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  1. Wow? I wanted to know if I was the only one not digging SJ's new hair? Hong's minion is as annoying as ever but I'm so glad that SJ caught that on his phone. I hope he saved if somewhere bit we all know that Hong is coming for SJ.... Why didn't SJ show the video to SH- we'll never know... But if did, Hong would have been brought down next episode and we wouldn't have 120 episodes of drama. TB and Miri is cute as ever- TB should definitely hire those two in his store and work them to repent (if they do repent). Definitely looking forward to when SJ actually tells SY about his illness though, I don't think it that he's hiding it...
  2. I feel like SH will question her somehow if SY keeps telling him that his mom isn't who he thinks she is... At least I hope so. He hasn't been the most clueless person but he's definitely an idiot. Ooh. That's a good prediction! For what she's doing, she's pushing those crimes onto her son so of course SH might go to jail and since she loves her son so much... She'll either a) go insane or b) die. What am I talking about... She's already crazy! I hope that SD tells SY about SJ's illness though. I don't like it that SY is kept in the dark about it from the get go. But I hope it doesn't break their relationship apart either.
  3. May or may not do the same but I honestly just watch SJ-SY parts now because they're so adorable. Everyone else is RIDICULOUS.
  4. She definitely tossed herself down there, just like how she fell last time by the elevator talking to SY. It actually doesn't make sense because he fainted while grabbing her collar, which means he suspects her in some ways. And now he's giving her the code to his safe? Whattttt? I'm sure SY has done that (well, with SH) but NO ONE trusts her because she doesn't have enough proof that Ms. Hong is behind everything. Plus, it would put in SY in a large risk. I don't like the fact that SJ isn't telling her about his illness, but at the same time, I'm grateful that he's not forcing her into the marriage (knowing he's "bound to die.") I still love the two's relationship and how SJ protects SY... Actually cannot wait to see them team up and take SH and Ms. Hong down for good, and finally get married and be happy together for once.
  5. Imagine if that happens. At this point, I'm not even surprised anymore! If I was SY, I'd just call the police on her dad and mistress. They're obviously overstepping a boundary and should rot by themselves. You reap what you sow, and they should see consequence. I didn't like the fact that the mistress even said, "If your daughter (SY) marries SJ... That means you'll be LX's son's father in law!" What he's signing in the preview is definitely a mystery but there's something going on and I hope SH won't get the company (not even for an episode!) Sorry for cutting your post. I think SJ's dad is still weak since he had surgery so staying for a few days sounds normal to me. Plus, I think he's definitely had his guard up against Ms. Hong now that he knows about some of her evil deeds, and wanting to put SH on the "throne." If he loses the company, I'm almost 99% sure he will pass away in the drama and SJ + SY will fight against SH + Ms. Hong. In almost all kdramas we've seen... The main character will likely prevail so I'm almost sure that the villains won't get the company. Honestly, everyone knows SY and SJ are dating by now, so out with it and get married please lol. They're so cute, bringing each other coffee, playing hide and seek, and comforting one another. Kang Hana and SH can step aside because that is my OTP!
  6. I agree that they get to live a normal live. I'm so glad that the Queen gave him the plan to depose her and send her away so she could wait for him. Oh, I thought that was false... So he actually did get attacked. I guess my favorite guard died. Man, he was my favorite out of everyone. From the time when he knew that Ha Seon wasn't the actual king and decided to believe in him anyway because Ha Seon's kindness led him to believe that he could change the world in a better way than Lee Yeon had.
