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  1. That's the thing about Eternal Love. I did not think any of the actor and actresses in Eternal Love was super good looking. In fact, they were so ordinary that when S1 came out in my recommended watchlist last year, I clicked in merely out of curiousity and did not think that I will follow the drama til the end. But I did. Simply because the storyline was rather addictive and the humour cracked me up. By S2, I was totally hooked and I did not think that anyone else could pull off being Mo Lian Cheng, Xiao Tan, 14th and even Yu Hao. It's never about good look with this one, surprisingly, as I am a huge pervert with shallow thinking...I love handsome guys in the dramas that I watch. Eternal Love is enchanting because the characters came alive, and we're so drawn into that world they show us.
  2. Reasons why sometimes novel is much better than the drama version. The novels dun break our hearts this way.
  3. So...I was watching Yanxi Palace to pass time. It was absolutely boring and the emperor in the story irks me more than Qu Pan Er and her mother in the first season. Then, I suddenly saw 5th Prince. Then I automatically thought. OMG. Cheng Cheng is in Liu Shang's Mask in Qing Dynasty! The Orb sent him there. *faint* See what this drama have done to my sanity? I'm absolutely insane.
  4. Then don't tell us Xiao Tan and Cheng Cheng's story anymore. Tell us Yu Er's story...or give us Yi Huai Ge Ge and Tan Er. Let my poor Yi Huai Ge Ge at least have a happy ending. Still original cast and I'll take that rather than have someone else be Cheng Cheng.
  5. Anybody knows if eng sub for ep 29 and 30 is up?
  6. I really wish they give us Cheng Cheng and Xiao Tan's underwater kiss. Such a waste we did not get to see that.
  7. If time traveling to the future really exists, I'll totally abuse it by watching drama. Who cares about ruling the world. LOL~ OMG! I can't believe my addiction has come to this point.
  8. I need the ep 29 and 30 in eng sub. Can't find any so far for the love of God. I am Cheng Cheng and Yi Huai Ge Ge deprived.
  9. I got bored watching Princess Agents and Ashes of Love. Can't seems to hold my interest that well. But I binged on Goblin. Maybe the story was somewhat fresh and funny.
  10. Ye Hua and Bai Qian of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms kisses well. Lolsss...but sorry Ye Hua. I'm Cheng Cheng's fangirl now.
  11. The Eternal Love 2 is all about illogical imperfection. Storyline wise, the first season was better. But it cannot beat the charms of passion and emotion in Season 2. I even feel sorry for Yi Huai Ge Ge this time around. In comparison to the previous season, I just feel like drowning that moron in the toilet bowl and I feel Tan Er simply does not deserve him. Royal Grandmother is not a hateful person either over here. Of course, those intense kissing and Cheng Cheng's rose tattoo is a huge, huge plus, apart from the skilfull seduction to win Xiao Tan's heart back. Damn. In the first season they actually made love a couple of times, but heck...still can't beat season 2's steamy kisses.
  12. Legend of Yun Xi is good. But not steamy enuff for me.. huuuuuuuu
  13. I'm thinking right...what if Xiao Tan accepted Cheng Cheng's proposal when they were still in the modern world. The story would have been interesting too. Eh, isn't Lin Ke...Cheng Cheng's assistant in the modern world is the Smurf Princess in Dongyue?