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  1. I don't think it is being shallow. He doesn't have to be tall and handsome. He just needs to be someone that can convince me that he could sit on the throne. I just could not see it. Didn't think of it at the time but now I too think his performance could've been more diabolical and ambitious. He didn't exhibit enough throne lust. Or maybe his character was truly a servant of dacheng and only motivated by his duty to the rightful empire. I'm impressed by the loyalty of dacheng supporters. I wish they expanded more on dacheng's legacy so we could understand these people more...maybe even root for them. I would've liked to see Qiu Mingying's point of view, in a way that makes us empathize with her. This would add more weight to Zhiwei's side of the story too and really make us appreciate the power and conflict of her position. Course the way the story progressed (zhiwei being passive and apathetic) didn't call for a background story but it just makes you sigh. We never got to see her become powerful even though its something her character initially wanted to be (albeit for noble/selfless reasons). We didn't get to see her shine in Minhai and after she found out she was infact princess, it hardly made a difference. It's such a let down after rooting for her and watching her grow in the previous episodes. Feng Hao might as well have been the real prince because Zhiwei did nothing significant as princess. If there was ever a story to equally develop both leads its this one. If it was even a slightly lesser heroine, NingYi (as portrayed by Chen Kun) could easliy stand on his own and I could've dismissed his tragic love as a side story in his larger story. But Zhiwei is not just a girl he crossed paths with and caught feelings. She is the catalyst for many arcs and her lineage makes her the most important person in the story after NingYi. Yup agreed. When casting is done right it shows immediately. Especially Prince of An. As much as I hate the direction the story took after minhai, his part of the story was very interesting. He had the potential to be a true antagonist to NingYi. I was kindof bummed he just died in the flood. NingQi shouldve disappeared like that lol or just been somewhere irrelevant in the side while Prince of An came back with renewed vigour to go against NingYi.
  2. Haha yea...this lei def takes the bro code seriously. Although i don't see how that prevents one from catching feelings. Anyway he would've come off as really mopey and pathetic if he did have romantic feelings. I know that's supposed to be very selfless and noble but I think if you have feelings like that and still stay close to the person there will always be tension. If I were SC I would feel pretty guilty. And about dylan lol...ah I'm embarrassed to say I've caught the bug too. Just scavenging youtube for any subbed videos of him. Seeing him cook on the Inn...oh my, I can't believe he's only 19. Somehow he reminds me of an old Justin Bieber. I hope the chinese industry is less brutal and doesn't mess him up. He's going to blow up.
  3. Been lurking for a bit, wasn't sure if I should comment but eh here goes. Unlike many of you I had no idea about the legacy of Meteor Garden, its previous versions or manga. I've only just entered the world of c-drama and k-drama. When this popped on netflix I decided to give it try because the leads were so cute and I wanted to watch something light. I thought I'd give it up but boy was I wrong. I didn't think I'd be into something so cute! If this was a western show I'd have been rolling my eyes or even gagging but here it just works. F4 and Shancai are so sincerely adorable! I was smiling throughout the whole thing. I didn't for a moment question if dao ming si and shancai were really this innocent/childlike (in their own way, ah si obviously had his temper etc) As compelling as DMS and DSC are, no doubt they shine on screen, the character that really got to me was Hua Ze Lei! Idk what it is about him but he was almost magical!! I think half the effect is in darren's physical attributes. That sugary sweet smile with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes plus lei's character....oh my!! its a winning combination. I always wanted to see more of him and it bummed me whenever he had to travel. His insane chemistry with Ah Si almost rivals the OTP. Initially I thought he was just a dopey sweet guy but then you start seeing his quiet wit and strength. Its actually his sarcastic/manipulative side that got me intrigued. Its interesting how similar Lei and Si are in that they let very few people into their world and are fierce about protecting them. But complete opposites in how they express it. Si is loud and in your face with his anger and love. Lei is ice cold if he doesn't care about