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  1. By the way why is Baron Chen's character written as Chen ChuHe instead of ZheYan? Isn't that his character from another series (guardian?)
  2. Hi dongfeng fans. Does anyone know what the scroll behind DongHua says? It wasn't in the previous photo of the room.
  3. Aww. Love all the gifs. Is it weird that I think the one with red actually looks like Reba? Regarding acting, I'm not worried at all. They already acted Eternal Love together and it was perfect. Vengo has to explore different personalities though, since he's playing more than just DongHua but let's have a little faith.
  4. Half of his heart. Now I'm impressed all over again. DongHua giving her the physical half of his heart is enough to forgive all wrongs.
  5. The thread is so active today. I'm so scared wondering how it'll be when the drama starts airing. Reminds me of Goblin's thread though with Goblin fans were allowed to spin a lot of theories which totally got smashed . With pillow book it seems we almost know everything already. Makes me want them to change something maybe add liansong chengYu storyline to keep us on our toes. Something like what TMPB did. We weren't only interested about the main CP. This is because I think too much focusing on the main CP alone can garner negative feedback if you get what I mean. Xiao Yan and Jifeng's won't hold out because we all hate Jiheng.
  6. Wah. That seems very likely. Hopefully this is Vengo's time to shine. He needs that multiple role to explore his acting capabilities. Im still crushing on the little Bai Gungun but In my defence hes older than i am just looks smaller. Why do i feel like there may be fanfics about a grown Bai Gungun already. Seriously the white hair makes him too cute. Um are we going to see a baby Gungun or Young DongHua?
  7. Everything looks so beautiful. ZheYan though hopefully in motion and acting he'll make us forget anyone else was ZheYan. Bai gun gun and Ah Li well done you ook like products of your parents what am I saying
  8. They are definitely trolling us. Is that one of FengJiu's tails? Anyway has anyone read Storm and Silence? Idk why but the mcs interactions remind me of pillow book even though they are not remotely similar
  9. It's been long since I read the pillow book. I need to do some revision apparently. Thanks.
  10. The mortal arc was mentioned in passing actually. Remember when DD was looking in the mirror(cant recall its name). Before she sent her shadow as aranya she sent it to aid DD in passing his mortal trial which failed hence the aranya branch. Also She met Ye QingTi during this mortal trial.
  11. With DD's personality he'll probably still retire and didn't he agree with FJ that he wanted to die together rather than alone? He'll most likely hate anything that unglues him from her side
  12. Thanks. It does seem like the last battle. I think thouģh that we' ll be getting more than 2 fight scenes between these two since these particular two happen in the book which is after Bai Qian Ye Hua wedding. I mean when FengJiu is trying to get DongHua's attention during those 300 years ago, they won't just be showing us DongHua strolling around with his 2700 page book or fishing, right? And maybe we get a glimpse into MiaoLuo too. It would be an interesting bit to add to the story. After all we don't know much about her and how she came to be sealed. Also perhaps some Dijun Backstory too. How he was shunned as a kid and got adopted. His history with Jiheng's Dad and how ruthlessly he ruled. Oh My God I think that's too long. So what do you think?
  13. This is Insane. Hi you all DongFeng family. I've been lurking around since this thread was started but couldn't get the right browser to create an account or comment. The app is practically useless. So hello and let's keep supporting the cast.