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  1. Just finished watching episodes 1 and 2. I like it. Everyone's playing it a bit OTT (over the top) and at first, I found that a little off-putting. However, it fits the set up of the show, by about the 15min mark I'd bought into it and began to enjoy the very clearly defined characters of Kim Bo-Mi and Lee Bom. It's also very helpful after the first body swap to keep track of who's who. It must be immense fun for both actresses to alternate between two very different roles and copy each other's characters. I won't talk about the story so much yet as it's all still beginning, but we've got a fun central dynamic between our leading ladies, and an odd set of side characters that are clearly going to inject all sorts of chaos into the journey these two women go on. I'm on board. On a side note, whoever is in charge of the sound effects for this show has clearly come directly from 'Happy If You Died / Feel Good to Die'. The silly vocal refrains I enjoyed so much in that show are back again here!
  2. Another quality episode, although I kinda feel that any episode that doesn't include Baek dying at least once is missing something... Favourite moments were definitely the 'date', poor Ruda had no idea she was being so blessed to spend time on a lovely walk. Then the salt throwing of course, when he ran out of salt to throw and called back inside for more "extra sharp!"I laughed far too loudly. I'm glad that Kang seems to facing the future, even if it is just to help Ruda and Baek, he can't stay playing the kid forever. Interesting to learn that his dad is still alive, perhaps that's who Director Yu was on the phone to in the previous episode. Now that would be interesting, they're actually all on the same side fighting against the uncle, but don't know it yet!
  3. So many wonderful little moments in this show, and some great big laughs like his line at the end there. I feel dropping a recommendation for the series in every other thread, so many people are missing out on this brilliant comedy. Even Kang wasn't so annoying today. Ok, he interrupted the breakfast scene, but after that he stuck around to help out Lee and didn't push himself at her like before. (It probably helps that she can avoid his invitations for a fancy date now that she's already been on it two or three times!) Can't wait to see what the fallout from the push is going to bring, and our villainess' next plan will be to bring Baek down.
  4. Not at all! I kind of like her too. After that phone call it's clear she didn't just come back to Korea because she lost her job in the States. She's already employed by someone else who's more interested in bringing down our evil president than anything else. Although it seems a side of revenge against Baek is the cherry on top in this deal for her. Your guess that it might be a sister of the president sounds solid to me. It's funny how useless the president is at scheming, even when things are going well for him you know it's only a matter of time until the rug is pulled out from under his feet!
  5. I think it's also because she can't understand his perspective that life could be better outside the shadow of the Chaebol family. She's spent her entire life trying to win her way into the family and into her father's affections. Since we now know that her mother attempted suicide multiple times, we can assume she's looked to her father and his family for her identity and security. If marrying CWH wins her that it's worth almost any price. I also believe that she believes that's best too, that the best thing she can do for him is reunite him with his father, bring him back into his family, and secure his future by setting him up with an awesome and successful business. When looked at like that, and blind and numb to any concept of love, I can totally understand why she is behaving as she does.
  6. As a massive fan of OMG, this is wonderful news! I've been wondering why they haven't recorded more OSTs recently. That's being added to a couple of playlists as soon as possible.
  7. We'll after the ending of that last episode the Baek&Lee ship has definitely set sail while the Kang&Lee sunk as it tried to leave the harbour. There's no was Baek's tearful confession that he needs help doesn't move Lee's heart! Excellent scene drawing those two much closer together. Sorry Kang but you've got a lot to do if you want her attention now, and a fancy restaurant or flowers aren't going to cut it.
  8. Yeah, get Joon-Joon to ask him to come back for Season 2! How could he say no?
  9. On point 2 I think they've set that up for us already by having the time jump a year ahead, so when we next see them they should be a year older than they are now. The final scene moved us forward without showing Joon-Joon, so I'd expect them to be bigger and a little more grown up (but still as cute!)
  10. Yeah, he's nice, but definitely pushy. Sometimes we as the audience can be shipping a couple hard from the beginning and we have to observe one of the leads grow in affection for the other when we've already gone there. This time it feels like we're on the same pace as our FL. It's a refreshing change. As Baek observed, he's weird. We can't expect a standard romantic lead performance from him.
  11. Sign me up for that scene! There's so much we'd love to see from our awesome second couple, which in part is why it's so difficult to watch all the scenes we are getting with IW. I'd also like a scene where they're patrolling as usual and ODG continues to be the gentleman he is, helping older ladies with their bags, looking after children who are running around, all the usual stuff, and a passenger a staff member from one of the stores starts hitting on him. In the opening episodes we had the staff swooning over LSY, it would be funny to see them doing so over ODG while he's with NYJ!
  12. Then should we ship Yoo Si, our new expert in restructuring, with Kang? That could be a fun way to mix things up!
  13. When that finger dropped and she looked up at him I felt like it was 50/50 whether she was going to stay silent and unsure, or jump him right there and then. You could really see a sudden desire in her eyes.
  14. Same here too! She seems to be more than a match for Baek, and learning that they have a history is really interesting! Can't wait to see how those two interact, especially as she seems to have got hired specifically to fire him!
  15. One of my favourite moments from the final episode (apart from the housewarming party part which was amazing) was when Se Gye helps the old lady across the street. But not for the beautiful, heart warming moment it is as she realises that she can be herself and do these kind things and not hide behind other faces. No, I liked it because there was a White Truck of Doom behind her car that didn't launch itself at her. It felt like the director was teasing us with its presence menacingly lurking there in the background!