship & interaction. Even the most villainous characters I love to hate/irks me(in a good way)are women.
  14. I cant really judge his acting as a whole since I've only only seen him in TSoML. But so far, I really do enjoy him as GTY. I'd say the acting in general in TSoML is a bit toned down so it isnt as overtly dramatized/loud as most dramas that I've watched in general but then again Ive been exposed to mostly kdramas. Its definitely fine/alright if you dont like him as an actor. Everyone has their own preference. There's plenty of actors/actresses I'm not quite fond of either.