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  1. This isn’t the most legit poll but it’s the most widely cornered. Kyo is behind by 20,000 likes to be in first place. Please like and share if you can.
  2. Confirmed by book publisher. @dukesa1122 like I said, it might just be fake eater eggs. We will find out next week.
  3. The writers are really playing with our heads, I think they must have read the posts about it all being a dream. SH is reading Little Prince in the bookstore but JH is reading a different book, it’s Alice through the looking glass. During their date there is a scene where they both show the books in their hands to the other person. Could this be the director’s way of revealing their true nature? SH the sad little prince and is JH the confused Alice? The story ends with Alice recalling the speculation of the Tweedle brothers, that everything may have been a dream of the Red King, and that Alice might herself be no more than a figment of his imagination. The book ends with the line "Life, what is it but a dream?" Which made me think if the use of butterflies in all the drama illustrations are alluding to the Butterfly dream theory, (copying some text from wiki) One of the first philosophers to question the distinction between reality and dreams was Zhuangzi, a Chinese philosopher from the 4th century BC. He phrased the problem as the well-known "Butterfly Dream," “Once upon a time, I, Zhuangzi, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Zhuangzi. Soon I awakened, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. Between a man and a butterfly there is necessarily a distinction. The transition is called the transformation of material things.” Or this could all be one big fake Easter egg. I have so many questions and no answers, why doesn’t our writer do a sit down interview! All other drama writers usually give one before the drama ends.
  4. ahdrianaa

    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    Imagine lounging around in the airport and PBG walks by. Nothing exciting like this ever happens to me.
  5. Because he didn’t fulfill the vows. Since they got married in a Christian ceremony, this is an example of a very typical wedding vow. 신랑(groom's name)군, 신랑(groom's name)군은 신부(bride's name)양을 아내로 맞아 합법적인 부부가 되려고 하고있습니다. 신랑(groom's name) 군은 즐거울때나 괴로울때나, 건강할때나 그렇지않을때나, 그 어떠한 일이 있더라도 신부(bride's name) 양을 평생 사랑하고, 존중하며, 서로 위로하고 도울것을 맹세하십니까? Mr (groom's name). You are (groom's name) becoming the husband of (bride's name). Do you promise to love (bride's name) and respect her, take care of her, help her, in joyful times and in hard times, healthy times and sickness times, every day, for ever? WS arguably might have loved her, respected her, taken care of her and helped her in the best way that he could but he wasn’t there for her everyday, for ever. That vow was broken the moment he asked for a divorce as explained by SH that the divorce brought her more pain. This becomes significant because while SH and JH haven’t been wedded under a religious ceremony, JH has already made the vow to be by her side every day, for ever until the end of her days. If by incomplete you thought that I meant the marriage wasn’t consummated. They were married for a few years, it’s safe to presume that they must have at some point. Fanboy watching encounter
  6. @stardustvoid fully confirmed that it was the little prince @gumtaek found the painting and the artist! The painting is called “Wedding” and it’s on oil painting by the artist Lee Seunghyeon. Before everyone gets excited/disappointed because of the title/gloomy nature of the painting. I think the painting is supposed to be symbolic of SH and WS’s wedding which is why it’s gifted by the ex-girlfriend, the bride has no head in the painting which shows an incomplete marriage. Edit : this painting is available for sale if anyone wants to buy it . http://m.artmusee.com/view/view.php?seq=9396
  7. @dukesa1122 I think we can post kocowa clips but i don’t know about one of those fan subbed links
  8. I need to really read the last 5 pages. P.O sharing his experience meeting SHK on encounter set
  9. Thanks @rosiepeonie188 He spoke about her a second time. The guy next to P.O. was on Sonpoong clinic, he was sharing his story when P.O. interrupted... lol Noona’s fanboy.
  10. @rosiepeonie188 I can’t find the clip! Could you please share the link? Where P.O talks about Kyo .
  11. ia about the possessive tone. What he said before that sort of proves that she is possessive. JH: In this whole wide world there are only two women I love, you and that woman. Now you will ask me who I love more. I love you both equally, it’s just different kind of love. Mom : yes, it’s different JH ah. Omma’s love will not change whereas... JH: her love will not change either. @dukesa1122 feel better!!
  12. @stardustvoid doesn’t this look like one of the illustrations from the little prince? The man on the fifth planet who has to keep lighting street lamps. This must be symbolic if it is that character. I think we should all take a break, go eat something nice and sweet. Lots of chocolate!! I’m off to eat some.
  13. Because she wants his family to accept her, remember her conversation with the old widow. It’s evident even when she is talking to Sec Jang SH: (crying) Mijin ah, I truly hate the idea of having to break up MJ : that’s what I mean, don’t break up. Don’t think of anyone else except the two of you. SH : that’s the difficulty, I want go pretend like problems don’t exist but it keeps coming back to me. MJ : Soohyun ah look back at your past, you have overcome much bigger problems. So don’t let this bother you.. please SH : I am worried, I am very worried.. you know his personality.
  14. I would agree with this point only if everyone also extended the same understanding to SH’s mother. Why would she want a much poorer and younger man for SH? She has the country’s richest and most powerful family wanting SH as their daughter in law, she would be a crazy mother not to want that for SH. If SH isn’t desirable in JH’s mother’s eyes then I’m sure SH’s mom doesn’t see JH as a catch either but nobody tried to understand her perspective. If JH’s mom is worried about snide remarks from a few neighbors, SH’s mom will have to face the same situation from her circle of friends. In the conversation between SH’s mom and dad today it became apparent that they do or did love one another, she says she has faced all the humiliation and hardships in their life so that their dreams could come true. SH’s dad actually acknowledges all the hardships the mother has gone through. When the dad says it’s time for the two of them to dream some new dreams, it’s clear how exhausted she is and SH’s mother feels betrayed that she did her end of the hardwork towards their life’s plan but both SH and the dad have had a change of mind while she was still stuck in that phase of her life. I still don’t like SH’s mom but I felt a lot of pity for her after that conversation.
