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  1. @Ni Wen personally I think those were just absurd and ridiculous negative comments. If article said that SHS is beautiful, they would just say she's not beautiful. If article said she is goddess, they would say no, she's not goddess. If article said her acting is good, they would say it's not good. If article said she will get another best actress award, they would just said that she will never get best 'actor' awards. This is so cliche and predictable behavior. And if this is in a drama , should I call those antagonist comments as 'no character development' (need better script writer) ? LOL If reading those comments made you upset, let's play "whack-a-mole" . Bonus gif.
  2. Yes, from Naver. But don't mind that 100 people who might never watched her drama. Anyway, I'm glad to see many of replies trying to defend her which was the sign that she got more fans, and also glad to see lots of sharing on Kerastase IG tag like this. LOL
  3. Re-posted from Elle Korea. So this goddess hair product CF was collaboration of Kerastase and Elle magazine. http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/03/18/2019031800735.html http://star.mk.co.kr/view.php?year=2019&no=161096 (from google translation) Shin Hye Sun, gorgeous 'shampoo goddess' Fashion magazine 'Elle' and luxury hair & scalp care brand Kerastase collaborated actor Shin Hye Sun's dramatic image was released. Shin Hye Sun, who was selected as the muse of Kerastase, stood in front of the camera as a perfect goddess for the newly released 'Goddess Oil Elixir Ultime'. Shin Hye Sun, who appeared as a gorgeous gold dress with a sparkling sequined queen and a brilliant wave hair that shines brightly for the theme of this campaign, "My Shining Moment," was a brilliant goddess. She continued her busy schedules with films and dramas, and she encouraged (독려하다) the staffs and built (이끌다 - lead, guide) the atmosphere without exhaustion. In front of the camera, she was praised by the staff throughout the filming with positive energy and perfect concentration. More clip from Carlyn.
  4. 'Happy Together' video aired on Mar 14 that Lee Da-In mentioned Shin Hye-Sun. (edited) Have you seen this girl ? Everyone is looking for her. I want to know where she is.
  5. I just watched 'Avengers Endgame' trailer and it made me think of this scene. Thanos, what have you done ? You took away our Seo-ri's dream. Just kidding
  6. Thank you @meechuttso for the clip translations and additional info as always I really love to read your long message like this and reading this also made me want to watch 'The Crucible' again. About her ballerina training, when I saw her smile in the photo with 'Mike the teacher', I feel relief. I agreed with you and approved on whatever she's doing now, if it made her happy (and as long as she didn't overdo it and took good care of herself). I think as an actor, it's good for her to accept the challenging roles with unique occupation (violin player, soprano singer, ballet dancer) rather than just ordinary one. And I think her ballet practice will not wasted, there will be a lot of ballet scenes in this drama because a) although verbatim name of this drama is 'Dan, One Love' but the script cover had picture of a ballet dancer b) if this drama is just about love and angel then the writer can wrote Yeon-Seo character to have any other occupations, so ballet should have some important role in this drama. And I agreed that she seems to be in better shape and with some muscle, probably from ballet training. Gorgeous !! This from DC Inside (big thank for owner who posted it). It's from 'Happy Together' yesterday's episode that interviewed actors from 'Doctor Prisoner' drama. Lee Da-In who also used to play with Shin Hye Sun in 'My Golden Life' mentioned about SHS's personality that she's easy going and always took good care of people around her. Every time they met, SHS would hug her and asked if she ate something already, that made she felt very warn and wanted SHS to be her real sister. (I found some from the same episode clips in KBS Youtube but they're short clips and didn't have this SHS part, so I hope I can find the full clip later). More clip from Carlyn
  7. Thank you @Ni Wen for Mike Wajoski's IG , he said 'Start' (시작) which I don't know he meant SHS just started practicing ballet with him or he meant today's training session was started. Anyway, just see the news that 'Abyss' (Park Bo-young, Ahn Hyo-seop) will also be aired in May. Such a clash of interesting drama in that month. We will see fierce competition here. I hope 'One and Only Love' will do well. SHS fighting !!
  8. Facebook is down, Instagram is down, Gmail was down. But nothing can stop me from posting here. Because our Shin Hye Sun is going Up, Up and Up.... Fan art Now IG is back, with new pic from Carlyn More from carlyn blog.
  9. Another boring day, ...so I hope this clip will make you smile. I really want to see her in cute + cheerful mode again, apart from beautiful + elegant mode that we've seen lately. (Anyway, I love both). Credit : https://www.instagram.com/kueunji2010 Youtube clip here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGiVxeqarMs And Carlyn again...
  10. Re-post for beginning of new page. This photo became my new favorite. Now she got endorsements for bag, hair product, cosmetic, jewelry. So the next one should be clothes, right ? If itMICHAA suited well for Seori character, now I want to see new luxury wardrobe (from new brand ?) for Yeon-Seo too. I like this. They're so cute Woojin & Seori notebook and bag. And '30but17' will be broadcast in Taiwan on Mar 19. The teaser is so cute. More short clip from Carlyn.
  11. You got the point @jakey09, I think the same too when I see pics of Dan with little ballerina girls. But it's interesting that if Dan really met her since LYS is a young girl, then he might be there too when she got the accident.
