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  1. What accident, if I may ask? I'm just curious, feel free to ignore my question if it's too nosy.
  2. Yes, he said he took those photos on his Australia trip. He said it was his first time in Sydney, first time going to Paris Fashion Week, and first time spending 24 hours on a plane. Haha, the poor soul looks so awkward and precious when the hostess keeps calling him handsome and "a male god." She asked him something like "Are you pleased with how handsome you look in your selfie picture?" (she's trying to get him to say something about how fantastic the phone's camera capabilities are) and he goes "ummm, the picture is just okay, I look okay I guess..." LOL, he's too honest and self-deprecating.
  3. Hi! I'm a new fan. I've been lurking for a few weeks. Thank you everyone for all the updates and discussion. This is a great community. So I don't show up empty handed, I found an old ZYL interview from 2015: It's quite long, and he talks quite a bit! (Well, compared to how much he talks in interviews these days.) It's not translated, but I remember someone on this forum asking how he injured his back. Around the 17:45 mark, the host asks him this exact question. (Rough translation, since my Chinese is pretty basic. Parts that I'm not sure about are in [brackets]) [At 17:45] Host: How did you injure your back? ZYL: It's actually an accumulation from all the back to back filming. I've been too busy this year. After finishing [???Don't know which show he mentioned], I had 2 more dramas and a movie. A lot of them were wuxia. From falling off horses and falling down [in scenes?], these types of injuries are very common. I don't know why, because I finally got a few days off, but today my back hurts. Host: I think if this pain continues, you should probably go see a doctor. Because acting is a profession where you really need to take care of yourself. My friends tell me that the acting profession forces you to take care of every aspect of yourself. ZYL: I'm kind of lacking in this department. I'm not really good at taking care of myself. Host: What about protecting yourself? ZYL: I'll have to be more careful in the future, because I'm gradually getting older. Other interesting tidbits: [At 16:40] Host: When you're filming, do you ever think "This is a good angle for me, I look handsomer from this angle. Director, can you give me more from this angle"? ZYL: No. Host: Not at all? ZYL: No. Actually there was a short period, after filming [???], which got a positive reception, during that short period, I thought "this angle looks a little better." But after filming for a week, I thought "This isn't me, I can't play roles like this, I'll be toast." So I let it go, don't worry about hair, don't worry about eyebrows, because there are specialists who focus on this, so I just need to focus on acting the role. [At 22:10] [Host was talking about how she enjoys watching actors/singers/etc. on [variety shows??]. She asks about a recent experience ZYL had on one of these shows. ZYL talks about how he doesn't do these shows much because his personality doesn't suit them. He gets very nervous. But he did one where he was only required to act in a skit, not participate in the games/interview.] Host: What should we [viewers] do? We really enjoy watching these shows, even if it's really nerve-wracking for the performers. ZYL: I don't know if you feel this way, but my own impression as a viewer is that, when an actor goes on a lot of variety shows, the audience likes them a lot, but then everyone gets to know the actor too well, they understand him too well. When the actor plays a role that's very different, I don't believe him. You don't believe that he's the character. You recognize his expressions/manners because he's been on all these variety shows too long, everyone knows him too well. So I'm worried that one day people won't believe me if I'm in a role. I will probably want to protect/reserve this part of me. [At 27:05] [Host talking about creating believable romantic relationships with actresses in dramas??? Not sure if I understand correctly.] Host: Do you believe it? ZYL: Believe what? Host: That the relationship you have with the actress is real? That your relationship is actually like this? ZYL: Within the scene, yes. Host: Ah, but outside of the scene, you don't really believe it. ZYL: Certainly not/that certainly can't be the case. Host: I've heard others say that [acting a scene? role? relationship?] is hard, but exiting is even harder. Is that true? ZYL: It's hard for me to exit an entire role/character, but for [emotions? scenes?], I'm okay. Exiting a character is harder, it takes me a little while. I don't feel it myself, but my family tells me so. After I'm done with filming and they call me, or I go home, they say I'm different. I really don't notice it though. They say I'm not quite right/I'm a little off. [That's as far as I got today]
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