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  1. more news about the our skyy episode. Kongpob is going to study in China. Arthit will felt insecure about long distance relationship and the airport scene is really good, even tourists were impressed.
  2. eveything is poorly done in this sequel. They probably didn't have a lot of budget. But the acting from side characters is not really good, the writing is a mess. They don't know how to balance comedy and drama. The story itself is uncreative and deal with serious matters in a very bad way. The cheating is a breaking point for me. You can't talk about true love when one of them is cheating. He is not even drunk ( he drunk but no so much , he knows what he is doing ). He cheated with their boss!!!!!! so he jeopardized more than his relationship with Knock but also with their jobs. They will both have to quit their job at one point. But well, we all guessed already that knock is going to forgive Korn (because it's true love ) and everything will be okay and happy again. Because cheating is normal and it's part of true love and the mistakes. LOL Nope, seriously. But most fan will be happy seeing korn begging and suffering while doing cute things to get Knock back. They will be " oh this is so cute , he did a mistake, that's not a big deal, knock forgive already , we want to see them happy again " not realistic at all . and they didn't even use a condom.
  3. if it's was to be more in tune with reality, no happy ending should happen in the future. unless happy ending is that they are going to break up and won't ever get back together. Because it's a fantasy to make us swallow that these two will ( maybe ) have the happy ending with true love. That's a fantasy to give us a such ending after what happened in eps 7. It's not even eps 7, it's the whole season, it should have been called " bad romance, the next chapter". The screenwriters has zero creativy, it's all about cheating for everybody.
  4. if you love korn and Knock don't ever watch together with me the next chapter. It's a disaster