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  1. @chubby^green^ I think the toy/robot looks fake and cheap, so I prefer CGI. I dont think the robot could portray the emotions that well... @aprincessofmars Thank you again for sharing with us Now I have something to spazz while waiting for pillow book
  2. Thank you for sharing with us I just finished downloading and watching it right now. I just noticed that eps 31 is missing, did you forgot or its not translated by Viki ?
  3. Ah yes she's from Love 020 right ? I thought her name is Zheng huang LOL @aprincessofmars Where did you download it? Is it still available? If you dont mind could you share it with us ? Can we read the subs ? Like in text notes format? My 1st choice is Vengo, 2nd is Vengo and 3rd is ZBB LOL, I dont know why but I dont like Leon Zhang
  4. Thanks, btw did you see the cast for Dandelion love ? Yangmi+Dilireba+Joe chen+Zhao li ying and not to mention the male actors, is that real ? I find that hard to believe I remember watching Princess Hua Yu in my childhood and its my favorite but I already forgot the story LOL
  5. @jimmylyne Really ? Where did you read it ? Is it a period/modern drama? @eryhybrid Thanks for the clarification, I remember reba said to his father that Yin dong is her 'Nan pheng you' it means boyfriend right ? So why is his father angry ?
  6. Their relationship start from eps 24 and the kiss at eps 25
  7. @jimmylyne If I remember it right Bai Qian is pregnant with Ah li for 3 years, so I think its different for immortals. Yes its fun thinking and discussing this trivial things LOL, I cant stop thinking about Bai gun gun's real form, really hope Tang qi can confirm this @chubby^green^ Yeah I was worried because if she's really pregnant that time its really lucky she didnt miscarriage at her Bing cang ceremony (I just finished watching Zhen huan and the womens kept getting miscarriage ) About V-Love I also watched without sub and only watch Reba and Vengo's part, they are the only couple that stay together at the end. Honestly that drama is a mess but Reba and Vengo is really cute there so its worth it They are like Chuck and Blair china version LOL
  8. @chubby^green^ No Zhang yun long would play Chang yi Shenjun, and at V-Love I thought he is reba's step brother ? Btw, this is from chapter 19. I think at this time Feng jiu already pregnant, thats why she is sleeping all the time? What you guys think?
  9. Happy birthday to Vengo, wish him all the best this year That smile Just imagine this as the flowerpot that Feng jiu kick and flew to Dong hua's direction Full Interview
  10. Lots of people tend to gain weight on winter LOL. I'm the opposite, I gain weight on summer Reba is heavier than she looks because she is tall (169cm) and she's quite muscular too...
  11. But that was the trinket that was stolen by Jiheng's pet and was never mentioned again, this is from chapter 6
  12. @linh5000 I prefer him like this, compared to TMOPB I think he already lost a lot of weight. Looking at the BTS released before I think his outfit is a bit loose... Btw, I'm curious about something. Ah li real form is White dragon because Ye hua is Black dragon and Ba Qian is White nine tailed fox right ? So what is Bai Gun Gun's real form ? Is it Red rock ?
  13. Yeah really hope vengo could get some awards from pillow book, its really his chance to shine. Vengo's Short Interview about Pillow Book And some goodies
  14. @hara128 Welcome on board ! And thanks for explaining that for us @Kimberly Amor Yup, I dont mind if they added more scenes of Donghua's shamelesness LOL. Just pray that they dont add more scenes for Ji heng like they did for Su jin Hi, like everyone has said, Feng jiu from novel is not like Feng jiu from drama at all, she's more mature and have more dignity and understand her role as a Queen. Its Dong hua who shamelessly chased her I hope you can give this drama a chance because it will follow the novel closely, the story is amazing
  15. Ah I was wondering about that too, why is Feng jiu confused at that moment...so Dong hua really give her that hairpin? But after that it was never mentioned again...