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  1. '30 Still 17' or 'Your House Helper' are the main two that come to mind for me from what I've watched recently.
  2. That's been my thought too. That if she feels responsible then she should take responsibility and look after him! Not, "Sorry I ruined your life, goodbye!" Instead, "Sorry for what happened because of me, from now on I'll take care of you!" The running away method of taking responsibility does my head in. It's such an over used trope, although it's kinda funny to see it switched around here with the heroine wanting to run away instead of the hero. I'm sure that even if she's chosen to, it won't last long. For one, we don't have that many episodes left, and secondly, their on screen chemistry is so good, it'd be mad to split them apart now. I think she'll be talked around quickly once the shock of this news wears off... Hopefully!
  3. I know it's not nice to highlight the negatives, especially when it's a criticism of someone's efforts, but it's really hard to not be disappointed by a certain aspect of the show. Although I don't know how much of it is the acting and how much is the script. I'm referring here to our FL's younger brother and the journalist. Compared to the subtle and sweet way we've seen a mutual respect and appreciation grow between our main couple, the subtle as a brick relationship that's suddenly appeared between those two is almost painful to watch, and also feels completely unnecessary. I don't know if it'll tie back into the main couple later one, but I don't care about these two at all. Every second we waste on them I feel is time that could have been better spent with YJY and Woo Hyun, or we could have seen how Woo Hyun's sudden appearance at the press conference and the last minute switch has affected SL. After spending three episodes building him up, it felt like he just disappeared in this episode and instead we were treated to a pointless and embarrassing new second couple. Is the main writer focussed on our main couple while the lines for these two have been shipped out to an assistant writer? It's really weird how well crafted one couple is compared to the other.
  4. The way he was telling off all the other team leaders, pointing out their mistakes, and getting filled with an ever greater amount of righteous anger when they didn't acknowledge them but spoke back to him was hilarious. Kang Ji Wang is doing an amazing job of portraying Baek Jin Sang, he's not just a pantomime villain but a hugely annoying jerk who's all the worse because a lot of the time his criticisms are on point. More pompous anger, please! I almost don't want him to improve and become a better person, I can't see him being half as funny when he calms down and learns to be compassionate.
  5. Considering how much of a non-event Bon's escape from the Van of Death was, I wouldn't try and over-think any of the spy elements in the show. It's clearly not that important to the writer. Saying that... Considering the volume of the gunshot, it has to be someone else shooting K. (Come on writer, please don't forget about the silencer...) If that's true then we've got a couple of options. 1. It's Kwon. We know back from the previous episode that someone's been tailing and photographing AR (remember as she was leaving the coffee shop after meeting up with JYT?), and that Kwon's been keeping tabs on Ra Do Woo too. It should have been easy for her to see that Bon's been meeting up with AR, and that they've all gone to that house. Her stepping in to save Bon and crack the case makes sense at this point. 2. JYT's text must have been to Ra Do Woo and YJY, they might have turned around and rushed back to try and save Bon. It'd be YJY firing the gun then. 3. Director Shin really isn't a bad guy, and he's turned up and saved Bon. 4. Bon had his own gun and surprise! K's down for the count. 4. Random security guard. Poor guy's just doing his job, stumbles upon two men fighting, one aims at the other, so our SG fires his gun in the air to stop the fight. (Yeah, even I don't believe this one!) However it plays out, it'd be poetic if K gets shot in the back, I would be a complete turning of the tables. In Poland Bon was shot in the back after gaining the upper hand over K, now it's K's turn to know how that feels!
  6. I've still enjoyed this week's episodes, but it's not the same without s healthy dose of Joon-Joon. One Facetime call doesn't cut it!
  7. She's definitely adopted. They didn't use the word in the episode, but when she says "I was born in summer, but my favourite season is autumn because that's when I met my parents." It's a clear reference to the fact that this is when she was adopted. I think she also said to her old bully, "My parents both adored me, but I couldn't see it because of the abuse and hate you and your friends directed towards me." Is her directly talking about not being able to accept the love her foster parents gave her because of how she was bullied, and the shame she must have felt at being adopted.
