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  1. @kdrmalover4444 déjà vu was the intent, haha <3 and yes, as long as there is a happy ending, i'll be alright. if they change everything and give it a tragic ending, i'm going to be upset . . . because those were not my expectations going in. as for the issue of whether or not SG+DJ get cured, i feel sort of ambivalent. as @shjfan23 stated before in regards to DJ+SG remaining as they are—i feel like that is good too, and still 'true' to the message of the drama. somehow, i feel if they did miraculously get cured, it would feel slightly . . . well, not empty, but too 'sugary' of an ending. i like my endings to be bittersweet (with more sweetness) and full of possibility. but you're right! thanks to the live-shooting, the ending will be influenced. i just hope the writer stays true to her vision while also keeping the viewers happy. can that be possible?
  2. @thistle first off, i just want to say something i've been thinking for a long time—i love-love-love your username and your profile picture!! it's so cute <3 and with that out of the way—thank you as well. i hope my essay does turn out alright! and it's very kind of you to share that piece of wisdom from your professor too, i will keep it in mind as i go through college!! it's important to keep the mind healthy and do critical thinking for oneself!! life has meaning so long as you choose to find it (very existential point of view, i know, haha). thank you for your thoughtful words, they made me feel much better <3 college as a concept can be disheartening.
  3. @kdrmalover4444 this entire comment is absolute perfection!! you've gotten to the point entirely: that we should see it from both their sides, because both, in their own way, are right to be feeling the way they are. you wrote it so summarily and so well, thank you for writing everything that needed to be said very thoroughly (if i could give your comments more likes i would!! haha) <3 <3 <3
  4. i'm still on episode 13 too—just reacting off the preview and what i've pieced together from discussions on here, so no worries at all!! no need to apologize or anything <3 and thank you for sharing your viewpoint here, i think it is really very valuable. (the liver spots sort of got to me too, but overall i didn't mind). but yes, i agree—i had this realization too, only in the episode where SG changed and couldn't visit her mom. the switches are gradually becoming more and more serious, which is good for the drama i think. and i agree again with your comment that it was something of a waste to not take that opportunity—perhaps it would have allowed for more of us to become introspective with the situation at hand. if there's one thing i wish the drama worked with a little more, it's that more philosophical questions would have been raised about beauty and our preconceptions related to it. i would've even sacrificed some comedy for that!
  5. this is such a lovely sentiment, i'm so glad you wrote it out. it's something i think too and something i'm actually writing one of my college essays on—that when reading or watching TV that focuses on relationships and the changing hearts of characters, we should make a point to empathize, to see them kindly, and to treat them well (even in our heads) because that will translate to a more sensitive and sweeter temperament when speaking with others. literature and film are both art forms that are a study in empathy. and furthermore, they are reflections of life and love.
  6. wow, i didn't know that my comment would spark so much debate—but i'm really glad, because now we have such a lively and complex discussion going. props to the drama for allowing us to think and reason with the scenes within it without merely accepting them blindly!! <3 so @Irly i have some points that i'd love to hear your perspective on <3 i see how it might be selfish, but i think it is a little harsh to say that SG only thinks of herself. time and time again in the drama, though the media pushes that exact point forward (that she is self-absorbed, a diva, etc.), we are shown time over that she isn't (the scenes with the little boy, the scenes with the high school girl, there's more most likely that i can't recall) so in this case, i don't think that she's being selfish. yes, it's her pain and her guilt—but it stems from DJ's pain, which he's already told her about on that night on the roof. it's her pain at being the one who put him through that. so while i think that our views on how she should react are different, i do think that she is not being selfish here. she might be subconsciously thinking of herself, but truthfully, she's convincing herself that he hates her (even though we're shown that she doesn't). but i definitely agree with that middle point about doing something to repair the damage inflicted—that's what everybody should do when they make a mistake. but unfortunately, here, i don't think SG can. and i think something that people need to remember is that characters don't always react to situations the same way we do (not to say that you don't know this already). for example—though i, personally, do relate to SG's decisions and choices, that's not to say my friend will, or as @Irly has written, does not. and finally, it is SG's decision to decide whether she deserves him or not. that's not a matter of the situation at hand, but rather of her own autonomy, lol. if she doesn't think she is deserving, she isn't. if she does think she's deserving, she is. whether she should stay with him or go away from him is her own choice. so what do you think? i'd love to hear your thoughts along with anyone else's <3 sorry, i have a lot of feelings about SG's leaving but it might just be because i've enjoyed this trope ever since oh my venus, haha. oh, and i almost forgot, but there's another thing i wanted to add that might not be really relevant: i think SG's fleeing from the situation at hand is a callback to her own father's decisions, which might make her realization and subsequent return even more heartbreaking (considering the childhood she herself suffered through). having her choices parallel the choices of the father she had so much bitterness for might snap her back into reason.
