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  1. Oh my gosh...his sched is crazy!!! Now he is surprising us with a variety show which started filming yesterday!! A drama ("Dazzling") in preproduction even before his drama Terius finished, movie news, a commercial (?), and now a variety show airing in January?! Wow!! Can we put those in his title thread? Hehe... I'm happy to watch him but hope he has rest time too.
  2. ^ I was shocked to learn that Hojun also has a movie in the works right after Terius Behind Me and recently he has a new drama "Dazzling" which is currently in production! He is on a roll!! He did not have too many projs in the early part of 2018. I wonder if all these projects just coincidentally all came almost the same time at the later part of the year and if it was his choice to have less projects and be more relaxed in EARLY 2018
  3. Hojun is soooo charming!! I love the ending of his character Jin Yong Tae in "Terius Behind Me"
  4. Awwww....what a let down with no kiss. Not even an almost kiss moment. Only their wine glasses "kissed". But with this kind of ending....it fits to have a Season 2! They just have to figure out a good case to solve (sometimes that is the hardest or tricky part to write) coz we can't rely on romance angle alone. So AR is really not a spy now and it is all just KB's plan to give her a vacation & a ring? Or are they gonna act as a couple in their next mission??
  5. No, it's just a monthly funation (fun + donation) event that started last year. They are having the last event tomorrow, actually. But SHJ got an official Barista license for that.
  6. YAY!!! He's alive!!! Oh my gosh...he's brewing coffee somewhere?? Maybe it's another Coffee Friends event like this..... Hahaha
  7. Thanks for sharing the article! But why did they have to choose SHJ's pic with that maternity dress on?! Now I'm laughing again!! "Son Ho Jun, who pulled off his villainous character Jin Yong Tae with laughs and stellar acting, commented, “I was happy in all the moments I lived as Jin Yong Tae. It was an even happier time thanks to the viewers who loved ‘Terius Behind Me.’ I’d also like to thank the director, writer, and staff members who made this a memorable drama. I think I’ll miss the fun times on set with great people. Please give a lot of interest and love until the very last episode.” He did look like he was having a lot of fun and laughed so much on the BTS scenes.
  8. OH MY GOSH! Really? NOOOO!!! I thought about this angle but it is still hard to believe and now I'm not sure if I like it!
  9. Oh my gosh! I don't know where to start! I've only skimmed through the ep yesterday (1st half was still unsubbed) and I have to say maybe I'm one of the few who liked it eventhough there was lack of romance still. And the new ep is already starting!! Waaaahhhh!!! I hope JYT is okay! HUHUHU Waaahhh....that's what I thought too about him sacrificing himself. And then maybe we will all think that he will die but in fact he lived and is starting a new life. Hope that will happen.
  10. I have yet to backread this thread (haven't even reacted on previous eps ) Just wanna say that I think it would be best for a kissing scene on the last ep. Almost last gap won't be too bad like what happened in "Go Back Couple" (sorry if I may bring it up a couple of times for comparison since I have a limited # of Kdramas that I have completed). I hope it would start with a nose kiss then KB would continue it to a real kiss! That would be cute & sweet at the same time! They need to develop the romantic story of KB & AR first before that happens and there's too much going on right now which I am not complaining because the mixed genre of the show is what I like about it too. Anyway, it is already sweet and nice to see KB & AR's innocent interactions (not really romantic but more like friends caring for one another) and of course their moments with the kids that make it seem like they are a real family. The writers did good in that aspect where they could show those light moments where KB & AR fans can cherish but at the same time not make the love angle too fast and unethical (?) since AR is still a recently-widowed woman. Can I just leave a rant of some sorts here? I'm so disappointed at mbcdrama_now IG account because for some reason they have HIDDEN or blocked my comments there. If you scroll through the comments in the teaser posted by MBC (https://www.instagram.com/p/BqFIZbkn4gx/), you would NOT be able to see my long (and noticeable) comment there: I can only see my comments IF I am logged in on my IG acct, but if I logout I cannot see it anymore. Which means other people cannot see my comments too. The same thing also happened on some of my previous comments on their IG posts when the show was just starting (specifically the IG post of SHJ describing his character during the pictorial BTS shoot) which made me limit leaving comments after. But I don't know why my comments would be hidden (mbc did not block me coz I can still leave comments) since I was never mean in my comments or I was never demanding in my requests. I am not even sure if it is possible to HIDE some comments from certain usernames in IG. But I have clear proof that my comments are not showing up on their IG posts which is really weird. Anyway...for some uplifting post. If you read the comment I left on mbcdrama_now's IG (which I hope they were able to see)...this is what inspired me to make that (weird) SHJ & SJS duet request: When I learned here that SJS is a rapper, I could not help but imagine him doing the impromptu rap that one of the RM guys did in between SHJ's song. Let me just say....I CANNOT get tired of this song clip & its so cute how he laughs & gets shy while singing. Thank you chingu @littlerain for the IG clip Full version is here: Son Ho Jun singing "Emergency Room" And here is a cool rap clip of So Ji Sub I found while searching for #MySecretTerrius tag...... So Ganzi indeed!
