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  1. Hahaha become a fan of an actor is really hard thats why many actors didnt have stable fanbase. When they're on hiatus people will move on from them and watch other drama. I dont need him to become trending actor, there's many actors who lost their popularity for just three months, but I really want him to have a place in public eyes as a great actor. I really want him to become A list actors because he deserved that. Whatever genre he take, I hope he can work with a good writer! Yes as long its not romcom.
  2. For me, I really like him in IMY, eventho he was a psycho in there but I still want him to get the girl but the ending kinda... he enlist in his peak but there's other actors in their peak too that time, more mature and more older than him, so I think he did the right one for going to army first. After his enlist, he got many offers, so I think he's doing good, I still dont understand why he didnt get any recognizer in remember when I absolutely love that drama, yes nam goongmin was good, but Yoo seungho did a good job too, I just didnt like his female lead, I cant see their chemist. But the rating reached 20% so yeah I'm sure there's many fans who fall in love with his character too. And honestly I dont like the female lead in INAR too I'm so happy when they paired him with KSH, but then I dont like the plot. He is my first bias in kdramaland but Its kinda hard for me to follow him, because yeah he's too mysterious and I skip many of his drama lately. its good I found this thread. I always believed YSH is a hard working actor, he think carefully about his career thats why he enlist first. KTH is only the big one in there and she got more recognizer because her visual so I think her agency didnt really need to promoted her. So we cant counted this agency as a good one, if they never rising a big artist (A list actor). But I'm sure it wont be that difficult for YSH, because he already have 'name' 'Talent' and 'visual' I just hope this agency can promoted him well, I hope he can get various drama offers, so he can try different genre. I still hope he take mellodrama for his next project
  3. Really I'm so jealous with this lady. What a lovely lady If bogum hold my hand, my reaction will be like this too. So lucky Another lucky fans *envy*
  4. Park bogum talking about gongyoo and seobok. When my fav actor talking about my fav actor
  5. I see the worst he never on fully hiatus. For what I know, YSH is really active when come to drama. Other fans need to wait for 2-3 years. Beside We still can see him from his cf. The fact that he was not renewed his contract with his former agency, its mean he is not satisfied with his popularity right now. lets hope he will change, and do something new, for his better career and his fans.
  6. Thanks @gumtaek for sharing testimonal about bogum. so He cried for lee min and his uncle too. No wonder his acting as lee min was so good. I'm happy to read every bogum's testimonal, tho I still trying to believe that he is a human too who absolutely have flaws, Again a new thing about him that make my heart fluttering, changing my mind about what a great actor should be. The fact that he have many underrated projects before he hit big, but still down to earth, still humble with his friends and his co-actors. 'The star' called him a 'beauty machine' I love it. But the only thing who can beat the story about his visual's testimonal is the story about his kind behaviour! I want to help to update this thread about his presscon but you already post everything need to say thanks again. Park bogum love his mic, did he say hi to receptionist?
  7. hi @Berou thanks for the links. Its kinda pity, they didnt have big actor in their agency. We want him to take another genre for his next project, I hope he can found the best one. (please give YSH more drama's offers) @See Wong yes it wont be easy, they're not that active in instagram. the last update was one week ago. Maybe I will just ask in YSH's ig.
  8. Hi willenette, I just realized Bogummy tag YJG and KDY in his ice bucket challenge last year. The fact that Bogum become friend with such good kids like them, making me more happy (with a big scandal that happened in Korea right know ). I really want to called them 'Good guys's squad' Not my fav outfit for bogummy, his body looks big in this outfit but I love his smile! *need to save this one*
  9. Not a fan of this pairing, but looks like many fans want them together Article : http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=599635#_enliple
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