  12. And we got an IG update from the goddess herself. She said 'Shiny hair'. (Although it's the same photos as above, but I don't mind to re-post here, because it's from SHS.)
  13. Hi !! @kokkuri33 so glad to see you again after a while, chingu. You made me so afraid that you would leave us here already. Are you still in diet mode ? I would love to watch 104 episodes (MGL x 2) of SHS drama too. Must be terrific if it will be aired everyday. Have a happy Tuesday everyone !! I'm late for work now, got to go, have to run to catch my ride. (edited) Oh...wow...is it real ? I'm so delighted. Kerastase. Her hair is soooo beautiful in below pics, like a princess. http://www.hankookilbo.com/News/Read/201903120902786223 https://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=1113395 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=215&aid=0000746699 (So the rumor that she's doing CF with hair product is true, I think we will never see her in short hair for a while). "Confirmation of the mainstream" ... Shin Hye Sun, film / drama → ad reception completed Shin Hye-sun, who became a new face of Kerastase, has a big meaning because she is going to be a muse to represent Korea. This advertisement is based on the concept of 'My Shining Moment, Elixir Ultime' (내가 빛나는 순간, 여신오일 엘릭서 얼팀 ****)' , and it is filled with the charm of Shin Hye Sun. In particular, Shin Hye Sun in the public image has created a goddess-like beauty with a rich long hairstyle that features gold-colored dresses and waves. In relation to this muse selection, brand officials said, "Shin Hye Sun is an actress of trust that stands out with her natural beauty and sophisticated image. We believe that it will be a good synergy with each other as it combines with the image of a luxury brand based on our long tradition and technology. "We will continue our various brand activities to establish domestic brand recognition as a muse of Kerastase. "He said. *** Actually the verbatim translation is 'The moment I shine, ultimate elixir goddess oil' , but I translated this using the same caption from this version campaign ad from http://department.ssg.com/item/dealItemView.ssg?itemId=100002786460
  14. @meechuttso , when I first saw that IG , because the re-touching is good (or my eyes are bad), I think it's real. I'm curious whether it's the new poster from 'One and Only Love'. So I spent many hours to find out where this pic came from and found nothing (because there's nothing to be found) LOL How stupid I am. Not sure for 'she' you mean me or SHS ? (sorry my English is as poor as Korean) So I just assume you mean me because I don't know how to answer about SHS's favorite. Please allow me to hide this (because it's not related to SHS and I'm shy to talked about myself). And @meechuttso I just found that the last pic if this IG captured from your post on 1st page of 'One and Only Love' thread. (edited)
  15. Kim Myung-soo Updated his IG. '(This) caught my eyes a lot nowadays' Love the way he played with word here. The number 1004 is pronouced as cheun-sa 천 (cheon) = thousand , 사 (sa) = four and pronounced the same as the word 'angel' (천사). So he's getting more familiar of being angel. I wonder how about our ballerina ? My comment to L --> Next thing that should catch your eyes is our ballerina, so I expected your next IG post will be her photo....please
  16. Now I just hope that it will not be aired on the same day as 'Vagabond' , so it will have more probability to get good rating and then , as a result, will have 20 eps. Another of my wish is seeing SHS, Myung-soo, Lee Dong-gun and other casts in 'Happy Together' (with Sung Hoon as special guest )
  17. Thank you @Ni Wen for sharing. I see there're many little ballerina girls in the pics. The food truck was hired from 'The Man Food Truck' which you can find their post here (and high quality photos). https://m.blog.naver.com/dutchstyle100/221484659062 Mostly the blog just advertised their food truck, nothing much about the drama. Just this sentence said that it's the scene that (probably angel Dan in disguised) handed out (bought) Tteokbokki to those children. 드라마 촬영중에 아이들한테 떡볶이를 나눠주는 장면입니다
  18. This is IG of 'Kang Sook', a storyboard artist. I think this meeting they discussed about storyboard of this drama. You can see other previous works of her at http://kangsook.com
  19. From what I read, DP will have 20 episodes too, it will started on Mar 20 and should end on May 23 (but it's not confirmed. It may end earlier at 16 eps if rating is not good, or 20 eps if it did well as 'Livers or Dies' ). However, from wikipedia, it said that 'One and Only Love' will be aired on Mon/Tue slot after 'My Fellow Citizens' (which started on Apr 1) But if MFC has 20 episode then it will be ended onJun 4. If it has 16 episodes then it will be ended on May 14. So still don't know exactly when 'One and Only Love' will be aired , but personally I preferred Mon/Tue because Vagabond will be premiered on May 8 (Wed), I don't want both dramas aired on the same time slot (and I want to see 20 episode of SHS drama). Anyway, have a happy holiday everyone !! (edited)
  20. Me too. I admitted that I've never heard the brand Carlyn, itMICHAA, AQUTOP, Lovcat Bijoux, Red Seal, Botanic Heal BoH before SHS's endorsement For Carlyn, I think Seo Hyun Jin is their muse before SHS. Now I just wish L to see her drama and those photos of her , so he knows how good at acting and how pretty she is. More clip, oh...I really love Carlyn so much for giving us lots of SHS.
  21. Good morning !! More pics from Carlyn. Have a happy Friday everyone !! Source : https://m.blog.naver.com/carlynbag/221483097106 http://pop.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=201903080832129706912_1 http://www.specialtimes.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=7626 https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003139362
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