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  1. The MV is bringing back the fond memories of LBC I had. And the song, I am sure even the international fans know it by heart by now. Wished they added the lyrics of the song in English. I liked 2 scenes that P'New used. This one.. It looks like Pete is moving in for a kiss lol. These close-up shots are more beautiful. Perth and Saint are seriously good actors. They just have to look at each other and I know there is true love in the world Ha. With just a short MV, made me want to see LBC again (when I have watched a gazillion times already ) I liked Tum-Tar's hug.. Seems sweet in the MV. Thank you P'New for all the close-up shots of the kisses heh. You are making it hard.. Let me let you go LBC..
  2. I believe this world should be a fairer place than it is right now. Otherwise this game (Life) is not worth playing. Its disappointing that the real heroes who actually put up the fight are not visible to everyone. But they are there. They will make the world turn to see them. I trust in P'New. He is a true hero. He will overcome this.
  3. Yeah I was like that too. But lbc is LBC for me. An Unprecedented territory heh. Thanks for the outlets. I wished someone around me was interested as much. For me, both twitter and facebook, Interesting to lurk around but not interesting enough to involve. I am following the tweets for now and they have moved on from #aepete to #perthsaint I like this account's posts. Most of them are so ROFL kind funny . This one is much lovelier. You worded it beautifully, sounds that was the meaning behind it.
  4. How long does it take to move on from a favorite series?? Clearly, 1 month is not doing it! All the other series I am seeing feels like a rebound lol. I wish there are so many people who likes LBC so that I can speak all day about how much I like it. I was not like any of you guys here, who waited for LBC to air, I just found it.. By chance. Heh. The scene where it totally grabbed my interest was this one.. Ae: Do you think I am too short? Everyone else is just taller than me. I never look at you and think you are not normal. I can see Pete falling for this guy I thought then. #whypetelovesae
  5. Oh. They have added "Season 1" to the thread's name.. Is this a good sign??
  6. You are not. And that exact same scene and thing baffled me. I now only got it all out of my system #welcometotheclub. (Also that guy didnt even feel a bit remorseful. And his friend, with just one slap, he called it off for the day.*insert eye rolling*)
  7. Me too Lol. Caught 2 eps of TWM3 then the accidental photo happened. Thinking about taking P'New's advice here, of staying with the good memory (of Korn-Knock). If I want a dose of them, I will re-watch Twm2 for now. Lets wait and read the reviews on how its going to end and then decide. About my dream, I will continue Lol only 5 more to go for me ( going to FF a lot and watch the rest for the dream guy ). I want to know how its going to end with him. And I will pray that I dont see that R guy accidentally while FFing. When it ends, once and for all, going to #shakeitoff ( I might as well play the song to celebrate ) About my dear loser, I havent watched it yet. Coincidentally, I have nothing to watch rn, I will also try that.
  8. At least Friend zone is alright so far. *I dont want to jinx it by saying I like it*
  9. He does that!! And he is not even that old that he HAS to take care of others (no one would expect him to Lol) Its his nature I suppose. I dont see Mean, gun or can doing that. So its not an all-thai thing. At first watching it in Kdr, I found it strange and confusing. They give respect-nouns for even 1 or 2 years age diff. Personally for me, age gap upto 4 or 5 years, I treat everyone the same. When it widens, I see diff in taste, preference and even humor sense (this one is very important for me Heh). Jokes are often misunderstood, so I am careful with them with what I say (and personally if I dont get to be funny, thats me being meditating Buddha - seeing this many elders have misunderstood and liked me Lol) Oh. today is boring. Nothing good Lol. I didnt want to catch up with Friend zone with just 2 eps. And Twm3, I accidentally saw just the photo which (I think was the one that) made fans disappointed. Today I should be contented with watching my dream-TS I suppose.