  8. Ok, now I've watched the first episode I have some thoughts. Turns out they echo most of those Naver comments above. It's definitely more of an office/comedy than a romantic/comedy, and that's fine by me, we're getting enough of that elsewhere. The dynamic between the boss and his long suffering team is excellent and very believable. There's a lot of comedy to mine there and I'm sure we'll learn more about each of the team as the story develops. I love the fact that while it's a time loop set up, we're not stuck in a single day, and there's going to be this random element regarding how or why a day moves forward or not. In this first episode trying to save the boss didn't help, she needed to understand and help her colleague. More of that please! Seeming the boss die in a series of more and more ridiculous accidents was brilliant, the scooter and manhole ones being my personal favourites. I'm sure the show will learn more heavily on changing the boss, however the way it started with our female lead learning to change how she sees things and reacts was really interesting. The manager's comments to his boss regarding each of his team could be a big hint as to how each will need to grow over the series. His insight into the female lead was that she's passive, she's reached a comfortable level in work and isn't trying to develop or stretch herself. We could see this in how many loops it took her to actually step in and help her colleague with the child who had allergies. She knew after the first loop how to fix that situation, but let it play out the same way time after time. I liked that though as it's a different reaction to the time loop setup where the main character normally starts experimenting with all their different reaction to the people around them. She was only focused on one thing, saving the boss at the end of the day and not using the loop to improve both her day and that of everyone around her. Oh, and side note, how awesome and hilarious was it to see and hear Won-Hae Kim as the train driver? Is he contractually obligated to appear in every K-Drama these days? Ok, to wrap up, I really enjoyed this first episode and can't wait to see how the time loops and movements mess with our lead and her team!
  9. The second half of the last episode was a half hour long tear jerker, I don't think there's any material there for a light hearted Behind the Scenes. They're probably trying to save our hearts by not showing us any bts for that half!
  10. This little bit really made me laugh and left me wondering if Bon or YJY had set up yet another cover business for AR to work at. Her new boss' words were far too similar to those she received at J International and King's Bag.
  11. Yeah, she definitely likes him. Her insistence on drawing lines between them I think is from her own fear of rejection. She knows she likes him, but she's not aware enough to realise that her likes her (and he doesn't realise that she likes him either). When she left and took the lift in tears it was because he'd said he saw her the same as anyone else. I think that while she was saying she didn't want to be treated differently, she was really pushing him to say he liked her. When he didn't, and said he didn't see her as a woman, that everyone was the same to him, she heard that he didn't like her. It's a classic case of two people who think they are communicating clearly, when really neither is able to say how they really feel. It's interesting to think back to the first episode. There it seemed like this pair were the ones who were functioning well and a great time, while SY and YR were disfunctional. Now we see the positions have swapped, SY has been open and honest about his feelings, and YR has been direct with her questions. Both are things our favourite security couple haven't been able to do.
  12. Everyone's been talking about the kiss, but my favourite moment from the last episode was at the start when they're walking to work together. It's when he moves her twice to avoid the jogger and the cyclist. On one hand YR's so wrapped up in telling her story and venting to SY that she's not paying any attention to her surroundings. On the other, she's already so comfortable and trusting of SY that he can hold and shuffle her around without even being a 'thing'. You can tell in that moment that he's already won her over.
  13. As soon as the final scene played out I thought that the van exploding must have been planned by Kwon. I'm guessing Bon's in another van somewhere else, and Kwon's tricked YJ by switching vans on route. If this was a darker series I'd suggest it was so she could torture him in secret, but since this is generally a lighter show than that, I think she's uncovered enough to believe that Bon is no longer a spy or mole. This way she gets to 'kill him off' so she can use him to operate as a spy once more, as others have said, it shakes the moles in NIS off his back. And I think it's to also see YJ's reaction. Kwon seems like someone who doesn't trust anyone, faking Bon's death before YJ's eyes lets her see whether YJ's alliance lies more with the Chief, or with Bon. I think after all that emotion filled wailing, she'll bring YJ in on her secret and plans. The car text message she sent was probably to give the go-ahead for the explosion. I don't know who she was on the phone to in her office, most likely a senior politician who's also aware of CornerStone... Although, what if it's really Kim Sang Ryul, our so-called Special Forces cook. We cut away from Kwon and her assistant talking about him before we hear what his role was, so what he shares with KIS could still have been his cover and lie. What if he was actually in military intelligence? He seems similar to Ra Do Woo, who I also believe would totally be happy being a stay at home dad and letting momma YJ go back to kicking richard simmons as a spy! I'd love it if Kwon had pulled him out of paternity leave to answer questions about Bon, and then take part in this new fake death cover-up. That'd be an awesome way to tie the KIS into rescuing him! Either way, if Kwon has faked Bon's death, then it does makes the Chief look more suspicious again. My ultra sneaky suspicion still lies with Kwon's assistant, but now I'm thinking the show's going to stay more straightforward than that, and if so, it probably is the Chief who's working for CornerStone. Oh, and one final side comment, yes AR lied to Kwon about knowing Bon, but at that time Kwon had identified herself as the CEO of some random business. I don't think it's illegal to lie to strangers!
  14. Excellent question! I think he's right, it probably is the fish.