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  1. IMO the mortal arc will be a twist, the crown prince is not Donghua but someone who looks like him, or else how they will explain that Donghua dont remember Fengjiu? If I remember correctly different deity/clan ? ages differently, like Aranya is Biyiniao bird clan, their lifespan is around 100/1000 years only ?
  2. Its the beard, in TMOPB his beard is longer Badass Fengjiu fighting the Chiyan beast Dont know what scene is this
  3. You're welcome ~ I'm just trying to keep this thread on first page to gain new fans for the drama @redfoxprincess Welcome back ~ miss you so much My niece is also now a teenager and is living with me so I understand your problem You should check their Official Weibo for a quick update ~ And if you dont mind could you PM me the epilogue from Ye hua POV too ? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone~ new delusional shipper here I just finished watching Goblin (my first k drama after DOTS) and right after Touch your heart come out so thanks GOD. The fluffiness really heal my soul Anyway I just want to say something regarding humorous guy like LDW, my friend and my own brother is like this, its true that its really hard to read them, and they have a lot of girl friends. But if they like someone they will show it and say it directly, so I'm just hoping they're already secretly dating like Song2 couple EDIT Has this been shared before ?
  5. Official Pillow Book Weibo Update, Happy birthday Ji heng https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4349170174896680 @orenji_neko Welcome on board ~ thanks for the insight
  6. Hello, welcome on board I think he didn't remove all his power, Aranya's dream is sensitive to strong individual with hight cultivation so I think he just removed most of his fairy enery. Or maybe after he is inside he cultivated the energy again? The magic he did inside aranya's dream also not considered high level magic, maybe someone who's more experienced with Xian xia could explain to us ? If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that Fairy enery and Cultivation is a different thing, so maybe thats why ?
  7. I would like to see more scenes about Xiao yan, and how he come to love Ji heng so much. I believe Ji heng is not evil from the start, she's just desperate and fall for the wrong person (twice LOL). And I want so see a happy ending for Xiao yan, I just adored him so much
  8. I'm not a hardcore shipper, if they're are dating each other and got married that is a bonus But like @chubby^green^ said we are worried this will affect the pillow book and his acting career too, after all this is his first leading role... When he started to listed all the things she left for Fengjiu
  9. @chubby^green^ Its ok, I just found it weird since I never see leg crossing in period/ancient drama, even the girls didn't do that @karinos I dislike her since she stole the credit for Fengjiu's corrections on Liansong's drawing Btw guys, our GuangRe ship just sink again Apparently few days ago there was some photos and videos taken by paparazzi of Vengo and his co-star at Candle in the tomb Wrath of time, the one who played his sister Hua ling. They take a taxi together, hugged, and enter her house ? And Vengo stay all night there Vengo's staff already denied the rumor, hope this is not true...this is his second scandal already...
  10. The gate to Fanyin valley only opened every 6 months If I remember correctly I was watching flames daughter up to eps 15 and I love his character there, he is soooo nice and smart, his character is like Huge's at Ballad of the desert. @chubby^green^ I want to ask you something, I never like and follow Vic so I dont know much about him but did he never acted on period/ancient drama before? His gesture ? at Flames daughter is really......how do I say this ? The way he talk, walk, stand and sit is really modern It really bugging me everytime he cross his leg
  11. I'm also curious about Bai zhen's role here since he is only mentioned once in pillow book ? But I doubt they will show much about his relationship with Zhe yan. I want to see Lian song and cheng yu's relationship since their book is not released yet, but since Tang Qi is one of the script writer at least this story is considered canon. I hope we get to see their mortal story too. The Interview with Mimei (Engsubbed) Vengo just casually throw a big spoiler for those who haven't read the book
  12. @chubby^green^ I've been busy helping my friend with her wedding but still make time to check this thread everyday I dont think they will change the ending since its a happy ending, fans will butcher the writers if they change it to sad ending I dont mind sad ending as long as it make sense, and sometimes sad ending make it more memorable/unforgettable ? @midnight_muse Welcome on board ~ feel free spazz with us
  13. @chubby^green^ Maybe because dai si and xu zhu dan is more experienced than her ?
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