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  1. Ooh. Oops! Hope the crew takes some deserved time off and bring us some more juicy and amazing content next week then!
  2. I totally agree. I mean, I assume a breakdown is what people go through when they break up (sometimes)... I thought that's what Ms. Hong wanted...? For SY to break up with SH and get with SJ so her son retains power, and SY won't bother her son again. So why not break his heart now once and for all so he's not hurt 20 more times down the line?
  3. I wanted to also jump on this and just ask: what happened to the newest episode that was supposed to come out Thursday? (Did I miss it...?) I'm not even looking at too much of the love lines anymore, but I definitely don't feel like shipping any of the pairs AT ALL. I've come to recognize and realize that it's more a thriller/avenge type of drama, so let me accept that truth willfully. However, as I've mentioned, I would still love to see a drama with JNR and SSR as real main leads (not complaining about CJH but I just watched Devilish Joy and his character is a whole 360 degree turn so I'm not used to it yet...). I personally love Princess Ari and her development too; ever since she got proper knowledge and discipline from Sunny, she's becoming a different person. However, I'm unsure if her change is REAL or due to the fact that she knows that Sunny is the true heir to all of the inheritance left behind... Either or, I'm still warm inside from all of the lovely moments they share. I love how the nanny just switches side and just decides to tell the Emperor everything: from the peanut allergy to SH Empress's death... When SSR cried holding the ex-Empress's ashes (well, since she's buried deep underground, I think it ought to be fake ashes...), I broke into little pieces. As someone who was manipulated by his mother, I half heartedly thought that he really didn't deserve that (he kinda did....) Every death in some way was because of his evil mother, and protecting Sunny as his mission is one of the ways he's trying to repent, I think. I really can't tell what the Emperor is going to do next, I mean- someone mentioned above that if you step on his tail, he'll literally turn around and bite you right back so he's totally unpredictable. Sunny staying around him is half safe and half dangerous. He says he'll protect her, but to what means? Eh...
  4. I didn't get that either. Why was Ms. Hong buying clothes for SY kept a secret...? Everyone saw her shopping bags for one, so that was a great way to tell everyone "wow, look how much new clothes I have!" I actually liked the clothes that she left the store with, I thought that was a nice outfit on her. Otherwise, her old clothes were totally fine. The sister probably only wanted to pick on SY anyway for the heck of it. SD is doing something because she suspects that Ms. Hong is behind yet. But she seems to forget that Ms. Hong scheduled and knows about her being a surrogate so saying all of that stuff to her isn't going to make a difference... Ms. Hong will still do whatever she pleases... JY is super clingy; I didn't like her from the moment she got her dad to buy the shares of LX group. In my opinion, SJ should marry whoever he likes.
  5. He broke me when he said that to her (well kind of to the air). You can sort of tell he deeply cares for her in a way where we could tell he loves her. Despite against all opposition, he brings himself to fight against the Mother Dowager for the Queen and it was insane to even see that character come out (even though he was half directed) to act upon it. He knows that they cannot be and that the Queen is only mistaken him for being the actual Emperor, YH... Kinda sad... He can't even tell her otherwise... I don't think that YH can ever gain his old self back. He's been drugged over the course of his reigning years by the evil left councillor and the lady working with him. Now that he's no longer drugged, he's hallucinating seeing his dead brother coming back to get him. I hope that he would "escape" and find himself but with this episode and the secretary giving up on the actual Emperor, naming HS "dead," I find that less and less plausible. I just wanted to take it up here that I really enjoyed HS's thinking when he was alone with YG in the mountains. He had a great chance to stab and kill him (and get away with it because he's the King), but he didn't do that. If it was me... Man... The story would've been so different. But at that moment, HS thought of another plan and I really applaud him there. I wanted to also say whoa to the cinematography and capture of the scene toward the end- man, I felt my heart drop when the camera panned to the mountain edge. Haven't seen a historical drama that's kept me so close to the edge yet so I'm happy I found one and am looking forward to another week with it soon!
  6. Yessssss. I liked how they specifically said it was the Queen who rejected the King. In a time where it's kind of widely male dominated, the Queen rejecting the King is a nice concept from the drama.