you but quietly envelopes you with his warmth when he does care. On the surface Si seems like the Alpha but Lei's also got that mature, wise sort of strategist vibe that makes him seem powerful too. Ahh...my words don't do justice but their contrasting dynamic is incredible! We can totally see why they're BFF's. Back to Lei, I think if anyone else had played him he would've seemed like a richard simmons in many scenes but with darren's cute childlike expressions I can't help but find him adorable. I love how he acts clueless but knows more than he lets on. He never becomes a real threat against CaiSi even though he skims quite close. At the same time hes not just a pathetic self sacrificial character pining from a distance. I normally find guys/girls who keep supporting and staying close to their unrequited loves so lame, like have some self respect lol why torture yourself like that (looking at you Xiaoyou ). But this isn't the case with Lei. I like how as viewers we never get an obvious confession but are left guessing about the true nature of his feelings towards shancai. Idk about other versions (apparently its clear and he confesses? but choses to let go) but in this one I'm inclined to believe that his love for her isn't romantic. I think he loves and cares about her with an intensity that sometimes confuses him too. This sort of affection isn't believable for other characters because c'mon why do so much for someone you don't love romantically but again he is a sensitive artistic person that respects love in all forms. He sees the world differently and appreciates the hidden beauty of things. Has a deep understanding of people and relationships. Its as if he's transcended simpleton possessive love as he said about him and jing. And now we're at the base of his personality; gentle, dreamy and philosophical. Is so devoted and loyal to those he cares about. Will put their happiness and well being first even if it makes him look bad. OMG sorry this is so inchoerent lol I sound so obnoxious but damn lei... I just wish they didn't add that he was 'mildly autistic'. Makes no sense. He has the highest EQ among the cast. Should've just said he was sensitive and introverted, plus socially withdrawn due to childhood trauma. Also I don't ship SC and Lei. SC is too normal and mainstream for him to have true romantic chemistry with. I see lei more as a caring older brother type figure for her. SC is so clearly made for DMS. Lei needs someone on his own wavelength. Perhaps someone more emo/hipster? lol. I don't mind a spin off series where hes the main character and gets to experience direct reciprocated romantic love. With DMS and SC as supporting characters who return the favour by helping lei get together with his soulmate. Even though Lei isnt immature and impulsive like DMS and SC he has issues of his own he needs to overcome in love. Having said all this, its unfortunate I find Darren Chen kind of bland offscreen. I hope it doesn't hurt his fanship or career because I think he's got lots of potential. I'm actually curious how he'd be like as a villain. LOOL. Dylan on the other hand just oozes charisma!! I'm more obsessed with him in real life. He is so much better than DMS. He is a character on his own hah. Will be watching all those reality shows and well anything with him.
  4. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av33980648/ If looks could kill...
  5. Hmm...interesting... but I didn't get any romantic or physical attraction vibe from Gu Nanyi as we knew him in that scene. If it was a standalone scene I saw somewhere it would've looked more lustful(I did perceive him as more grown up for a moment) but in that context I only saw it as boyish curiosity. Sort of like a young child curious about the opposite sex...or even just curious about this new person. Their sibling chemistry is really strong and his aloofness about the ways of the world was established by then. I'm really glad they didn't take the romantic route for his character. He filled a much needed non love interest gap in zhiwei's life. It's kindof exhausting watching a character like zhiwei because you have to be wary of people liking her. I was worried Yan huaishi might develop feelings for her too. Can't trust any red blooded young man just deciding to be loyal lol. Especially in a historical setting where men and women don't interact much and women are usually thought of as mother figures, potential wife/mistresses or little girls. Its a relief knowing Gu Nanyi is entirely immune to that (with regards to zhiwei anyway). Huaishi eventually became safe too. phew. Ahahaha....no where has a better lounger existed. He is so majestic and the way he fans himself...damn. I think the reason all those 'feminine' and soft quirks work so well on him is because his core is very rugged and masculine. So