  7. @Nanana85 thank you so much!!! i love seeing your instagram updates as well, they cheer me up so much <3 and thank you for the confirmation as well!! i had my theories but it's nice to know that i'm correct.
  8. @shjfan23 yes, exactly!! i noticed him saying that in the preview too. it’s heart-wrenching and very truthful of him (because of course he would choose SG’s life over everything), but right now, i think SG needs to try to come to terms with the situation on her own. <3 @kdrmalover4444 ahaha, thank you!! i’m glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts, i just wrote down what i thought in the moment. thank you for being so sweet to me <3 <3 <3 @7psyche7 glad for your understanding and kind words—and yes, that’s definitely a hesitation about the situation at hand!! will they deal with it well and make sure that their reuniting means something and was worth the separation? i don’t know. i hope it will be though, because so far the writer has been relatively consistent and hasn’t let me down all that much yet. and i really love the way sara and DJ’s relationship becomes more and more affectionate with each passing episode as well, haha! and as for LMK’s haggardness—i’d assume it’s because of the work schedule and the rush to film. from what i can tell, they’re filming everything for long periods of time and right before deadlines, which probably increases fatigue. i think others have mentioned this too. plus, that’s why SHJ remains pretty radiant—she has the cameos decreasing her workload.
  9. oh my gosh, the scene at the beginning of the episode is so heartfelt and well-written—i'm really glad the writer chose to show DJ grappling with the questions and consequences of what he would do if SG really did stay this way forever—that's what is realistic, to think about these things. he struggled with himself and then made a conscious decision about staying with the one he loves no matter what form she took—that is much more romantic to me than DJ just impulsively declaring his love and devotion for her. being thoughtful and pondering over how his life would change, how it would become harder—and then still deciding, no, i can endure it all so long as i have her by my side—that's one hundred times better. this writer is doing so, so well <3 also . . . having her change at the exact moment he hugged and chose her forever as she wept over it felt like so many fairytale staples in one—the kiss of true love, destiny, tears of healing, etc. etc. perf. also, i'm so glad this yuri plot has been resolved, it's been vaguely stressful to watch a malicious person be so set on trying to expose SG. it was a bit scary as she kept stalking her and becoming more and more obsessive, but thankfully SG put in her place (and how well!) in this episode so we can focus on bigger and better plot arches. also, that conversation right after when SG+manager were giggling over the article was the best; eunho's + DJ's shocked and amused looks (respectively) made me laugh so hard. it was so relatable, that's me and my friends anytime we're together <3 + eunho's line of dialogue: "i'm so glad you guys are on my side. let's stay friends for eternity." lololol. and the assistant-doggy scene and eunho's olive branch of friendship at DJ's dejection :' also, DJ's family is dysfunctional but loving, still—and at this point, it can only get better. reminds me somehow of that lilo&stitch quote: ohana means family. family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. and this is my family. i found it, all on my own. it's little, and broken, but still good. yeah . . . still good. * cries * other moments i found really cute: omg. the chopstick drop. the moment of realization. the hand over mouth. i die. this is so good. // :' when SG squished DJ's cheeks together. uff. // their deep talks are so cute. they confide so much in one another <3 oh my gosh. i feel so bad for SG. i feel like though this separation trope is overused, it actually makes sense in this situation. when she remembers all the moments she dismissed or made light of his illness, of him practicing and practicing and practicing until he was so frustrated because it didn't help, of the night on the rooftop when he told her he hated himself since that day, when he said that he wasn't alright with the way he was, that he wanted to see her as she was, immediately, without trouble--i mean, if someone i loved so much bared their heart to me and told me all these intimate insecurities and worries and then i found it was all my fault that he was the way he was—the guilt would be unbearable. i don't know how i would live with myself. i don't know how i would ever forgive myself. so though it makes sense—that it isn't her fault, that she really was helpless in that first transformation—to me, it doesn't at all invalidate her feelings. that burden is so heavy. the question is not whether he is alright with it or whether he doesn't care, the question is whether she can ever come to terms with the fact that she has put him through so much suffering. whether she can ever look at him again without feeling shame and bitterness for herself. that's the sort of thing that happens when you love someone that much. in the end, if i were her, i would have reacted the same way. so even though i know that this is a trope that comes up a lot in kdramas, it makes the utmost sense to me here. (that's just my two cents, haha.)