  15. @dukesa1122 and @stardustvoid she won’t get back with WS. By the end of their conversation, WS is talking to her but it’s like he has finally realized that his motive might have been good but it didn’t have the desired effect on SH since she suffered while being married and post divorce because of his actions. That’s why he breaks down and tells her that his intention was always to keep her happy. I think this is his eureka moment.. he finally gets it. It’s never happening.
  16. Shoutout to Secretary Jang and Jin Myung . Every time SH needs a shoulder to cry on Sec Jang is there and she cries along with her. She is protective about SH but she wants what is best for her and now she has come to realize that JH is up to the task of standing by SH. She never disliked JH but she was worried if the relationship would be too stressful for him and she didn’t want to see SH getting hurt in the process. She was a great friend today! Jin Myung was great because he was perceptive enough to not want to get his brother involved, that moment when he told JH not to have strange thoughts shows his understanding of his brother’s personality. JM wanted to protect his brother from knowledge of the fight because he knew it would add more strain on JH.
  17. The fact that she said let’s breakup in her mind makes me think that they won’t, I think Old widow will break her promise to SH and tell JH about how his mom emotionally blackmailed SH. I liked how JH very gently but firmly explained to his mom that having SH in his life was non negotiable. I almost threw a chair when she told JH that a mother would always be there for him and that wasn’t the case with a woman. With that logic JH’s dad should be wary of her How much can you hate your own gender? First she hates ambitious women, then she hates women who are divorced. She wants women to tolerate their cheating husbands because that’s where a “woman belongs”. Her thinking is all kinds of prejudiced.
  18. They’re on a date, SH likes the deserts at stamp cafe. JH worries that Sec Jang will have her hands full because of all the pictures that people will upload on sns. Sh tells him that she hopes that the pictures capture her better this time. JH is surprised and tells her she has become much cooler, SH says the previous pictures makes her look so stiff she wants to look like she is having fun in the new pictures. I think she isn’t doing this to create memories with him, it’s what his mom said. That JH will become some sort of joke for the public and people will think him stupid for chasing a rich ceo, she is going out of her way to appear in public so it seems like she is the one who likes him more.
  19. WS’s ex meets SH and gifts her the painting. She tells SH that she wanted to meet her to apologize to her, SH tells her there is no need for apology since she doesn’t care about WS’s life and actions. The ex explains to SH that it was a sham relationship, they did nothing except share a few meals and go out. She was envious towards SH because of WS’s feelings towards SH. The painting is her way of making an apology to SH. Sh is very taken aback and meets WS, she asks him the reason for his actions. He says he did it to give her freedom back to her, that she was suffocating in his house. She says she thanks him for his actions but it didn’t make things better for her. WS says that was the best he could do given his circumstances, SH says she understands why he thought the way he did. WS says it seems like he made a mistake again, he had always intended to keep her happy even when they got married. SH thanks him and repeats the line from the preview and walks off. JH appears .... LAG!
  20. Major lag JM apologizes to JH for creating an issue, JH tells his brother that he didn’t do anything wrong. JH tells him to take some time and make things better with his friends, he reminds JM that these people are his old friends. JM tells JH that he doesn’t want to think About that , he tells JH not to start entertaining strange worries. JH tells JM to listen to him in case he doesn’t want JH to think strange thoughts. JH decides not to tell mom and dad.
  21. JH and SH are in the car, they’re discussing her dad. JH tells her that she hooks concentrate on being happy that is what her father would want. JH suggests they do to moonsnail restaurant, SH insists she is too busy. JinMyung is eating dinner with his friends, they make inappropriate comments about JM not needing to worry about getting work since his brother seduced a rich woman. JM tries to change the subject but they keep talking about it and ultimately starts punchinhg he calls LDC from the police station , not wanting to call JH but our lead couple walks into the restaurant and they find out.
  22. SH is worried that her dad is sacrificing herself for her. He tells her not to worry and he has not felt this relaxed in 20 years or so. @tlireal I don’t remember her face but the woman in the gallery called her “jakka nim” so she is a writer of some sort.
  23. SH meets the old widow She asks her if she can confide in her, widow promises never to tell anyone. SH tells her about meeting JH’s mom. SH says the day JH asked her to be in a some relationship with him, the first thought that crossed her mind was if his parents would be happy to accept her. She says she didn’t think of the hotel nor her circumstance, just his parents. SH is crying and she wonders if there is anything even possible for her to change their mind
  24. JH sulks to SH that she should demand that he take her out when she wants to go out, she is about to go to a gallery so he accompanies her. when they reach the gallery, she gazes at a painting of a headless woman. JH observes her and then walks up to her and aka her is she likes the painting. SH says she likes the colors. there is another woman in the gallery, it seems she is a novelist/writer. JH notices SH is very quiet. He gets a call from the widow, she wants to meet SH alone. JH tells her not to go alone, that they will think of a way to go together. SH keeps quiet. JH is talking to his mom, his mom asks him if he isn’t worried about dating someone so far apart from him. JH says SH makes him a better man, that is the sort of woman she is. He says there are only two women in the world he loves, SH and his mom. He says he love them both and the mom says it’s different because a mother’s Love never changes while SH’s love might change. He says SH’s love will never change.