  7. I just finished the drama. It was great. But like many others, I didn't understand the fake death part either. I mean, why? Couldn't he just go straight to the Queen? (I actually still can't tell if the guard died either, jeez. He was my favorite character out of everyone.) My favorite part was when Eunuch Cho and Ha Seon parted as well. As he asked if he could go with HS, HS said no because he recommended him for a promotion. It moved me to tears during that scene (aside from the obvious Haksan/Secretary Lee death). I was very glad that SCS and Lord Jinpeong died very deservingly, and I have to applaud all of the actors and actresses for all of their hard work and portrayal (especially the villains!) Villains are always hated and it is really thanks to the actors (and scriptwriter) for that. I feel that Haksan's death was necessary for the storyline to proceed as it did, but I definitely didn't want him to die. I had little shards of tears at the ending scene as well between the Queen and HS. They're finally together without any obstacles or burdens or eyes in the palace. I'm upset that HS had no more trusted people (aside from the Queen, of course) by his side, but perhaps it was what he wanted- to live as a normal person after all of that chaos. I'm so grateful to have seen this drama and followed it with each and every one of you! I hope that YJG and LSY can reunite in another drama- I definitely enjoyed their chemistry in this historical drama!
  8. I agree. If not then, when? The marriage is still about them though, in my belief.
  9. I was like *GASP* at the point where SJ proposed and then went "oh" when SY asked him to take down Ms. Hong. I mean, yes, that was a whole mood killer but SY does a point. As someone else mentioned, if Ms. Hong is not removed, their relationship will continue to be at risk and so will the power threshold of SJ's family. I hope that SY will come COMPLETELY clean and tell SJ everything she knows, from SD's planned surrogacy to her own business about seducing SJ and stopping his engagement (which we all know is from Ms. Hong's doings). I have a good feeling that KHN's addition to the drama is all from Ms. Hong too... Setting her son up with another rich lady whose dad is a competitor... A political marriage that will bring down Choi's family power and increase the Hong's by a great amount. I mean, look at how Hanna come in and just dumped a whole English book on SY... What a LOVELY lady, huh... Poor SY translating word for word kind of pains me. And I kind of went to myself... "Wait, why not bring to SJ and have him read it for you?" But of course, SY always has her own back! (You go girl.) Does anyone else think BYT is an idiot for trusting his ex-wife and not his own sister? I think he's a complete idiot... He's an idiot for trusting his ex-wife and to think that he's got a shot at being chairman... Nah... And I feel like SD is going to tell SY that something's up soon. I mean, Seo-kyung basically cried in front of her, which obviously means something's wrong and judging from SY, she will get to the bottom of it. Seo-kyung made a good point to the chairman though, they should tell her about SJ's illness. I'm sure she would've stood by him more since they both love each other.
  10. Like many others, I hope that SJ finds out AFTER the marriage. But I feel like SJ might find out (judging from the preview) from someone else beforehand for some odd reason. I want SY and SJ to just get married so SH doesn't come back around and go "Hey what's up?" Finally someone told SH he's momma's boy. That was totally necessary! But I wonder if Ms. Hong's fiasco is real or false. I would normally believe the victim but she's told too many false stories to too many people. Moreover, she's capable of using death as a way to hold her son hostage... I mean, even SH had to see a therapist so she's likely a terrible person. And to have her son on her side would facilitate the whole thing, so I wonder if she just said it to get SH on her side? Please get married now SY and SJ, okay? We don't care about anything else (the world can fall around everyone else) but you two sweet precious cutiepies. Please be happy. T-T SY only fell in love and admitted to it not too long ago...
  11. Agreed. There's definitely going to be SOMETHING at the end that creates a happy ending. No one sticks around for 120 episodes and has the main character die out of an "incurable disease." I'm almost positive that SJ won't die. Although I think the storyline did shift from the plot a little bit. In the plot, SY is paid by Ms. Hong to marry SJ. But it seems that that isn't really necessary? I feel like the two are moving at a good pace and is super sweet. I feel like we may see a rocky next episode, but I am sure everyone knows by now that SJ isn't one to give up on SY that easily (and his dad never stopped him from doing anything!) I hope the golf coach wakes up and just leave SK alone. I kind of hope that SK ends up alone, poor thing- away from her husband and away from the coach. She doesn't need the negativity in her life. I wonder how Seo-hyung will react toward Ms. Hong after BCM told her what's up. SD seems to be shocked and is finally waking up to what an evil witch Ms. Hong is... Thank goodness. The only person asleep seems to be SH...
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