  10. Off -topic Heirs is good. As long as its not this one.. Sorry for too much off topic. I will rectify myself with this one. I promise. Heh. sonpin of the day: Coz Saint couldnt miss it for the world, letting Perth know how it feels like. #PoeticJustice
  11. The magazine shoot video link https://www.facebook.com/KullastreeMagazine/videos/181076969505080/
  12. For a second I got shocked.., I thought you were going to tell her to watch it.. ROFL. #AnythingForLeeMinHo except BOF and heirs Lol If you dont want to miss BOF try chinese or Japanese ver. Kor ver has lots of fan following though. But no matter what I couldnt get myself to like that story. In fact I have watched all vers till the end (yeah dont know why lol).
  13. Perth eats very less nowadays. There is 90% chance he is dream-sleeping and thinking its sausage
  14. You are right OG fans are army Lol. So it shouldnt be a surprise a thread already exists. I will join when the series airs.. For the bookmarks.. I dont know about you but I have freed up all my schedules for next year long time back.
  15. Honestly, while watching LBC I thought Saint will be similar to Pete irl, and Perth will be a serious, deep-thoughtful guy Lol. (I hear you say, You need glasses and rightly so.. ) My glasses broke so much beyond repair by these two. Broken by Perth first when I saw him being naughty with plan and then with recent events its Saint now. ( I silently pray and wait for the day these two get a mainstream drama/movie) A bit off-topic If you dont find me in the "Theory of Love" forum, come with white flowers. Lol. Consider me too broad (or simple?) minded when I say this. In this age and era, the legislation wings could fly a lot more faster. Lol. Yeah Better late (taiwan) than never (duh). On a land far far away, P'New : Do anyone know where my Ae-Pete is?? Jokes apart, I am amazed how P'New is controlling his urges with not taking a SS2, when he sees these two. If I was P'New I would have been in SS5 already. Ha.
  16. Yes with all the flying kisses, the sudden grabs and he tried his best to lift him too. (surprising with Saint being so calm and composed with him doing all that Lol.). Perth will be hitting the gym with Saint's comment today "I am heavy?" Ha. But I think perth eats very little and tired with his schedule, thats whats making him weaker. Also maybe vying for a six pack like Saint . Yesterday after the fans all went like #pinson, I sensed Saint gave up a little today (when he said that he is alright as long as they are together). But with those gazillion times he princess-carried Perth (he should let Perth catch a little breath in between Lol At one point I noticed, Perth was like "where am I?" and Saint went in for one more time Ha.) and with mostly perth looking for Saint for answering the questions and also maturity wise, I am leaning a bit more towards #sonpin. Saint's mother has gotta be one of the best mom. Here Keng is saint's manager I think (correct me if I am wrong).
  17. I believe in parallel universe, but in none I see myself doing that.. I will be buying the novel though. Heh. Regarding their 1st couple FM today, its like they wanted to coordinate everything to Blue-Pink (even their tumblers and PS letters on the screen) Lol. Maybe they tried a bit much to assure the fans that its #pinson and not #sonpin . But what they dont realize is, even with all the pink draped around saint, I cant help thinking it is team #sonpin Lol. It has been daaaays since LBC ended ( if you ask me, I will say " It has been 84 years Lol), I have come out of my Ae-Pete wonderland now. (I dont know if it makes any sense.. but.) when I see saint and perth, my mind cannot process that these two only played the characters of Ae-Pete Lol. And Saint.. How did he suppress all this manliness.?? Also his voice he used for Pete is very much sweeter than his original voice.. Honestly, it was his voice and Ae's eyes that made me fall down this rabbit hole of LBC. I swear, if one can get electricity from water, wind and sun, it is also possible from Ae's electric stares. Lol.
  18. I knew you meant it in the good way. There was nothing negative with how you used it. (Just I came across some twitter comments today. They were appalling and was stuck in my mind. When I saw fanservice, it reminded me of the tweet and I only wanted to say about that.) Yeah I thought so too. They are doing CP events with such awesome chemistry to boot. I dont get what more they want for complaining like this. Yes This is the first time I am following actors from Bl series. I am excited with these little things like events, that are keeping me occupied till I find my next good series.
