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  1. Do Ran break her promise to WDR again . She never learn to trust her husband and tell him everything to solve the problem together. At this point I don't care about Do Ran and her way of thinking, I just want WDR to be happy.
  2. incidentally listening OST part 24 while reading @Ayame post. I feel like crying. Maybe they are not divorce, but Do Ran will run away from home with her father after giving divorce paper to DR. poor Dae Ryok, I only want him to be happy. I haven't watch latest episode, so no comment for now.
  3. iirc, Greedy mama know that Mr Kang paid their debt. So, she felt thankfull for saving her life. And of course she doesn't want DR to be kicked off. at least she can show off that she is in law with Wang family.
  4. It never cross my mind. Thanks for pointing it out. So, Do Ran cling to Mr. Kang because she doesn't want to be abandoned. But, by sneaking out is wrong. I understand Mr. Kang doesn't want anyone know he is related to Do Ran, but he should ask Do Ran to tell her husband. Mr. Kang know how good DR to Do Ran is. DR will try to understand. Mr. Wang is good as always. He ask first, eventhough he angry. Another question to writer, is she/he gonna make all married woman become a stay at home wife?
  5. I think he will resign and go somewhere like he already tell Do Ran about it. But not telling Do Ran where he will stay like he promise. Do Ran should trust DR more with telling DR about her father. Why do they hide when DR looking for Do Ran. Maybe just like other said, the writer want to complicated the problem.
  6. so ilyong pd really leave . but at least, 1n2d team have prepared the successor. kim sung pd already direct an episode when ilyong pd take a rest. so, i think it will not make to much chaos. surely will miss ilyong pd. regarding possibility member change, I just hope for the best to 2 days 1 night.
  7. where can I read the news about young jin become intern? personally I don't hate young jin. He is quite funny on ok ok tv episode. But, his second guesting make me wonder if junho will leaving. also, is kim sung pd will replace yoo pd? he appear a lot of time now. and I don't see yoo pd when they receive popularity award on entertainment award.
  8. @sava2sava but Da Ya is already not working after married, iirc. She just go to the flower shop twice a week. She have all of the time, but never help on the housework. Also, the chairman have ask Da Ya to help Do Ran with the house after DR collapse, but she never do. And on the last episode, she act like the lady on the house when she went out, treated DR like a maid. btw, are YY really working on company now? YY character is not develop until now.
  9. I know it will not last long. And I have been worried everytime there is scene between Mr Kang and Do Ran. I know Do Ran happy because she now have someone in her side, but everytime she call him 'appa', I can't focus on them, I worry someone overhear their conversation. And what Do Ran do on the ending? Mr Kang already told Do Ran to stop doing that at night, but Do Ran do that again. Do Ran, can't you just follow your father suggestion. I love everytime DR couple and Mr Kang scene appear, just three of them. I like it. I also love the date between GR and MR. As always, I hate Daya attitude. She behave like Do Ran is her servant. But, she throw tantrum because FIL not giving her car? are you kidding me. what have you done to make you deserve a new car, moreover she already have a car.
  10. wow that fast. I thought it will take at least 2 episode before DR know that Mr Kang is her dad. I never thought they could use the wedding photo. and DNA test only took less than a day. on other drama that I watch, at least one episode only for DNA test. I am happy for GR MR couple. they are officially dating. and MR told her mom she is dating a jobless man. But, why GR doesn't want to get married? at first I think the loan shark will be the love interest for foster Mom. but after lastnight episode, I think foster mom will lost her money again. Don't bother DR couple again please.
  11. yes, I hope they become official soon. And maybe HS will agree GR date MR as long as it is a girl. Before HS realize MR is her worker daughter and EY in law. Maybe this is also the reason HS must be sick on DR wedding. Nooo, don't let DR pregnant with stressfull condition. I forgot to mention Da Ya. She will away from DR affairs for several episode I think. She will occupied to make Iryuk agree to work to the company and jealousy towards new worker on restaurant.
  12. iirc, halmoni didn't know that Mr. Kang change his name, so for tonight episode Do Ran still doesn't know Mr. Kang is his father. But, I am sure, Do Ran will tell Mr. Kang about this problem then Mr. Kang try to stay away from Do Ran. I know this secret will out someday, i still sad for Do Ran. about MR and GR, i hope they become couple before MR realize GR is really a dentist. and Mi Ran tell her mom, she will date GR eventhough he is jobless.
  13. hello, i am new to this forum. I don't think mr Kang will reveal that he is DR father next week. But, foster mom must be curious. and maybe with the help of the loan shark she will connect the dots. I just want KDR and WDR to be happy.