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  1. Haha!! Hopefully not coz it's always fun to see her make a mistake on IG like possibly following PSJ in the future or something...LOL!
  2. Yes, it's from her FM. I heard she shared something a bit personal with her fans during the fan meeting that got her teary-eyed. I also saw a clip with an English translation where she was reading fan messages and crying because they somehow made things easier for her according to her. I'm not so sure if what I saw was correct because it was just a short clip so anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Omo omo!! Haha. People talk definitely!! This is how I found out about my other ships: second- to third-hand info. Lol Niceee!!
  4. Looks like IG translation is a PPC shipper too. It's already calling PMY/stylist sister-in-law. Is this a usual code between K-celebs who are thought to be dating?
  5. Totally agree with the quid pro quo. No doubt there is but if there is then that means they have plans to admit it. Hmmmm...exciting!
  6. PSJ! KIDDING! It was a performance/training thingy account. I hope one of these days she accidentally follows him though because she nearly gave me a heart attack earlier.
  7. I'm guessing it's an open secret in their industry by now so I won't be surprised if reporters are in the know. The reporter also sounded like she knows something based on her body language and expressions. Btw, did anyone see PMY follow and unfollow an IG account earlier? Lol. She's funny.
  8. Lol. Yes, there is that fear. I agree. But you are not necessarily ignored for an award nom for being typecast (e.g. Helena Bonham Carter, Mandy Moore, Neil Patrick Harris, Johnny Depp, and so many others). All of these people received awards for the very characters that gave them a typecast label. You also don't wane in popularity if you do more of the same things (e.g. Jennifer Aniston) although it does get annoying a bit especially if you portray the same/similar character in more than 5 films/TV shows lol. BUT if you become part of a cult favourite then, yes, there is that possibility because, as far as American awarding shows are concerned, you only get noticed if you come from top/popular shows and cult favourites rarely reach that point. Well, she's the Queen of our ship anyway so I wouldn't mind that label as long as she enjoys the project lol. Whatever happens, I hope it pans out.
  9. All I can say to this is: EXACTLY!!! You took the words right out of my mouth. So thank you very much for this. There’s nothing much to fear really. Yes, it’s a gamble but isn’t that what they/we do at the end of the day? People will always have something negative to say about, well, EVERYTHING. Besides, they’ve got writers aside from her agency so they will know how to navigate their way in this new show to differentiate it from WWWSK should she officially accept it. And take note, the article said she is REVIEWING it which means she’s studying it and seeing it from all facets as we much we’re doing if not more. If it doesn’t work the way we hope, oh well, lesson learned from her team I guess. It’s not like she’ll be millions of dollars poorer if this doesn’t work. She’s a veteran actress not some breakout star or D-list actress who needs this project to make a name for herself. Lol. And how can she stay as rom-com Queen if she does just that one rom-com show? Even WWWSK and pairing herself with real-life bf PSJ was all a risk but look at how successful their show is. I’d say we give it a shot.
  10. I understand everyone’s fears and excitement here. We’re fans so we care. But I don’t think she will be “typecast” in rom-com/webtoon. She’s not some new actress whose character in WWWSK became her first breakout role. I pretty much surmised from you guys and from what I’ve read that she’s well-established to begin with. In fact, if I didn’t know any better I would have presumed that she’s really a rom-com actress because of her outstanding performance as Kim Mi So. When I first watched WWWSK, my reaction was like, “Wow, PMY isn’t even acting...she’s simply portraying a fictional version of herself.” I was surprised to find in one interview that that was exactly what she said about the role too. The same goes for PSJ. Even before I watched his interviews, I saw based on how he portrayed LYJ’s character that he is introverted and methodical in real life. It’s good to see actors in their own element because it breathes more life into their characters. Again, she and her agency will think this through so whatever her/their decision is will be well-thought-out. If it works; great, if not, then onto another project. She is an established name so she can always come back; as for flak, celebrities get negativity whether they do well or not anyway. It’s part of their job and that’s something they’ve come to accept. Besides, it’s not like she’s got a death grip on this new show anyway so let’s see what will happen in the coming days. For now, we chilll.
  11. Well, every project has a risk. Show business is still a form of business after all and no matter how popular or well-established you are as an actor, there is no guarantee that all of your projects will be well-received. However, I have to agree with @Cheryl295 and she has to strike while the iron is hot. She also won’t suffer from being typecast in rom-com (e.g. Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in most of her films after FRIENDS) because she has already PROVEN herself in other genres. And rom-com is not easy by the way. It’s all about TIMING and not every actor, no matter how brilliant, has comedic timing. It’s much easier to make people cry than to make people laugh (I don’t know but maybe because I’ve done theater before so I can tell the difference). The fact that she can make a non-Korean person like me who has just recently started exploring Kdrama laugh hysterically speaks volumes of how talented she is, and how her comedic style can transcend cultural and language barriers, so I believe she should give it a shot. It’s also not easy to have chemistry with just every actor you work with and we all know PMY is so good at making people believe that she is in love with her partner. Those are the basic ingredients of rom-com (comedic timing + romantic chemistry) which she both possesses so this is really right up her alley. Besides, PMY is known to choose her projects WISELY and will be carefully guided by her agency so I’m sure she will think this through. I’m personally excited to see her do more rom-com...it’s about time.
  12. HAHAHA!! Gurl, chillll pleaseee lol lol. This ain't Hollywood and PMY ain't no K.Stew. I don't think that's gonna happen in a hundred years. But thanks for making my day!
  13. I hope so too because I'm not yet ready to see them with another male/female lead. Now we'll know what it feels like to be a shipper of an old ship lol. But I'm glad she's accepting another rom-com show. She's really good and funny...I can't wait!
  14. Lol I thought I was looking at a different Soompi thread when you guys started talking about the Namoo President. I thought this was another shipping thread.
  15. I'm sorry to hear this, @Matilda_Anne. I'm usually the type of person who can tolerate other people's opinions to a certain degree. But your colleague is a little too much. I understand that she's a Seowon shipper but I don't know why she has to insult PMY or PSJ (ironic that she pointed out his monolids considering that she's a Seowon shipper). If ever she watches it again and discusses it with you, feel free to tell her that in no way is she obliged to watch a series that she's not interested in especially if it will just make her unhappy. Good call for not responding to that negativity though. It's not necessary.