  7. I saw! She ended up doing and agreeing to Ms. Hong, I think because a) SJ told her (kind of) that he's marrying Ji-yoon for her and b) SY saw her mom working the part-time and getting scolded wanting to run away so that the sisters don't have to worry about her treatment money. I agree that she's not only thinking of her mother but also of SJ. Aside from SJ giving the Biggest hint ever that he liked her, I feel like SY likes him too (but is totally denying it.)
  8. Hi everyone! So I was very disappointed... To find that there were only two episodes out right now! I was extremely happy to see it be 1 hour and a half long-- since there seems to be SO MUCH packed into a single episode. I'm actually glad about seeing Lee Se-young again as a larger role, as my last drama with her was Hwayugi as Buja and her role left (definitely) an imprint so I'm glad to see her again for sure. Her chemistry with Yeo Jin-goo so far is . I was actually wondering if he saw if it was SCS that asked about the cost of the 2 dogs at the market and telling his servant to toss the clown 2 coins to solve the problem at hand. If he did, well, his mission back to the palace must be to eliminate SCS and to take justice for his sister. There was no way for him to change that fast from wanting escape to desiring to actually become the king if he didn't have a rational reason. Can't wait for more character and plot development! So excited!
  9. So I skipped one episode and then binged it from yesterday and today... Man, SJ's family is a dang mess. You got the sister crazy, the brother in law is insane, and the dad wants the son to marry his friend and forget/fire SY. I'm actually really waiting on next episode, but I know that Ms. Hong is not just going to tell SY straight off the bat to "pretend to like SJ" or something strange like that... Or will she...? And plus... In the preview, SJ was like: "I just realized how much my heart would've fluttered if it was you." WAS THAT TO SY!? Guess we'll find out... Man, waiting for Monday is going to be a pain too.
  10. I agree that guilt and the feeling of perhaps even pity washed over Hyuk. He felt guilty for what his mother did to her family and to her (trying to kill her with the bomb) and was seeing how his family was doing all of the devastation, hence trying to "protect her." But for strange reason, because maybe Hyuk was raised with the mentality that HE is the Emperor and HE will get EVERYTHING that he wishes (thanks to his mother), he doesn't seem to be guilty in the heat of the moment that he was the reason why Sunny's mom died. You could see that he's a bit disorganized in terms of personality too; that he'd be pitiful toward her as she's screaming at him and Hyuk saying things like: "Who do you think the blood donor would want to donate to, me or your mom?" Or "It's obvious who wants to live, lives." (or at least to my translation) In some sentiment, it was interesting seeing Hyuk's character grow that way BUT he quickly changes. I would say that I liked his character for a brief five minutes there but he gave me a sense of abnormality. I personally have never watched the two together before, but I also really like JNR and SSR together in a drama (not these two characters though, Hyuk is a psycho). They seem to have great chemistry and I personally love seeing the sparks between the three (tossing CJH in there.) I support the statement that everyone deserves a second chance, but I think that there are many instances where it goes too far to give Lee Hyuk chances. He tried to kill Sunny multiple times, got Woo Bin to fall in love with her to try and get her out of the palace, and schemed in lots of instances to remove Sunny. As much as I love seeing JNR and SSR together as a pair, I don't think this drama will give me that but I'm not giving up on this drama yet because of the great plot and the acting that it steams off from the actors and actresses. I desperately want to see the Mother Dowager get dragged down from her seat and get exposed to the public about her evil deeds. I'm not persuading you to keep watching because you, of course, have the right to not continue- but it'd be interesting to watch it for the plot and to see how the Empress "wiggles" and struggles out of her situations and hardships. I too was enjoying Hyuk's cutesy moments! When he hammered the microwave and dirtied the clothes... That was adorable... But then... NOPE. I should've seen that coming though. I also felt bad for Princess Sojin... She was extremely heartbroken being a divorcee (as she mentions it all the time), she thought she really found love in Woo Bin, who was only using her... She helped Woo Bin big time- without her, I think he would've been dead by the middle of the episode... Love makes you do crazy things... Like using a wish to have the Emperor release the Empress.. that was insane! I think Woo Bin truly likes Sunny, but wants to protect her more so love her because of all the crazy things she's been through. HA. I feel the same way. He was crying and crying and crying and I'm just kind of like, "Na Wang Shik = Chun Woo Bin... I think everyone knows now. Thanks." I also agree that Woo Bin's declaration toward the Emperor is almost a step toward his need for revenge. As much as he wants to protect Sunny, he can't forget his mom's death. It may be a stepping stone toward his revenge too. I feel like because Sunny has "relied" on Woo Bin so much, he may be opening up to her and he may feel some type of complex to protect her from further harm from the Emperor. Who knows? Maybe next episode, he'll be like "In addition, I hope you will not bother her any longer." But I definitely don't see the Emperor letting these two get together. Because Hyuk "loves" (wants to conquer/own) Sunny, he'll now have to get rid of Woo Bin to "be with" (conquer/have) Sunny. Just my take on it.
