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  1. Its really about jealousy,JH asked GY if she get the handphone of DY will GY move out of HK house the GY said no until HK become Chairman.. @sava2sava after the slapped i cannot really understand what they saying but for my interpretation GY asked SN if after DY death did SN visit/go to where DY buried? Then SN asked what did GY mean then GY answer just like SN their family also dont have the courage to visit DY,,,maybe because DY murderer is still free.. Preview for tomorrow Emily leaves the hospital and threatens to visit Senna. Senna, who has been selected as co-president of YB City, is in trouble and Sena meets with Koji Yamamoto, who is somehow in charge of Rudychi's entry into YB City. * now the guy Koji yamamoto who KH asked K about will going to surface..
  2. Todays topic is about jealousy hahaha omo omo JH and GY talking about it,, GY ask JH if hes jealous why he didnot stop GY from entering HK house...and for maybe 3rd or 4th time JH mom slapped by words by GY mom regarding YS costudy and its really satisfying how Dramaqueen shout her mouth again... SN and emily in the hospital rooftop scene,,who will be die? Or is there somebody or someone will die? We will find out tomorrow..
  3. I dont think JH want the costudy of YS only the mother is determine to take that because they think GY will really marry HK,,dramaqueen is very upset you know i can see it in her eyes because of losing her son in law to be...JH cannot handle his life now if not for GY plan SN is still showing her big smile at the how come he want to take costudy of his child and beside GY only give him parental rights but YS is still register as GY son..
  4. @fansdrama it was JH mom who go to Jaedong restaurant and again taunt them that they will take costudy of YS because GY is living with HK in there house and bring YS..the GY mom told her that how they can take the costudy with this so call emily is not in his right state of mind.. From the preview of JH talking to emily..i have the feeling that emily will commit suicide again by jumping in the building..i saw a photo on instagram where JH, emily and SN was on the building top..
  5. I do agree..JH family is one of the reason also why JH is suffering now because of what they did to GY 6yrs ago..now they also feel what GY have felt... I know its not really suitable in the title "love to the end" but i do hope HG and GY suits its other..the best companion in life is the one who is there in your life even with all the trouble/suffering or happiest moment and that's what HG in GY' life..when JH left GY and when HG thought JB got married..
  6. For the whole episode i just only want to see the jealousy in JH eyes..well As SN told her fake dad GY become smart that even them cannot read what they are planning to do..SN didnot see it coming that the data files she sent to the police station will be her entrance to come back to that place again... For now i kinda pity emily for the situation she is in right now.. JH mom as usual a dramaqueen,,always asking about GY and HK, well she will of course worry because she think her future chaebol son in law will be taken by other girl rather than her daughter JB..
  7. KJW and SN is to be taken to the police station.. Emily finally gain consiousness and apologized to JH..
  8. Its really clear the difference between this 2 woman in the life of JH, Emily is just for revenge only but GY is the most precious to him... Pity JH, he left the woman he loves just to take revenge for SN plan for six yrs but at the end the woman he abandon will be able to accomplish the one he started..
  9. No, the acquisition already stop and the cells beauty company already stand by its own..GY deal with chairman jung is to reverse merger means Cells beauty wants to acquire/merge with YB cosmetics so if the acquisition is approve YB cosmetics is now under cells beauty company..SN dont have shares already because she give it to Morris company to pay for YB city loss but JH take the shares and give it to YS..JH also have 10% shares to the cells company that he gives to GY.
  10. The surprise look in SN face is probably her knowing that Cells Beauty want sa reverse merger over YB cosmetics and the board of directors agree with it..Cells Beauty already return to GY father that was on ep88..The merger didnot go on between cellsbeauty and YB because they manipulate the finance JH explain to chairman Jung on ep87 or 88 i think
  11. Well we only have 16ep to be exact maybe SN will manage to full some tricks a little bit but i think it will not last for long..if SN uses the files/data she take from Cells beauty company it will automatic cause her to investigate by the police but SN doesnt know about that..
  12. @celebrianna thats what im afraid of if SN caught them because we know how mind of SN think..do they still believe GY and HK can fool SN even if they live in the same house..GY cannot do it in the morning because she also need to go work right she is not just a ordinary housewife.. GY and HK reviewing some papers its maybe about YB cosmetic or maybe not because i think GY didnot tell HK about the deal that she and Chairman jung have made..
  13. Actually it must be JH who need to fight with Chairman Jung but i dont know if he still have the weapon other than the guy from US name Koji.. I also hope that GY will find the phone easily and SN will not suspicious of what was the reason why GY suddenly decided to move in there house..GY said she must teach SN lesson right, i wonder what she gonna do while she stayed in HK house...
  14. HK and JB relationship are always in and out in this story... Yes i think really its no turning back or just simply live her life alone with YS after all of this, remember she alreafy apologized to YS and JB in advance of what might going to happen...one more thing is chairman jung i really dont trust him, you know how he is right when money is involve, he will not let GY go easily after taking or after the merger of yb cosmetics..
  15. I already cleared my mind after i sleep hahaha now i can say my opinion about Love to the End drama as a whole..I just think the writer didnot meant the title to be GY and JH be back together at the end, its just their love for each other last until end even without them being together..JH marrying other girl even for revenge or a contract marriage still didnot erase the fact that they are married by law and in the eyes of everybody thats why he need to take care of his wife no matter what the situation is.. GY as we say a fake engagement with HK is not same as live with him (live in) in Kang family to subside the rumor about her/him, engagement can be cancelled anytime if the two parties involve decided not to continue it but living with HK in the same house (for us viewers we know the reason why ) is another story, HK or YB group is very famous and GY name or Cell beauty is also known by the crowd what do you think people well say to GY if after maybe a month they decided to break up?? Only GY image will be tarnish, people my badmouth her by she's married before to one boy, got divorce then live with another boy without marriage then separate...(aigoo its to cruel)