  19. Can's like "I cant believe I am being the third wheel for the first time in my life" Lol. This will be one of the best animated face recently. ROFL. Perth's clueless face, is how I was.. When I first saw this clip. Ha. I thought "How is he going to end this statement??" Lol. Regarding fanservice, though I have heard this term a lot, I did not really get the meaning.So I searched for it and this is what I got.. Fan service (ファンサービス fan sābisu), fanservice, or service cut (サービスカット sābisu katto), is material in a work of fiction or in a fictional series which is intentionally added to please the audience. By this definition, the dramas, series and movies and even political campaigns (!) are all fanservice only. It is confounding that people use it (most often than not) for belittling a good off-screen chemistry alone. Yeah I feel the term is degrading the actors a little and also the preference of the audience. Whenever I see tweets saying "its just a fanservice", I only think "Yeah I am their fan and I like their service and thats enough for me"
  20. The rule of this game is.. If you take hands off of each other, you are "out" cr: peachbread0417
  21. I started watching this series with "Why not?" and now I have finished watching all 6 episodes Lol. I laughed out at the classroom scenes. Maybe because the series title has "dream", they made everything dream-like (but its toooo bright Lol I reduced the brightness of my screen to watch this. Ha) Whats the relationship between Bl and Goldfishes ? Its like there are everywhere. Lol Spoilers ahead..
  22. Today should have been LBC day. My days are like.. I go searching around in twitter/insta for anything that happened #LBC. I see everyone are excited about something #pinson related. I dont get what they are saying. I go looking around and finally the light bulb glows "Ah-Ha this is what they were excited about" Lol. I feel comforted that there are lots like me missing LBC. Maybe because ( I dont know how it happened.. but.) my mind is already fixed that there will be SS2 next year. And I cannot change my mind to believe otherwise. I wish they release at least the making scenes and Director cut DVD's like Kor dramas Lol. I dont read novels (I might be the only one who didnt even get thru harry potter 1 lol) but I will give you(LBC) the honor of being my first novel Heh.
  23. I really loved reading all your thoughts on LBC. Very heartwarming re-living these memories through all your thoughts. Thank you all for your participation. There are still many to comment yet (where are you all Tin-Can fans and also KK/NO fans ?? Come and fill up the forms please ) I especially liked @1sitsafetocomeout 's comments. Just perfect (and Noh and Phun? best couple only in LBC. Heh. I am reducing quarter of a carrot for you Ha). And if I edit and mash up @aniola and @readlire92 's comments that would be my thoughts. Yeah. And a tidbit. In the BTS of a scene before that, Perth is seen eagerly asking Saint "Whats the scene?" (its a kiss scene. Duh. Ha) and gets close to him (as though now he is too comfortable and used to this already Ha) and Saint replies "Hold it.. Not yet" Lol. ROFL. Even you describing this scene is still funny because my brain can play this video automatically. Lol Haha. (I didnt know my comment will be in the top of this page Lol. Now everytime I refresh the page I feel embarrassed. Ha.) Yeah I saw fans are shipping P'New with Pond and I am facing a tough competition (without pond knowing Lol) Regarding Best couple, you are the captain of the KK/NO ship. Lol. You are not Titanic's captain. My imagination already ran fast.
  24. Is P'New available?? I think I have a crush. As part of the international fan community (Heh), I sincerely thank the people doing the eng subs. Also the tweets are very much like a sports commentary Ha. We get minute by minute and every moment updates of CP events. I am very thankful because these are keeping me from not being sad and at least we got these events to look forward to. About the last episode, I only sneak-peaked KK/No scene (Lol). I dont think I am still ready to watch Ae-Pete. I think now is the time for us to play the game. Everyone please participate (you get a shrimp or carrot or even a goldfish as you wish Ha) 1) The 2nd episode is mostly "The break it or make it" point in a series. What made you reach out for the 3rd episode? 2) Best personality in LBC? 3) Most Handsome/Cute in LBC? 4) Most memorable/touching scene in the series? 5) Most funny scene ? 6) Best kiss ever ? 7) Best couple (Only one please Heh) ? 8) Did you ever think "This scene could have been better" while watching ? 9) If you get to choose your boyfriend/just-friend among LBC characters who would it be ? 10) Did you ever cry during any scene ? 11) Favorite actor in the series (going to follow anything and everything he is in, after this..) ? 12) Will you recommend LBC to anyone ? If so, how will you introduce it (a few words) ?
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