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  1. I love it so much. It was artistically so good. Love everything about it.
  2. https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151%3A4350900232496320&segment_id=4350900232496320
  3. He is so handsome in this shooting.Wow But...he is already 1.9 meter tall not 1.8 ^^.
  4. One of his volunteer activities is going to the kindergaten school to read to the kids, right? Aren't we all once a kindergaten kid? He can read to us too.
  5. http://gslb.miaopai.com/stream/qNsEQtRP8uPyUFg9LTQGruLgDYaaKdwsJDmZAA__.mp4?yx=&refer=weibo_app&vend=weibo&label=mp4_hd&mpflag=8&Expires=1552034450&ssig=0ZOUQpifOc&KID=unistore,video I am not sure if this can be played outside weibo but it is beautifully shot. It is Bazaar shooting, I think. Anyone has a better pictures and link?
  6. I heard that the author of the novel is the screen writer of this movie version. Is that true? If it is, it is even more exciting!
  7. He looks thin, doesn't he? I thonk that being Mr. Perfectionist, he must study very hard especiallly after finished shooting LOA. Waking up and go to the test sp early, he might be nervous, since it is the last test.
  8. This is the one when she threw the snow at him. Credit to the owner on youtube. You can also see that the actress who played YHY did not bother with these two at all. LOL
  9. May be his school allow him to do some work on-line. When he took a leave, he must have some arrangement with his school already.That is what my guess.
  10. He must graduate from high school already to be able to enter the exam for university.
  11. No wonder SYR acting is pretty good. She graduated from a famous school. You can no longer bully your senior, NQ! But .. NQ does not care even SS is Haotian, so I think he will continue bully her. LOL.
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