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  1. I think pmy read this forum....kekeke...she knows what we've talked about that coincedence picture
  2. Pmy treat jcw so friendly on set,but she didn't has any worry about it. The reason because there were nothing special between them. Can't wait DVD commentary....
  3. All the matter were caused by shipper who don't have patience about the dating of PPC. They wanna PPC to confirm their dating issue n make everything clear. Most of them are international shipper. Maybe they are newbie
  4. Are their rumors talked by reporter in Korea? I know, It happened to ssc...how about psh n pby ? Sometimes , one thing that make me belive is rumors about PPC is talked by many reporters in Korea ...such as MBC, SBS, A Chanel, Chosun Tv....i just wanna know about it..sometimes rumors come out from shipper
  5. When there are alot shipper who desperate with their otp ( no news, even rumor that talked by reporter in Korea) ,they still enjoy riding their ship. We are PPC shippper ( have alot coincedence, many reporter in Korea talked about them) ,still have doubt? Because we don't have picture right now, it Will make us doubt about PPC? I'm international shipper . This is a ship that I belive to ride mostly ( as pmy' fans, i really tired to jump to other ship) . However, now i belive i Will not jump anymore. As she said' now, she is the happiest person in the world". I belive psj make it for her.
  6. I think my ship for pmy' Will dock in here. I don't want to be shipper anymore for her. She said" psj is the best actor she has ever worked with" , that's enough for me.
  7. Do u think psj treat pmy' different than another his co star before? Sorry i'm pmy' fans, so idk alot about psj
  8. I think This ship sail so smoothly...there are alot ship sunk...enjoy guys
  9. Psj unfollow Jessica Jung on Instagram? I saw he still follow Jessica last year ...but now he unfollow
  10. The picture was taken in Hongkong, it mean there were two possibilities at that time. Is Dasom someone who close with psj n pmy'? Or Dasom is just ordinary Korean who Saw psj n pmy' in Hongkong at that time? Idk...
  11. I'm fans of pmy since wwwsk, so idk her personality before. I read some articels about her. Is this the first time( since wwwsk) she mention her ideal Bf is someone who is humoris?
  12. 100% i do belive...the picture taken by psj...coz when psj back to Korea, he wear white t-shirt...in my question...why does she show that picture on her FM? Probably, that picture taken by her Bf...kekeke