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  1. another couple representing ParkPark... CompagZia.. (always same day updates)
  2. I so looove the passion and intimacy of the two on this scene. (one of the things that really made me convinced that there is definitely something more between them) -this is just the only kdrama I watched that has so much passion in their sweet scenes (holding hands, stares, kisses) PMY just letting PSJ take control and she just go with the emotions.. good acting? sure... but better coz the emotions are REAL.... and you all know it!
  3. someone looked excited to be back.. later would be like.... "i miss you"
  4. yes! thats the exact pic I saw.. If im not mistaken.. thats her. I only saw her in Jealousy Incarnate.
  5. can anybody translate what "jinjoo" said? here's to another coincidence.. i think she's also part of the cast of HPL..(pretty sure I saw it somewhere.. feel free to correct me if Im wrong) but I also think she already knows PSJ way before...
  6. She's back to Korea.. soo pretty! I guess this time the media gave her those chocolates. lol! And is that a script she's holding? It has stick notes on it already, like she did on her script for wwwsk when she showed it on one of her BTS. Now Im more excited to watch her again! (something tells me that PSJ will be back to Korea also... in 3...2...) thats an interview after WWWSK finished airing last year.
  7. yeah.. Im sure he loves his fans as PMY loves her fans. But, I guess he knows that he cant please everyone... so he will just do what makes him the happiest and appreciate those who will continue to support him.
  8. lets not be too hasty.. PMY is very private especially of her family. Lets not include her sister on this.. Everyone here agrees that its not abig deal if those tagged comments just disappeared. it may be deleted or not.. doesnt really matter. But Im pretty sure her sister has nothing to do with it. if anything.. its a good thing that their comment section is not flooded by tags of their names.. to be honest.. as someone (me) who reads them.. it can get pretty annoying seeing the same thing everyday.. lol.
  9. I never saw or read or hear an interview of him anywhere.. actually denying it like saying "no we are not dating". he never really said that. He always answered in a way like its always possible... i guess the reason for it, is that he was hopeful of what will come and at that time.. what they have was actually going somewhere.. soooo.. now at the present.. I am very much (almost) sure of this two actually having a plan and a timeline already..
  10. #BelieveinParkPark her dress reminded me of that pink dress she wore in WWWSK, when they were talikng about wedding details with their families.. orrr.. is it the same.. just in white?
  11. I actually agree on the plot.. lol. its not so much. But yeah their acting jept thing interesting. and of course the chemistry of those 2 good lookung leads are just irresistible. I usually cringe on those kind of cheesiness.. but not with them. lol! they actually make my heart flutter until now.
  12. I think thats good... because there are a lot of obsessive fans and media out there. at least in their official public appearances and interviews.. it will be focused on their projects.
  13. hmmmm.. there are thousands of comments in their posts everyday... some comments maybe deleted and some comments are reported to iG (by other users) as spam or toxic (IG deletes them if they decided it is).. I do it.. I report some comments and hater accounts. lol! anyways.. I dont think it should be a big deal.. other celebrities do it too.. so.. PMY has an event util Feb 15, as announced. and PSJ as seen by fan is still in London. wanna bet? we wont hear or see anything from this two after the 15th... thats what I read to in another post somewhere.. lol. she just said she wanted to work again with those names.