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  1. I saw this post below in Spartace Weibo. It seems haha hyung and jk hyung talked something related to Spartace in last night's MUD episode? I am not sure though since I do not understand Chinese. I am just guessing based on the auto google translations. Anyone mind to translate roughly what the post below is about? https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4351237857531045 Thank you in advance
  2. Was this the moment jk hyung was looking at the text? In this ig clip below: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvGpBCZgN-g/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=l1p5li7bqgs4
  3. For me, as long as jong kook hyung or jihyo noona have not publicly announced they are in a relationship with someone else, I would say it is still safe to ship them provided we don't go overboard and I would continue shipping them and keep my belief on them until the day I am proven wrong. I did see some people writing comments in ig asking why jk hyung this, why jk hyung that, why he didn't stay near jihyo noona, why he intreracted more with hjy noona, why he stayed closer to hjy noona etc etc. To be honest, jk hyung is not a robot we shippers can control or ask him to behave the way we want him to. I mean if jihyo noona is totally ok with him and hjy (provided jihyo noona is his gf), why should we be overly dramatic with his interactions with hjy (by 'we 'i am referring to some overdramatic shippers in ig). Hjy is his close friend after all and I am sure he is super comfortable with her at his stage (since they had been loveline partners for quite some time). Hjy noona is also touchy person by nature and she is naturally touchy with others too. Although i did notice that they interacted more in the background compared to SA, i did not find anything unusual with their interactions (seems like normal interactions between close friends). Jk hyung is also a touchy person and tends to touch whoever is beside him if he finds something funny and/or wants to say something to someone. Jihyo noona too, she is comfortable and touchy with other male members as well as her drama/movie co stars. That is their behaviour by nature. And just because they are a couple (i mean SA here) doesn't mean they have to have zero interactions with people of the opposite gender right? They can't just be ignorant and inddiferent when they meet their fellow celebs/even fans right? Of course they have to interact with their fellow celebs and fans and skinship too have to be included.
  4. Ohh it was hjy? Thank you for the info. You got really sharp eyes too because I couldn't catch what colour the sweater was although i zoomed in to the maximum.
  5. I too couldn't actually tell if the sweater was yellow or green. Iirc, jihyo noona, the tall guest da gam and the other female guest were all using yellow sweaters. On the other hand, somin noona and jinyoung noona were wearing green sweaters. But somin noona is out of the choices, since she was standing slightly in front of jong kook hyung at that moment.
  6. Guys, i just managed to watch the latest ep last night and I noticed something towards the end. When all of them were watching the ones chosen to get punishment. It was around minute 1:21:51, before the water splashed down on the punished members. You can see jong kook hyung in the background. In front of him was somin noona. If you zoom in to that particular moment (you need to zoom in because this happened in the background and it happened quite fast too), there was a hand touching jong kook hyung's ears and then proceeded to touch jong kook hyung's chin, and jong kook hyung was smiling when this happened. Is that jihyo noona's hands touching him? Because i am sure jong kook hyung would not be comfortable if it was another person touching him like that. Did anyone else notice this scene?
  7. This is just too cute. Fancam of SA from yesterday's filming. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4349161585772046 I guess the mission was to drink Cola in one go? Jihyo noona seemed like she can't contain the Cola in her mouth and was about to spurt out accidentally so jk hyung covered her mouth with his hands to block the Cola from being spurted out. Lol Really hope they don't cut out this scene. Seems like we need to post this in ig and tag sbs so that they dont cut this scene out. Lol
  8. There is one more event for jk hyung. 16 March 2019 - BRTC Fan Sign at Chengdu China
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu5fQNKg1sX/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=f4h6kgqrk932 Jong kook hyung is a really busy man this month. He will be attending a launch party for VIU Singapore program "No Sleep, No FOMO" on the 20th March in Singapore. He will also be having a BRTC fanmeet in Chengdu on 16th March. Then he will be having his 3 day back to back solo concert on the 29th, 30th and 31st March, then he will be having a joint KPOP concert on the 6th of April in the US. What a tight schedule and what a super busy man!
  10. Previously it was reported that her movie filming will end around mid of May 2019. Also, as @CI0 stated, she has a fanmeeting for Rapido on the 23rd March in China.
  11. I tried listening carefully but i guess that was haha hyung's voice. I don't think jk hyung took part when others called jihyo noona pretty, which is so strange because usually he would be the loudest one when praising her beauty.
  12. Lol finally jk hyung is going to talk about the "American girlfriend' rumor with Cha Tae Hyun on Radio Star new ep tomorrow. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu44anDg6xj/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1a1jcjil5yjxv Jong kook hyung will reveal the source of rumor and the identity of the 'she' whom he travels with to America. I bet 100% he would be saying it is his mom.
  13. @mn0096, @CI0, @heynell thank you so much guys for giving me your thoughts and insights and replying to me
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