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  1. Good job @intrariver Their will be French kiss in her diary very soon . As we all knows she isn’t the type of woman to take advantage of situations in the dark places , so hopefully she will take advantage of him in elevator or their small office Her lead v His lead in ep 7 & 8 I can’t wait to know , who will take the lead her or him - she usually the desperate but maybe he will surprise us
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  4. I think the twist will be Soo Ho birth secret , didn’t he figure it out before he lost his memories , so when he gets his memory , he will remember he is Soo Ho & also he is the lost grandchild — or could it be Who is the mother for Esther’s son . Loved how SH don’t wait for yes and no answers from DY2 and look at it - sadly she didn’t rip the shirt off , I wouldn’t mind seeing some abs @dulceres& @lu09 - I think NJ is losing his mind , when is he gonna stop make a fool of himself, hugging and demanding things from SH & angry she used him to see DY2 . @newyee : Esther is dumb, she didn’t do her homework, I don’t understand how she didn’t knows that SH is left handed , she was friends with them for years , I will not be surprised if she forget about the scars , she will think it’s alright as he was in an accident but SH started and Is not gonna stop until she brings her husband back home . Edit : Esther every time she think of something to separate them she bring them back together , her new evil trick to destroy SH business , will only make DY2 to help SH to Save her business.
  5. He busy working watching drama and admiring our girl - interview should include questions about her ... hard job to do
  6. Mama boy will be a happy boy For me if I lose I will put the boss ridiculous tv interview : mmm , I agree , what about u
  7. Best of lee Ha Nee { I am just gonna go crawl under a rock now .. { I am in love with zombie .. { I think that pretty much sums it up @LyraYoo : in your top post what the name of the band , gangster was in - if u don’t mind @triplem & everyone : what the name of this game , he keep losing
  8. I agree ep 6 or start of ep 7 , my psycho power sees a blow on the head ,blood, bandage ,running emotion & then kiss - Namaste everybody
  9. ... { I bet you thought you’d seen last of me ... # How to get Anybody to do what you want # .. { don’t make me get rough
  10. I agree with u , but for once I like how she keep her suspicious secret , old SH would run to Esther and question her . She shouldn’t tell her family as I said before her mother is her enemy , she will run and tell everything to NJ . NJ knows Esther is the weakest link in their scam so I think Esther should be worrying about it , he wouldn’t risk his life for her and her dumb moves , at one point I think he will try to get rid of her . He starts to lose his cool and does things without thinking about it , the way he goes into Esther room to yell at her was ridiculous .
  11. I thinks u right , it was dumb move , SH knows from today episode that Esther behind everything the fake body & watch , it wasn’t good move from them to fake his dead after all these years . Finally she followed her heart , figure out that DY2 is Soo Ho , all she need is to proof it .
  12. I know what u mean , but in his case I think he meant well by telling her that , let’s not forget he didn’t know how to tell her that he love her for years after his mother doing & turning to be the daughter everybody was looking for , it’s understandable he didn’t got confidence that she will share his feeling never mind chance to be together. For me what annoyed me actually was CW line : I am doing the right thing , I doing the right thing in the rooftop , I don’t know for what she sacrificing their happiness and love , she completely discounted his feeling and the pain he was in easily , with out giving him any chance . I am afraid she will do it again when ex wife tell her a fabricated story to get her empty.
  13. To our pichi couple ... { Lately girl , I’ve been watching you alright I don’t know why , I think of you .. please girl , what is it that I see in you , that suits me so , yeah , I’d really like to know ....
  14. Love in the air ... My heart break when he said : wake up please, even if we didn’t meant to be together .. { I don’t know better than keep loving ... { I know it ain’t pretty, when two hearts get broke , I hope someday , we’ll sit down together, and laugh with each other , about these days , these days , all our trouble, we’ll lay to rest .... Lol was thinking the same thing , wasn’t that the same rooftop in drama fight my way
  15. To our pichi couple ... { I Praise You Yoo In Na .. { Hey , you tell your friend it was nice to meet them , but I hope I never see them again ... # look what you made me do#
  16. Oh finally she divorced, that bring me the joy , it’s time to close that door forever & move on , she was so good and tried so hard with PWS just for it to be thrown back at her face . Thanks god CW’s mom beating did the trick, PWS finally looked at himself and see that everyone was on spot , that he left his wife do all actual work and struggle with daily life responsibility whilst he slept all day . For him to realize how he has been so completely unsupportive of her and always burden , hopefully will be right step for him to improve his life for good . Oh KYB just shut up , to still think PWS all he need to do is to apologise and keep apologising until CW heard him was ridiculous, she need help , the fact she is refusing to reasonably see reality of the situation, accept her own son failing & see things from CW’s perspective, shows she is the one who needs to grow up as well , the way she was demanding CW to comeback and listen to her because she is her MIL was so patronising . I cant wait for next episodes, I hope CW keep holding on to JY hand , not let him go , she need to stop doing what is right and do what make her happy , it’s not easy to find someone who love her for what she is , be there what ever she need a helping hand .
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    @Sejabin : how are u girl sending u a big hug
  20. Finally watch all 4 episode It was Brilliant, loved every second of it , I can watch fiery priest All day long , because he was a fantastic piece of cake ( it’s not fair he so delicious) & utter genius with his morale and payback attitude ... #nottheanswerIwaslookingfor # ... # Iflookscouldkill # I can’t wait for him to bring all the gang down for killing his friend * thanks again @triplem for the help website was helpful
  21. Amazing how quickly, I have become I invested in **cough **obsessed with this couple. ...it’s always nice to have a place where I could indulge my last obsession This my first ship , would I need to gives blood