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  1. Don't u think that psj n pmy used the same stylish when came at Cosmo ? Coz i didn't see psj stylish went to china
  2. Yes..maybe i Will not believe if just one reporter say about dating of PPC is real...but on this case, most of reporter who talked about dating of PPC said they heard that rumor before wwsk...that's the thing that i shoulder keep on my mind to believe that PPC is real ...kekeke
  3. Yes...after denying rumor...There is a show that talk about fake or real news...at There, reporter said about dating of PPC is real..they said we should wait n see
  4. Should i give your link about how many reporter in Korea believe that PPC is real...kekeke...we should be patient...we are just ordinary netizen from another country...sometimes we just need declare of PPC..but we have to realize that our desire have a lot of risk for ppc. If reporter in Korea believe that PPC is real...why should we doubt about it
  5. I think after her drama ended, next year...she Will get married. Erase rumor, play new drama then boom.....get married
  6. The things that can make it sure, if psj n pmy are dating before wwwsk..i think we should ask people who tag psj on pmy's Instagram in 2016...or maybe people who said pmy and psj are dating on naver before wwwsk shooting.....
  7. i think because pmy from rich family...kekeke. i don't think, it coz fans. I think psj is type of the person who don't care whatever people saying
  8. I'm sorry ,if I disturb our ship...honestly i ship Changmin for the first time i read this page, but i don't know, these days...There are alot fact about pmy n her co star..n the source is from Korean reporter...i try to reject the rumor..but in Korea become hot. I try don't believe it..but as big as i try don't believe it..i just tell so hurt.....i'm sorry i just wanna share my felling