  11. I laugh so hard at those scenes where JYT is so full of himself. Hahaha! But that is totally opposite of Hojun. I remember this article where it seems Hojun is looking down on himself and thinking that he is not good enough for his female co-stars (which makes me sad for him): https://theqoo.net/index.php?mid=hot&filter_mode=normal&page=5&document_srl=882909002 Same here I don't want him to be typecasted. But maybe the script is good and hopefully there's more to his character than just a comic relief. I was also thinking maybe the co-stars made him agree to the project. I agree though that even simple characters can have great impact if written well. But I believe SHJ cannot be just a simple character. I noticed projects offered to him always seem to be complex characters because he is so good and versatile. I can't really explain it. Maybe I'll post a SHJ character profile later. Hehehe.... He really does!! I think because he really plays with them and so the kids love to hang out with him. I remember there's a clip in GBC where Seo Jin (?) suddenly stood up from the playpen and came running to Hojun as soon as he came in the room. I'm pretty sure that is not part of the script. Where did you see those pics? Were they posted by MBC website? It's not on their IG acct which is the only one I really check. Speaking of mbc IG....I'm mad because they always block or hide my comments. If you scroll through the comments in the teaser posted by MBC (https://www.instagram.com/p/BqFIZbkn4gx/), you would not be able to see my long (and noticeable) comment there: I've noticed for a while that they did that in my previous comments too. I can only see my comments if I am logged in on IG, but if I logout I cannot see it anymore. Which means other people cannot also see my comments. But I don't know why my comments would be hidden (mbc did not block me coz I can still leave comments) since I was never mean in my posts or I was never demanding in my requests.
  12. YAY!! Thank you so much for the vid link @littlerain!!! I saw that mini-movie (or web movie?) before but I lost the link. I wanted to re-watch it especially after watching a TV Drama special starring my other favorite actor (Nash Aguas) playing a deaf-mute character too.
  13. Thanks for the info! I tried imgflip! I had just watched it completely last July. To be detailed....I learned about the show in late May. I was on vacation in the Philippines when I saw this trailer of the show (dubbed in Tagalog): And I've never been excited in watching a K-drama!!! But of course I wasn't able to watch all the eps so around July is when I searched for subtitled episodes online. I watched the subs then dubbed version again (waited for dubbed ep uploads everyday as it was still airing that time). I know I still wish it was at least 14 eps! I think that's probably one reason why I can't get over it because I always think that they could have shown more scenes. But the show is really great. They had the most important elements and acting was the best. It's just that I wish they have tackled more or explored more scenes. Oh my gosh! That's so cool that it's still airing in different countries! Is it subbed only or dubbed? May I know what country? It means you already watched it online even before it aired on your country. I also hope GBC gets more worldwide recognition coz it is really a great show! It's really a GEM as a lot of people has described it.