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  1. lol same. and now that I watched it again, I think PPC definitely knew each other before WWWSK. Look at how PMY reacted, it's so casual shocking. Meanwhile, if PPC didn't know each other before and PSJ did that out of the blue, do you know that would be considered as?? RUDE that's what it is. Cause he could just push the chair slightly instead of stomping it down like that, to me he was simply trying to get her attention LOL. There's also another clip at AAA towards the end where he stayed behind and people speculated he was waiting for her. I think its kinda true cause why on earth did he stay behind just to tuck in his shirt (he could do that another spot, it's already the end of the award anyways) lol but then once she started leaving, he left too.
  2. I think it just simply cause it’s annoying. Like I have people I care and love but that doesn’t mean I want to be associated with them 24/7 or everything I do is suddenly related back to them. At the end of the day, Im still my own person. Im pretty sure thats how PSJ and PMY would view it too whether dating or not.
  3. Once again, BTS clips always show more of the real PPC relationship. That turn that PSJ did wasn't just the typical Im a gentleman type so i'm gonna check on you. I feel it in my guts immediately once he paused then turned around and waited a bit for her to catch up before he started walking again.
  4. Like I said, whenever these 2 are away from each other, it seems like their posts are meant for each other not for fans lol when theyre both in Korea, its like a drought on SNS btw I wouldn’t dig too much into the whole deleting comment thing. It might be a mistake or some other reasons we dont know. WWWSK is over so if this is their tactic to prep fans for their new projects, it’s understandable. We have so many quiet days where us fans started thinking PPC chemistry was just all work, but then booom all the offstage moments showed otherwise. Like I said from day 1, this ship is not for faint hearted fans. Dont expect PSJ or PMY to show u anything obvious like SSC. But PPC are both the determined type, once they’re ready, they’ll come forward confidently. Hang in there shippers
  5. PMY honestly is an angel. I wish nothing but the best for her. Even for her Taiwain and Japan FM, shes donating it to charity.
  6. Nope. Papz caught her at Korean airport so unless thats an old pic (which I dont think it is based on her waist and outfit), then she must've sneaked out of Korea as soon as she got back.
  7. lol no wonder. I was gonna say wow PMY is getting crazy lately
  8. DAEBAK LOL btw where is VP right now?? is he in korea?? PMY was literally in Korea yesterday so idk how she managed to sneak out that fast. what an amazing ninja.
  9. Whenever PSJ and PMY are not in Korea together, idk why but whenever theyd post something. I feel like the post is kinda personal as in a message for each other. Not really for us fans LOL and Im ok with that
  10. Nope. I think they were engaged and now getting married soon. I don't follow her so Idk but apparently thats speculating among her fans.
  11. There's rumor Jessica is getting married soon. I wonder how soon will her bestfriend follows her footstep