his refined body language and vulnerable moments make him really well rounded. Speaking of character and looks, I found Heliang Zheng physically very attractive from the very first scene. By looks alone, he's my fav. But then I saw him in the documentary... yikes WTF....so ugh... He sounds so soft spoken and the pruned facial hair didn't help. Changed his whole vibe. Looking good helps but character is king when it comes to attraction (for females anyway). Someone said that Chen Kun is most attractive as Ning Yi and I have to agree. His offscreen persona is interesting but nothing beats NingYi. Maybe too early for me to judge now (because I've yet to see his other works) but Chen Kun as Ningyi is a good example of the tremendous power character has in raising someone's attraction quotient. So theres a clear meaning and legend behind this nickname as well. This fits the situation so well because she did appear in his life as an imposter. Thats deep. I thought it was just little cat that they translated as little racoon because they wanted to convey a more mischievous, troublesome vibe rather than a purely cute one. I respect this show even more now. I like how a lot of what I thought was more abstract or vague is very straightforward with obvious significance. When I watch a subbed show I get that I'm not going to understand everything so I just surrender to the grays and fill it in with a general estimation. I don't really mind it for other shows even when people say "oh it specifically meant this not that...the translation isn't perfect blah..." because the differences seem like nitpicking. But ROTP is very dialogue and idiom heavy with a lot conveyed in a single line. I remember reading an imdb review that said the subs are like "cerulean, teal and azure" translated as "blue, blue and blue". Thats really sad. Even through the dull subs the dialogue was still very interesting in tandem with their voices and expressions. I desperately want to watch this again with better subs (and footnotes to explain context or any details that non-chinese viewers might miss). Can't rewatch it again right now though, I'm still in a hangover. Even the early episodes sort of make me sad. This show is like a watershed moment for me, I hadn't given a second thought to asian shows before but now I can't stop. Its a whole new world! I'm also someone who needs to keep watching stuff so another c-drama caught my eye and I can't believe I'm enjoying this too since its in direct contrast to ROTP....light, fluffy, modern. Definitely not missing much through subs either. I tried to watch NIF but the setting reminds me of ROTP and that kindof hurts lol. I don't think I'll be watching anything deep for while. Part of me is still in mourning ----- My take on the "I like you" (instead of love you) was easy to understand as cultural difference because in my mother tongue as well people say 'like' instead of 'love'. Actually we don't have an equivalent of the word 'love' as its understood in english. Ex: no one says I love music just I like music a lot. Theres a word for romantic love but it has a really different vibe. Kindof corny. Theres a word for affection too that can be used between couples or other close relationships. But for most intents and purposes "I Like you" or "I like you a lot" carries enough weight especially for first time admission. I think in english the word 'like' is perceived very lightly. Hence all those dialogues that go "hey..I like you"..."yeah I like you too"..."no I mean, I like like you"..."OH...um....er...." lol.
  6. Ah I didn't make that connection in the beginning. I guess it was too impolite or informal to keep referring to him by his name only? Etiquette?
  7. Thanks! I understand it better now.
  8. Ah ok... I wondered if it meant something more when the emperor and official zhao starting referring to him as liulang instead of Chu Wang when his title was revoked. This makes sense because now he's just the sixth son. Before that I thought it was more an endearing nickname so it seemed off when the emperor (who was on bad terms with Ning Yi) started calling him that. Funny I wouldn't have thought to question it if that hadn't happened.
  9. Hey does the name liulang mean anything? Or is it just a random nickname?
  10. I guess after a while the ending sort of sinks in. It's right after watching it that you're so outraged and disappointed, when the story is still fluid in your mind. Now that I've surrendered to it, I can't even imagine alternate endings. Like you said, only thing left is to hope they'll be together in another lifetime. Yup. Up to Ep 63 for when I really have no self-respect. Ah its available! thanks --- Oh I just finished Mr. Sunshine. It's only 24 episodes (1hr) and the ending's not butchered. Won't say anything more cuz spoliers. Another recommend.
