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  1. Well Gty himself thought ml didn't trust him fully.. And ml also said she can't rely on gty 100% becoz he might like her kniw bcoz she is young and they are newly married. So, in this situation, both of them are not wrong.. One to eager fir the other to trust them completely unconditionally whilst the other, becoz of past experiences has to tread cautiously, not able at this point to give her trust unconditionally and completely. What they need is time to be opened to each other and gradually trust completely.
  2. Doubt it.. He's not that honorable. He's a selfish man. If he asked gty to, just because of his wife.. Not for ml's sake
  3. Chu qioa is from princess agent, shan shan a modern cute girl frm the drama shan shan come to eat. U sh watch it. Very entertaining.
  4. Poor ml.. Can they just give her one day break.. Everyday she has to face virtous/devious stepmom, stupid/poisonous 4th auntie, clever/evil 5th auntie. Then, the Queen wanted to enter the round with the lame idea of gifting concubines for the hubby. Sorry, done that. Ml is an expert at dodging concubines gifting ceremony.. Ha ha. Later, new bride of an ex came to the house to create chaos. Give an ammunition for the aunts dearest to take a swipe at her.. Ha ha, never fear general gu at ml six. Who else? Kang auntie & danniang (dumb & devil duo), manic manniang and stepmom again, the ultimate white lotus. Pheww.. Ml better channel her inner chu qiao for strength, lu zhen for brilliance.. And shan shan cuteness for the husband..