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  1. OMG, you unintentionally made me LOL. Its a commercial and it's quite funny.
  2. I don't keep track of Chinese viewers are they mostly on the MSS and NQ ship? If so then I worried about Season 2. The whole Night fall/Ever night is the story about NQ and SS. MSS was supposed to be the catalyst to NQ and SS's relationship...but drama is dragging it and appear to make the relationship do much more than it should...I worried drama production will change the story...to make MSS and NQ ship happy. If anybody has insight please do share...I'm tired if waiting for NQ SS reunion...what if it's a let down? Lol, I still love and support this drama...just the last few episodes with MSS makes me wonder when will she be gone already?!
  3. And it was SS that threw the glasses to MSS because NQ was too busy keeping SS safe. There was no "to better see you with" nonsense. Lol.
  4. Lol, I thought it's because SS belongs to NQ...at first LQ wanted SS simply because she can really drink...but later LQ realized how important SS is to NQ so he simply just want to take her from him... that's my humble opinion lol.
  5. Off topic it's been bothering me where I've seen the actress that play YHY and realized she was in warm in winter and cool in summer...she was playing the role of a b.tch superiorly that I couldn't forget her face. Lol.
  6. Lol but loving all the twists...I'm so looking forward to to it? Thanks all for the spoilers!
  7. Gosh the latest chapter of EN on Webnovel is bittersweet...I'm loving novel Sangsang so much...her quiet strength, pureness and absolute love for NQ and unconditonal trust in NQ... I hope later they will keep drama SS the same as the novel as they continue on their journey. When it comes down to it this really is the story about NQ and his SS...it begins with them and ends with them...what kind of ending? We don't know but I hope it's the same ending as the novel.
  8. @rhaps no I don't remember reading this in the novel, I think drama version added alot more interaction MSS and NQ... hopefully it ends well with NQ making a clear choice like in the novel. I hate indecisive male leads...
  9. Thank you @angelangie I love it, poor Ningque he is at his breaking point...and SS just want to get it on lol... @UnniSarah thanks I will recommend on Netflix.
  10. @UnniSarah yes, recommend on Netflix! Do they listen to customers' opinions?
  11. OMG this thread is filled with goodies! Coming here is like opening a box of chocolates...you never know what you'll find inside:-)
  12. Lol, been posting here but didn't know there is a follow button! Didn't matter cuz I check on this thread daily!
  13. I actually quite like the novel NQ but understand why drama NQ had to be a little different...happy that drama NQ kept some of his basic traits...cold, arrogant and whatever benefits him and Sangsang.
  14. It's on webnovel, it's not complete yet.
  15. From the novel, Mo Shan Shan realized how much Sangsang meant to Ning Que because of his chicken soup calligraphy and he always talked about his "my sang sang" to MSS, so she knew from the very beginning Sangsang was more than just his maid. I didn't like that despite MSS knowing first how he felt about Sangsang, she still told him she likes him and asked if he likes her too...of course stupid NQ said yes because he like her differently from the other girls. And that's because MSS active chase him...whereas in the drama based on the clips, NQ and MSS mutually like each other and are more affectionate! Did u see them hugging each other! Sangsang even asked MSS to marry NQ...I don't remember reading that in the book... unless if that was something that happened later in the novel.