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  1. Kyaaaaa, we got the 1st teaser of WHEN TIME STOPS https://t.co/KAN4jHONtP here's the translation for the teaser: This is A, in the basement room, with the power 2 stop time. A: Welcome back home, it’s been a while. This is B, the house owner, staying within that time. B: To keep dad’s building B, in any circumstances, must not tell A’s power to anyone till her death. cre: Sunny_sky (twitter) *and sorry for the previous posts, it's been a long time I come back here so forget all the rules thanks for your reminder *
  2. yeah, me too anyway they look good together oh right I didn't notice details of the poster yet, just stare at HJ hahaha He comeback with super powerful~ feeling so high right now here is the link of WHEN TIME STOPS facebook page with a little different of the photo https://t.co/jFHKyGbAc3
  3. Here is the news about WHEN TIME STOPS press conference http://m.star.mt.co.kr/view.html?no=2018101214421181570&shlink=tw&ref=https://t.co#imadnews
  4. Thank you for your welcome~ ^^ have a nice day all hope to see more update about the poster & teaser soon... why till now it not out yet??? sighhh~