  10. i just watched the tuesday episode and my eyes are so swollen from crying while watching it. actually my grandmother got called into the hospital today, and now all i can think of is how my mother is feeling. i want to hug her, and ask her how she is, but i can't. "how will your heart be from now on?" i want to say that. i want my grandmother to just be better without any questions, like se kye. i too don't want to be made into a bad person because of my own ignorance. i want to tell my grandmother a thousand times how much i love her. this episode felt almost overwhelming, but still, i am thankful for it.
  11. hey!! i'm doing a short liveblog in this comment box just because i always think of so many things but then forget to write them down later. so spoilers ahead for those who have not watched the episode yet. anyways, here goes: this very first opening scene is already so tragic—watching se gye kneel up and down and up and down, raising her hands as she prostrates in front of a golden buddha all 108 times, face so still yet so uncertain, omg . . . my heart already hurts. it's in the small montages of DJ/SG that really bring home the melancholy so central to their existences. while the drama as a whole is mostly light-hearted, it's these moments that remind me that it's essentially a very wretched existence. i do think i sometimes forget that. oh no. mom scenes make me cry. what do i do alright friends i am officially crying. how can i not? this scene is really showing how much mothers love their children, even if they rarely express it (as asian moms are wont to do). "hehehe . . . my mom can be quite . . . aggressive." me at my mom omg. i've just realized that loads of SG's dialogues are hyperboles / exaggerated and that makes me love her even more. so me. i talk so dramatically so that people will get exactly how much i feel something and the fact that SG does this too is supremely relatable. love her <3 this little boy actor is absolutely adorable, the way he poked the veggie-meat cake so cutely. uff, i want to squish his cheeks together and give him a big hug. he reminds me of my baby cousin. THE FACT THAT HE THINKS HE LITERALLY GOT DUMPED. oh man DJ, you really have not been in a lot of relationships. and then his snarky best friend-secretary. dying. he's literally like, "go check on the fish you loser." while literally playing a game on his computer. aw, that guy's heart is fluttering. that's so sweet omg. only bc DJ noticed the piercings. (but also honestly me when i have a crush.) also i really love the song that plays here! that cha-cha-cha song. anyone know what it's called? the fact that SG's being babied, aww. her mom is so endearing, just cleaning or w/e and keeping an eye on the kid in her care. she's who i want to be when i become a mom. sorry but how are they going to go to sleep when the lights are on? lol. his sister cut her hair!! it looks stylish. and his mom forgave him so easily . . . wow. the way he without even a hint of hesitation leaps into action when she calls, like running to grab his coat and making up some bs excuse. now that's romance. and right after he got insulted for being so yielding and clingy in his relationship!! such a mom thing to sniff a blanket a kid (supposedly) just peed on. the way he tried to hide his snicker at baby SG peeing in bed. LMK is so good-looking. omg the way he held his nose. i'm dying. poor SG. it backfired on her. her mom is so aware of exactly what SG needs. it's rare that there's a k-drama mother so in-touch with her own emotions and empathetic to her child's. she's not just acting on some ill-considered notion of 'i-know-what's-best-and-SG-doesn't.' her fears and worries and requirements come from an achingly-good place. she knows SG like the back of her hand, and is able to divine what SG needs before even SG does. it's almost startling. "she needs someone she can always go back to, like her home." and that's what everyone needs, of course, but especially SG. the absence of her father must have had a profound effect on her childhood, and as a result her life and personality. she's most likely so in-your-face independent because she wants to be that way, she wants to be invulnerable, she doesn't want to need anyone. she is exactly like her mother in many, many ways. i hope DJ will be the man and life partner she needs. what. oh my gosh. i can't even speak. "the deities are merciless." isn't this too tragic? i'm crying this isn't what i signed up for like i love it but oh my gosh making this episode center around mothers was seriously such a good choice. everything feels like it ties together and has meaning, and everything makes us (the viewers) appreciate the sacrifices made and love given by our mothers. i'm going to have to go give my mom a hug after this episode. SG's emotional intelligence is sky-high. love her. the life has really come back to her eyes. "why must you be so kind-hearted? it's tiring being your boyfriend." i've been found unconscious in my bed with this drama open in front of me it was an overdose on the beautiful romance please give me some strawberry pills to