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  1. Anyone else feeling sorry for Woo-Seok? Also check out the Recap of Episode 6: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/encounter-episode-6-recap/
  2. Mr. Nam's eye smile is toe to toe with park bo gum on cuteness level. Secretary Mi-Jin and Dae-Chan's upcoming romance looks really interesting I can totally see them more lovey-dovey with each other than the leading couple. Also check out the recap of episode 5: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/encounter-episode-5-recap/
  3. Looks like it is going to be similar to Rain's Sangdoo, Let's Go to School! Also, check out Episode 1 Recap: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/my-strange-hero-episode-1-recap/
  4. It could be because they have breath smell fetish. Check out the recap of episode 5 and 6: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/bad-cop-less-than-evil-episode-56-recap/
  5. I think she is going to get a happy ending (no pun intended). CHW's stepbrother has been circulating around her in a few scenes and I think they will get together in the end. Fluttering Warning Episode 12 Recap/Highlights: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/fluttering-warning-episode-12-recap/
  6. Oh crap, my mistake I rewatched it and you are right. I just looked at the rubbish bin and made the assumption. I deleted my incorrect rant from the website as well. Next time more watching less writing. Thanks again. Also regarding the reporters, they should follow her rather than pass time in front of her home bad work ethics in my opinion.
  7. Secretary Min-Ji and Restaurant owner's little banter the best cute moment of the drama? (Mr.Nam's smile at close 2nd) Also, Where is the lady Woo-Seok wanted to get married to? My little recap/highlights of episode 4: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/encounter-episode-4-recap/
  8. Can Somebody tell what kind of work is this guy doing on the PC? Check out Episode 3 highlights recap: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/fluttering-warning-episode-11-recap/
  9. Any comments on P.O.'s acting skills especially if u compare it to Fluttering warning?? Also, I think Mr. Nam's eye smile makes him look far cute than most of the females in the drama. Check out Highlights/Recap of episode 3: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/encounter-episode-3-recap/
  10. Well, that's good to know otherwise I was thinking of going to a Therapist. And yes I did wrote the Recap and thanks. for liking it. What???? Did I missed it too??? My eyes were glued to the screen reading the d*mn subtitles! No, they did not find her body only her ID was found with blood on it in Hyung-Min's collection among others.
  11. And here I thought I was the only one and started to think myself as a Psychopathic as well Also, Checkout recap/highlights from episode 1 to 4: https://www.asiandrama4u.com/less-than-evil-bad-cop-recap-episode-1-to-4/
  12. Anyone else bothered by no progress in Yoo-Joon and reporter Min-A's love story? I think they all did what they did was for her benefit. If her BFF has told her the truth they would never have been friends, she may have not started the fake relationship with WH if he has told the truth. But I still think what you are saying is right and they should have let made the choice and not make it for her. Also, check out the summary/ recap of episode 9 and 10 https://www.asiandrama4u.com/fluttering-warning-episode-9-10-recap/
  13. Does any of you guys found him "overacting" when he tries to be cute or during nervous moments?? Also, check out the Recap of episode 2 https://www.asiandrama4u.com/encounter-episode-2-recap/
  14. Hi guy check out the recap of episode 1 https://www.asiandrama4u.com/encounter-episode-1-recap/ Let me know if want the recaps of upcoming episodes as well thanks.