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  1. i'm conflicted. i want her to enjoy personal time and just relax but at the same time i want to watch her in a new project. YEH please don't take long...
  2. @curiousyeh Agree with you. I have found that YEH is one of those actors that is easy to ship because she is able to build chemistry with her partners even the secondary leads (case in point: MHIYD and CP). YEH makes you see the good in every man and accept the quirks that come along. Heck she even got me hooked on her onscreen chemistry with OHS & YSH ( 2 of the least matched to her in terms of looks). I have never seen any actress or actor do that maybe that's why I only watch YEH's drama from start to finish whether the story is solid or not. As a fan, I admit to shipping her w some of her co stars but am very careful not to cross the line because I know it might hurt YEH and her future projects. I will echo you in that shipping is fine but everyone should be respectful of each other and not bash anyone. I will add that instead of bashing, let us celebrate YEH's talent and charm and pray that it will lead to many more partnerships on screen. I will celebrate with her and support her when the time comes that she chooses to share to the world the person that she will spend her life with. p.s. her photoshoot with seo kang joon for cartier was brimming with chemistry and to think that she's years older than him yet I don't see the age gap but rather a man under the spell of a powerful woman. I love that photo shoot! Hope they get to do a project together with none of the noona-dongsaeng plot, just a man and a woman going through life.
  3. I watched the replay live on cgntv youtube channel. Unfortubately I don't know if there are sites that has the 2 episodes.
  4. thought i might share YEH's old interviews. Watching Go Go Song had put me in a nostalgia binge. hope you don't mind. her answer always shows how different and deep a person she is. i can sort of understand why she makes the choices she's making now. YEH is not fit for this era of korean wave, as always, she is ahead of the pack. She may not be the brightest now but she will always be the most radiant for me. always giving light when needed. her light always serves a purpose. https://www.dramasian.com/threads/yoon-eun-hyes-interview-for-vogue-girl.50067/ http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/09/yoon-eun-hye-sheds-tears-at-acting-criticism/ https://www.vir.com.vn/yoon-eun-hye-shows-off-beauty-in-hanoi-20906.html
  5. Just finished watching the replay of Go Go Song (puffy eyes). Even without Eng sub the mini series touched my heart. I can tell it's full of warmth. YEH was amazing in it! I cried when she cried and smiled when she smiled. People who can understand korean are very fortunate to have a show like this. Me I'm just glad to see YEH after Love Alert. p.s. styling is 5star! YEH really knows how to make anything memorable and interesting. I love love the look she had during the wedding.
  6. can't wait for this drama. hope that we can watch it online. fighting fighting fighting! Go go YEH!
  7. While waiting for YEH's next project I stumbled upon her short film, The Knitting in youtube. Although I can't grasp the whole intent of the film, I was so touched and filled with emotions for unknown reasons Please do watch and share if you have time. YEH is truly full of talents, ideas, and artistry.
  8. Happy Holidays Everyone! May the coming year bring us Joy and Grace!! It is truly wonderful to have a place in social media to discuss my favorite actor, YEH. Added bonus that people in this thread are fiercely loyal, respectful, and chill.
  9. i would still recommend ppl to watch it and judge for themselves.. the drama has its shining moments and i agree with comments that FW is also heavy on family theme which i find heart warming. as well if you are a YEH and/or CJM fan it is a must watch because both delivered strong acting with the limited material that they have. YEH's scenes with her father even though short was really memorable, well executed, and hit the spot. Those scenes made me tear up even without subs. i think that's where the frustration is coming from because there is so much talent and potential that was not fully utilized. FW shall we say is more agape but could do with a little more eros. It is an acquired taste that is worth sampling.
  10. and just like that FW is done. when will i see YEH again? i hope she takes a good rest and come back with stronger projects. FW to me reminded the viewers of YEH's acting abilities and charisma. The story has its ups and downs but YEH's performance never faltered. She really is of different calibre belonging to the golden age of kdrama where leads have really strong presence because of pure talent and not of promotions or strong backers. My favorite scenes are YJ's interactions with her father, her conversations with WH, her moments with unnie, and her moments alone where you can see YJ trying to carry the weight of the world on her shoulder (i.e. when brother was leaving and she went to his room, when her dad visited, etc). I could go on and on but all there is to it is really that I want to see more of YEH. I want her to be remembered as a hallyu star because she is one.
  11. @ktcjdrama @thistle crazy as it may sound i am actually thinking that it is not our of the realm of possibilities. like life imitating art. I hope we are wrong because i really really really wanna see YEH be active and successful once more. she was on the peak of her career during CP then suddenly the world turned upside down. FW will still has a spot in my heart as it did have some fresh moments and strong acting from both CJM and YEH but overall conventional romance between the leads are lacking. it was good that they showed a relationship that is probably closer to reality but this is reel afterall so a bit of exaggeration and grand gesture is still expected by viewers like me.
  12. I'm happy that the show has yet again added little twists and showed a flawed humanity that can be redeemed. YYJ and Father's reconcillation was heartwarming. It was resolved because both parties humbled themselves. I like how YEH and JGS acted their parts. Although father and daughter made up you can still feel the awkwardness and tension between them which makes their reconcillation more realistic. Ep 13 and 14 father daughter scene made me cry (without subs). HJM was a revelation. You can see that he is not purely bad because his heart was touched by YYJ's kindness. YYJ standing by her namja, CWH after knowing his relationship with her father was a breath of fresh air. What they went through with the engagement annoucement definitely made them stronger. I love that FW showed that love and kindness trump all without being cheesy or preachy. That in the end, those who are of good heart will triumph despite the odds. I know that there are still turbulence along the way but I'm happy nonetheless. p.s. I'm a bit apprehensive with the marriage proposal because I feel they're not ready yet. I have to wait this one out. No kiss?? even just a smack?? hek hek hek.. Aigoo PD-nim, i'm sure you can feel the exploding chemistry between YEH and CJM. The scarf scene was full of sexual tension that just a second made me want to turn away for fear that I'm looking at something so private and intimate. Great actors or natural chemistry? I don't know. You tell me.
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