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  1. I wonder what our captains will do on vday. How do they ward off admirers? Lol *insert tiger and cat sound effects*
  2. Reminds me of webtoon episode 80 wherein they stayed in the villa for their whole vacation. Then when they were about to go home they realized that they did nothing but just sleeping.
  3. I wonder where pmy is now...she's flying out to taipei again on the 14th
  4. Agree...if we do hear about them i hope it's something good...like confirmed dating if not marriage announcement lol... It's just us for now...
  5. PMY's calendar has arrived in the PH! Yey! Hopefully psj will have one too
  6. No matter what happens...as long as our captains haven't abandoned ship or declared that our boat is sinking...let's just hold tight mateys! Arrgh!
  7. I agree...i hope for the best for our captains...im grateful for wwwsk. If not for this series i wouldn't take notice of kdramas and our captains... I wasn't able to order the dvd but im hoping that pmy's calendar will be delivered soon
  8. I miss them if we dont hear wedding bells from them...can i hope for future projects with the two of them together again? They don't have to be leads...i miss them together
  9. Wow our thread is very active today Is indonesia the last country for wwwsk?
  10. Hi guys! Where can we watch this online when it starts to air? Can't wait for d-day!