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  1. Yana Mujay

    IU (아이유)

    Happy holiday Uaena Feeling great can posting with my old user name Hope we have great news today,confirmation about Hotel de luna. since the story is about immortality and the magical consequences it will really mind blowing when the standards of the story par to mlfas or goblin. Of course we all have our own opinions about the writer and the premise of the story wich look repetitive and cliche hence we could not denied what is lives without thinking something magical or feelings full of romanticism when real life getting hard, bored and monotonous right? So i will waiting full of anticipation for Jieunie decisions.
  2. Suddenly feeling desperate toward Eun ho, does his inner battle within act "righteous " and too considered could lead him to make a movein this rate. Or should he just following his heart to confess, forget all the measurement,logic and ethics...goosh..Eun hoaa you made me suffocate. Sobbing so much at the poetry died scene, he died as a martir for his own passions and solace. This drama is such healings and warming in light touch. Love it. Excited waiting EunHo encouragement to confess
  3. Yana Mujay

    IU (아이유)

    Shhh ..It's me who tried to memorize "heart" How come Jieunie says"it's okey if you don't answer me" When in real whenever she is not make appearance in a while Uaena being buzzing nosy demanding new up date Like our Ahjussi says, when you call 10 person there will come 100 person..so don't worry call us any time we will run to you mercilessly that's Uaena traits
  4. Yana Mujay

    IU (아이유)

    Do know to says but lately "heart" is my daily song of course because i missed Jieune up date too, actually I feel okey without IU new up date since there's so many promising drama story i need to catch up. But what made worst is so many of you guy's whining how you all missed her my tl full of IU wanted , slow down please, i think Jieunie quite not just because she must prepare something big to blown our mind but i think she didn't want to compete with dear YIN to stole the header news and netizenbuzz, like you know once IU made move the time line and Uaena would repost here and there so Jiunie being supportive to BFF thou So keep your longings to her in heart let's support Yo inna new drama"touch your heart" Don't missed tonight episode, the previews is very attractive.
  5. Interesting story Look forward It's could be more satisfied when the editing is more smooth and the detectives team acting more solid. Wish nothing happened with Dai seems the"bad" guy would trying to track her Btw does that guy is alien...his "item" so up to date and scary. Just imagine he could track someone with eyes and been transfer to printer directly Woww..what a power
  6. I think just me who still madly in love with book and enjoy reading So there're many still loves reading too I agreed this drama open our eyes to values a books and treat a book with respect. Wish after watching RBB many viewers started to readings Credit to owners.
  7. Why...why...so hard for Eun ho to confess his feelings It's hurt to saw him just let dani in clueless world alone. Daniiaa how come you don't get electric shock when your sweet boy gaze lovingly like this at you?
  8. The best lines up to now Ctto The sad reality full time housewife When love exceed a courage Eun hoaah..fighting.
  9. The more you listening the more you get drawn to oddity feelings. tiresome life somehow keep us to live more braves bring our atmost to not defeated by it. Keep positive thinking Dany... Excited for tonight episode
  10. Absolutely agree,no need to kicks all the jerks or to spite filthy words to act independent and strong women's thou. A kind of lovely yet intellectual in attitude is more astonishing and inspiring , we women with our own words right lol i love this OJS line and that line proved she is more capable and strong than it's seems. Am'i a kind old fashioned too
  11. Yana Mujay

    IU (아이유)

    sometime i found myself puzzle by thinking how many writers does inspire by Lee jie un/IU live story. And applied IU characteristics to their lead. Our Jieunie life story is so inspiring .and become source idea to creativity not just for herself but to others too. Blessed our Queen
  12. Sometime cliche character made us confusing. Should we condem them...? Tossed them in hole till we could never found that's kind character in our "drama" live ?. Judgments character is our experts since we live with our own standards and mostly being harassed by reality but in others thought somehow we need this cliche charater in our live to lightend our heavy day, to smoother thing we couldn't win in our life struggle. Somethings to laughed at without being stock laughing. Just being soft and nodded in deep smile "aah..there's time i do clueless about this world" Nevertheless this drama is just to start with funny aproach but i think will get better in coming episode because OJS highlights character is hardworking and honest one and the funny yet sadly is she acknowledgement her own flaws, how not to respect individual with this gold personality? And on top of that the "goblin" chemistry is still there. This drama made me laughed since i needed this i will rooted till the end. Touch your heart you definitely thouch my heart with good laughed Happy weekend everyone
  13. Yana Mujay

    IU (아이유)

    The best line "an angel with fandom full of angels" Jieunie is the best Her courage spread contagious love's.
  14. Yana Mujay

    IU (아이유)

    IU represents, talent,intelligence,aesthetic and craft.