recover thanks SARA MY LOVE in knock-out cherry red <3 her and her dad too oh my god . . . okay so today was make-anah-cry-day huh . . . this drama really played me. i just wanted a cutesy romance, not parental relationships portrayed so sweetly and truthfully it made me cry . . . i love it though . . . i do. thank you, 'the beauty inside.' thank you for remembering that our lives are made up of red strings that connect us all to one another, lover, friend, family, alike. each is cherished in their own way and each has their own important part to play in our lives. thank you, thank you, thank you. he's praying for everyone he loves, i'm crying. praying for someone else is the highest form of affection, and i cannot believe . . . i'm so emotional. ameen. i can only hope his heart softens too, and he realizes that those around him who love him need him as well, more than anybody else. it can be seen in his prayer itself. SG's pajama outfit is the cutest. ivory robe with burgundy, persian pink, and dark purple flowers, and then the actual set in black with white trim. such outfit goals. i want, i need. "i'm scared i'll [pyung] vanish one day." frightening how i too have this thought a lot. people say such nonsense as SG does in real life, and just like in the drama, it sounds so beautiful in the moment. i love that a lot. i love how the people within this show seem real, and reflect the struggles of everyone, even though they aren't actresses or chaebols or shift forms or can't tell the differences in faces. even despite all that, still, we can see ourselves in them. that's good writing. that's what shows that make an ever-lasting impression do. it's lovely. exactly why shows marketed as light-hearted or romantic shouldn't be immediately written off--they too are expressive and gentle and good for the soul. how is her mom literally exactly my mom? "i am worried about the plaNTS!" okay ma. we get it, you love the plants more than me. lololol. ugh. why must sara and SG be at odds. like i get it . . . but why . . . it's so hard to watch . . . i love them both so much . . . and poor DJ in all this. his dejected little sigh at the end of their verbal spar. he's me. the sad music as she calls him is making me . . . sad . . . why are they doing this to me . . . what even sara is so extra lololol. rich person antics to the max sara is falling so hard, omg . . . "why shouldn't i play around with him?" bc he's playing around with you sara!!! dumb. and marigold symbolism . . . uff. uff. uffffffffff. there's literal church bells chiming i'm . . . goodbye. so smooth. so smooth. such a great episode!!! stronger and stronger every week. tomorrow is going to be the best.
  12. i believe that might be because netflix acquired the rights to those two dramas, so as they were released in korea, they were released everywhere through netflix, allowing people in the us, uk, and other areas immediate access to it. they're branded under 'netflix shows', like other series such as stranger things and élite, as well as films, like to all the boys i've loved before or ali's wedding. these films and shows marketed as netflix originals might be one of the only constants in netflix internationally, meaning as i have access to them here, in the us, other people in egypt, france, and india (along with everywhere else) have access to the exact same shows. however, looking at @MarianM's screenshot, she, in korea, has access to a lot of shows i do not, like brooklyn 99 and modern family. essentially, netflix is really trying to increase it's international repertoire, so it's picking up a lot of different language shows. some others i can think of are accidentally in love, which is a c-drama, my only love song (k-drama), and little things, which is an indian show. i'm actually really glad for it, because it's exposing me to asian cinema i otherwise wouldn't have been able to access. anyways, i hope i shed some light on this and didn't just reiterate stuff people already knew! and in regards to beauty inside (our current favorite show), there might be some hope.
  13. @Nanana85 wow, thank you so much!! i was able to find the brand through the link you posted!! i'm so glad, oh my goodness. turns out michelle+i had made typos and been searching for eye eye when it is actually just eyeye. SG is also wearing some cute plaid / checkered stuff from them. super excited to buy some sweaters, their stuff is very elegant and cozy right now, which is just right for the season. can't thank you enough!! x
  14. hey michelle! i tried to look up eye eye's website or any other sites on them, but wasn't able to find anything. :-( is there any other info you can give me so i might find this fashion line? thanks so much regardless!!
  15. @shjfan23 thank you!! a lot of people i know in other areas of the internet are always a bit hesitant of forums, and as for me, i was rarely interested, but all of you are so nice and have such interesting perspectives to offer! it's only been one day and i'm already appreciative and glad that i've gotten to read other people's posts. thank you especially for being so welcoming, shjfan23 ♡