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  1. Totally out of topic, but SYR has soo much kissing scene in her new tv show Time Teaches Me To Love! And they are all French kiss! Hahahaha My Sang Sang is liberated! Hahahah
  2. That's why I said when it comes to SangSang, he is the most selfish person in the land of Wuxia! And I'm loving it! He's rough, brutal, selfish and he will kill to protect his Natal person! I want him in my life! hahahhaa
  3. Oh yeah, hahhaha. I went back to that chapter over and over. lol He always want to wrap SangSang in his arms every time he sleeps. He loves hugging her and he loves the smell of her hair and body. Indeed he has SangSang fetish! hahahahaha
  4. Just random spoiler! This scene is after they came back to Chang'an from wilderness. NQ has a fetish of SS feet! hahahhaha. Excuse my wording. lol
  5. CHingu, I stand corrected. It was indeed "beat" the word author used. And yes, it is the beat=hitting not beat=defeat. Ohh, trust me, NQ is very submissive to her and SS is very dominant!
  6. I think it was spanking. Let me find that part again since I called out and stayed at home. Lol
  7. You should read the novel first. Hahahha. That's what I did. I stopped watching the drama at episode 19 and just went ahead to read the novel. Now I got a better understanding of what's going on and not gets frustrated of what's happening in the show. After all, I love spoiling myself too. Hahahaha
  8. Yeah, he thought that the house is as lonely as a graveyard.
  9. OMQ! That compilation is hilarious as well as your comments! In was giggling throughout the whole video and while reading this! Hahahhaha..you made my day!
  10. I though it's cool when he said it. Hahaha. He is rough and I like it. Lol
  11. I couldn't agree more! I was very satisfied that I repeatedly read it like 10x and still gets the same level of satisfaction! Hahahajha Awwww, what would I do without you Unni! You always elaborate my thought. Thank You!
  12. Good! Now I don't need to worry about you as I worried about NQ and SS. Hahahahaha I know. That's why I did not dare lay any opinion on this show until I got a better understanding of what's going on. And also, this is the reason why we are here. To clarify those misunderstanding and put everyone's heart at ease. Lol lol. What a burden to carry. Hahahaha. Joke!
  13. I totally agree! So, how is it being late at work? Did you get an occurrence or warning? Lol
  14. People should see this before jumping into conclusion of him treating her badly to the point of beating her. Which by rhe way, not my word but from my point of view is not the appropriate word to use in describing the scene. Just my opinion.
  15. Basically, it just mean he cannot cultivate due to his account being blocked. Whenever he tried doing it, he gets hurt himself. So when he gets into fight with real cultivator, he gets defeated right away. And also, nobody sees him before in real combat. Every time he did it, he always made it a secret and cover his face so nobody will know that it was him. So nobdy really knew what he is capable of except SS and The fish gangs and their leader.