  11. I definitely tip my hat off to SSR for portraying this role in such a way. It is no wonder he won an award while the drama is not even halfway finished. With that said, I feel as if I'm in a hate-love relationship with the Emperor, but it is not to forget that he is a murderer and can dispose of Sunny after he's done with her, just as he kind of did with Min Yura. Promises can be false ones. While I know that WB is the wiser choice between the two (clearly) because he's not a bad person deep inside, I'd truly be okay if Sunny didn't end up with anyone at all and just lived on her own, finding her own true self. But you're totally right that IF there was a romance line, it'd be WB-Sunny and not LH-Sunny (that'd just be weird. Falling in love with someone who tried to kill you multiple times on separate occasions?) Props to the writer for writing in these cutesy little scenes with the Emperor to "wash" some of his crimes away (not really.)
  12. I'm really looking forward to that one as well, because SSR's been superb in this. (Just look at how many people "hate" his character...) I think he also plays a villain in that one (from what I heard) but I sincerely hope he gets another drama with JNR because their chemistry looks off the charts... I absolutely agree with this. WB only saved Yura to not really torture her more but to get the truth of where his mother was buried. He honestly couldn't care less if she had died right then and there if he already knew where his mother was. I cringed a lot during that scene and had to skip the torturing scene for Yura a little bit since it was getting to me. LH watched it without a problem because well, he's a psychopath but I definitely think WB also liked that she was getting what he thought she deserved in a way. Thanks for merging them for me, @triplem!
  13. Hi friends! Just joining in the convo after spending my last who knows how many hours bingeing every known episode, and then tried to find episode 11 and realizing that there is NOTHING for the week. It's a little devastating. I thought I was going to catch up quickly and have another hour of watching... Guess not. I at first thought that the character development is working out quite nice, and that the grandpa was happy that O-sol was doing wonders and healing his grandson- guess not? I figured that by the look on O-sol's face that the grandpa probably told her to not fall in love with his grandson because he'd marry whoever it is he wants Sun Kyul to marry... The three musketeers (the three handsome cleaning fairies) are definitely going to riot when they see O-sol with Sun Kyul being all cozy-cozy! I think they see it coming and they're definitely going to be nuts about it! I can already imagine their jaws drop. Daniel is an interesting character. I personally have second lead syndrome over him (I know he wasn't going to get O-sol from the get-go but still), and he's just the sweetest character so... I kind of sighed when O-sol's car just went by as Daniel reached out with the yogurt drink... A psychologist who pretends he's jobless on a rooftop is an interesting characteristic for me... Never saw that one coming. At least he comes back in the next episode... (And gives my heart more trouble because now I'm going to have worst second lead syndrome.) I never read the webtoon for the drama, so I don't know how close it is to the original work. But the ending of the latest episode definitely gave me a twist. I thought Sun Kyul would be mad, but instead he "persuades" O-sol to fall in love with him. His personality.... Perhaps....Makes him that way? Not complainin' though! Looking forward to next week when there's next episodes and hopefully we'll all have a good time discussing!
  14. Ha... Yeah, the part where the episode ended was totally the "please be with me right now" type of feel. The PJ pictures are DEFINITELY coming back in a later episode as a blackmail. Just don't know when but it's going to come back for sure.
  15. Ooh! I didn't know that! I only previously saw SY's actress play in The Last Empress, which was a total flip from her character in this drama. I agree that Ms. Hong is setting her son up for failure. I don't think SH really knows much about his mother's plans which kind of scares me that they live under the same roof but don't know much about each other. Everything that Ms. Hong is doing: obstacles or whatever is making the two get closer because SY's grew a kind of reliance on SJ (despite them trying to keep their relationships distant.) It's a cute development, honestly. I really didn't like how Mi-ri told the "stepmother" everything at the store when she didn't even know half the story about SD though. It led to so many misunderstandings between so many different people...