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  1. Congratulations. OGT three-day weekend finale ratings 52 City: Friday Zhejiang: Orient 0.991: 0.887 Saturday Zhejiang: 0.892 East: 0.988 Sunday Zhejiang: 1.209 East: 1.002 Sunday's finale was successfully doubled! Goodbye to the OGT, look forward to Minglan
  2. Nice to meet you too.. I will be stalking yingbao official site and minglan.
  3. I would love if they can be paired in martial art or modern action drama. Zly likes to star in action drama more rather than modern romance.
  4. Clothing:Monochromaric Xu Misha Collection Fenty x @PUMA 彪马 @YAOZONKU @ANNAKIKI 官方微博 Bag: @Jimmy-Choo @YvesSaintLaurent @BVLGARI Bulgari
  5. In the novel the best part of lzc that lq likes is his chin while lzc likes lq's waist. . And lzc likes lq to sit on his thigh.
  6. Clothing: @CHICTOPIA_思陶比 @Siastella @DevilBeauty Bag: @FENDI @BVLGARI Bvlgari @DIOR Dior 50th episodes should be the finale. The fashion show at Paris. Fireflies has started to say goodbye to the drama. Originally it was 58 episodes, then after editing, it's turn to 50 only
  7. Ha ha.. You echoed my thought.. Let's grace rest. She had done enough.
  8. Same with me.. Despite of grace's issue i still enjoyed the drama very much. Lq/lzc's interaction were so precious
  9. It is dubbed. Nwk's smile also fake to me. And grace's head always leaning. Also fake.. Ha ha
  10. Yes, i didn't pay attention to grace/nwk story. Just patiently wait for lq/lzc scenes. The existence of grace was really reduced the attractiveness of the story, regretfully. Anyway let's wait until the final episode. I didn't agree with the actress who drop the bomb on this issue. She actually sabotage the drama with her revealation. Can she just wait until the drama finish first?
  11. Han jing was ning wei kai wife in the novel. They had 3 children. The relationship betwen han jing and ning was not good throughout the novel until at the end han jing support ning and they get back together. Han jing was a minor character only. But Grace character really monopolised the screen and show the incompetency of lzc. Everytime some issue arises, lzc ran to grace for an advise. And courting time of her and nwk was long and boring. Many netizen say they abandon the drama because of grace characters as her and nwk screen time was 3/4 of the episode while the main characters only for 10 minutes each episodes.
  12. Yes, because of this mess zly also was hot search yesterday and being dragged into this mud despite fireflies insistence not to pull zly's name into this mess. But someone point out that because of re-filming zly's had to wear wigs and not because of an unauthorised cutting of hair. So, zly was innocent but badly burned because of this. Still she keep silent and act professionally.