  11. Handmaid's tale yaas!! I can't wait to see where it goes next season. Good stuff. I think you should give bates and Mr robot a shot. An episode or two to get a feel for it but as someone who's come out the other end its worth it!! Harlots is a period show yeah? I think I'd be into that. @tendrilsofwind I'll keep the Americans on my radar too. I thought about looking into chen kun and ni ni's other works but didn't know where to start. I think my next c-drama will be the infamous NIF I hear so much about. But where can I watch it with subs? Keeping up with the Nings
  12. Definitely. A well made show throughout and on such a level that even if I wanted to I couldn't make any changes that made sense. I didn't mind him in the beginning. It was later when he started scheming against Ning Yi and getting more priority in the story. I get that they wrote him like a slow ticking bomb that starts out benign then slowly grows to become the enemy know one saw coming. But I don't think he pulled it off. Again idk if it's the actor or the way those scenes were written but I could never see him as a believable evil mastermind. I mostly felt annoyed like I want to shoo him off screen. He was better when he was just a minor character worried about protecting his mom. And I really like shaoning she was so cute. She's too immature and simple minded to be considered evil. I felt bad for her death because in the end she never did any real damage for us to hate her and died before getting closure. Actually come to think of it I wouldn't have minded if shaoning was the one who grew up, finally got a brain and went against NingYi. It doesn't work for the story but atleast I can watch long scenes with her character. Yea pretty much. In the end even though Ning Qi was supposed to be the big bad villain who wouldn't stop at anything I think of their fate and circumstances as the biggest enemy. When they showed Ning Qi in hiding after Ning Yi became emperor my first thought was dude you're still here? Lol idk every scene with him seems too long. Except the emperor reveal scene but that's only because it was such a climax.
  13. Ah but choices are also influenced by our personality or core traits. Some people are inherently more empathetic than others, have more ambition, may be more neurotic, more introverted or extroverted etc. So I'm betting that their choices will mostly be in line with their core personality traits. Ofcourse there's no guarantee, external influences can still sway them to make choices and experience life in a way that makes them very different to what we expect. So yea in absolute probability it can go either way but I think the chances for them to be similar to how they are now is strong.
  14. Wasn't there a line in the beginning where mingying asks her to stop her lessons with zong and zhiwei says feng hao is too lazy to study so I'll take his place? as in take his place from now on not "I am already going in his place"? I get she was dressing as a guy to go outside and attend zong's lessons (since it wasn't acceptable for a girl to do so)
  15. Ahahaha...well said!! Some parts of his personality does seem to be stunted as an 8yr old. I've also thought about this. Feng Zhiwei definitely would not have been sent to school. They were very poor and the education she got was also different from what other girls (even boys) might've received. For starters she read 'overview of dacheng' which even Qingming students hadn't studied. Though she might not have realized I think her education was far superior than many couldve dreamed. And NingYi's polarizing experience of being an entitled prince yet struck by tragedy and trauma definitely made him the person we got to know. So it becomes a question of Nature vs Nurture. Would they still be as interesting to us and fallen for each other? Heres my take, its a bit optimistic but I want to say yes...in a way. Experiences make a profound impact on an individual no doubt but a person's core genetically ascertained personality gets to make the first move. I think NingYi wouldve been smart and ambitious either way and that would've led him down a path that got him in trouble, thereby experiencing hardship which could add 'darkness' to his personality similar to what we know. Someone made a point of him being so strong willed as an 8yr old possibly because he was pampered. But wasn't the crown prince also likely very pampered as a firstborn? Yet Ningyi was stronger willed than Ning Chuan and they both reacted differently to losing their fathers favor. I think NY's core personality would lead him to live an interesting life and be an intriguing person no matter the circumstance. With FZW its hard to be sure. But I think she would've stood out too. I mean imagine if Yu luo was in Zhi Wei's position. Would she have been interested in her studies and not wanted to marry (a.k.a go against the status quo). I doubt it. I believe even Feng Hao was sent to school yet he and zhiwei turned out so different. Yu Luo wouldve just whined and wanted to be like other girls. Education and opportunity only helps if you are smart to begin with. It's her inherent curiosity and boldness that made her visit Chu Wang's residence ,personally request him to cancel the marriage, then lead her down the path to qingming and eventually to court as Wei Zhi. Because she's smart, caring and willing to go against the fray for what she believes in (usually helping others) I want to think she would've turned out an interesting person regardless. Would they have been interesting enough for us? Maybe not but I think they could've still fallen for each other. Thank you for posting this! He is so damn precious!!! No one else could've played Ning Yi. Period.