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  1. Ah sorry, I haven't finished the CF section... Will work on that, the FMs, the achievements and headings... His endorsement with Vprove is from 2016 to 2019 I think... But it might be ending soon not sure if we'll get another product/CF... Other than vprove, Bo Gum also endorsed Llang cosmetics in 2016 - 2017 He endorsed other Vprove products too... Creams, lip oil, hair treatment, face mist...
  2. So many pictures/vids of him in the BTS concert How lucky are those BTS fans sitting near him? They're so close... Yesterday's screening in Shinjuku Yunika Vision was attended by around 700 people.
  3. Absolutely, @gumtaek. Just a note, a more literal translation would be "wherever we are, our thoughts are together". Finally tomorrow... Singapore Press Conference ... Not sure if this was already posted...
  4. The countdown from Mnet continues And OMG @gumtaek the photos for the CD booklet are looking amazing there Bogummy looks so good with long hair and white suit I can't wait for mine to arrive...
  5. Wohoo lots of exciting things happening in Bogummy Land Finally it's D-day for Bloomin' The CDs are stacked all over Japan Message from Bo Gum informing fans that his single debut Bloomin' is out today. He said this song conveys the message that even though there's a distance between us, no matter where we are, our hearts are one Please give it your love and support
  6. Roger that, @gumtaek I've updated the first page with the full mv and information about the 2 CDs that are on sale... March Season's greeting was posted on Bogummy's youtube channel
  7. I just found out that my favourite show will be on hiatus ... Coming here is like drinking coke in the middle of summer Thank you Bogummy, please don't ever change Thank you for all the updates @gumtaek Kpop BG or GG fans seems to stream MVs a lot, does that help in this case? I'm totally clueless about these kind of things Does it help if we watch it on a loop? RT from BG, they're opening a pop up store, customers who buy the CD will get a post card and 100 customers will get signed polaroid photos... I want them...
  8. Time really flies and it's already time for Hong Kong FM... And only 1 week left till Boyfriend airs in Japan... latest edition... 1 week left
  9. Rounding up the Korean photo fansites... The one, Enomoto, beauty bai, Jay B, Ribbon... wow the Singapore fanmeet is so popular
  10. April issue of Hanryu Pia on sale on the 22th of March. Shujo Prime 26th March 2019. "Park Bo Gum, "The ideal Boyfriend" loved by Asian women."
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