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  1. I admire and hate that about her. Really. We won't have any updates. And she rarely post ig pictures that are personal anymore. Not like before Is BF considered 2018 drama or 2019? Mr. Sunshine is a 2018 drama right?
  2. I want MinKyo to happen and I also want Won Bin and SHK to happen. I think the latter would make a greater impact. As always.. I was even really surprised when they finally gave a daesang to her for TWTWB. No award ceremonies are held for TVN though, right?
  3. Sorry to cut your post but I just want to highlight this part. I have posted pages back that I am not expecting KJH's mom to accept the relationship right away. I even said 1 episode of her not accepting the relationship. But I was leaning more on her "passively" not accepting the relationship. Nevertheless, I also think this is realistic even in my country. I still do not like what she did though. She undermined JH and did not think things through, feelings is the only thing leading her to do what she did. Mothers have a way of thinking that they know best for their kids, and no matter what anyone else might tell otherwise or no matter how old their kids are, for them they will always be "kids". I don't like it, and I didn't like what she did (making such a pretty face cry like that ) but it is expected.
  4. And.. because I'm a masochist like that. I will watch this episode later. Shoot me I dont think TVn has any awards though
  5. I kind of understand CSH's actions but I cant accept it How many times did KJH bend the knee? So according to his statement, does that mean he'll give up his family if CSH wont be accepted? Oh boy... It kind of reminds me of my dad when he wanted to marry my mom.
  6. OMG! I just woke up and i woke up reading all these! what the ?? what happened!?!?!? Im not gonna watch this episode and wait for tomorrow aigooo. My heart cant handle it.
  7. @ahdrianaa Now the mentioned it, it is kind of many. Is she still the ambassador for icis? I didnt see any new cfs. LMH will be discharged on April but there aro no talks on which project he will take next.
  8. @ahdrianaa do you know that I have just come out from lurking and finally started posting here? i didnt expect to be this active here lol but yes. I want MinKyo to happen. I just dont know how and where to start to create enough noise. It will still be down to SHK and LMH if they’ll accept though. We can expect LMH to say yes, but what about SHK?
  9. Thank you @gumtaek for eloquently explaining what I think. No matter how I want for them to have actually done it, I need to look at the facts of what I see and not just let my imagination run wild. Although, they’re running alright. More like zoooooooming ——————————— Look at us having a discussion whether they did it or not. PD-nim achieved his goal of leaving this kind of reaction. Hang in there guys, episode 13 is tonight. We will have another rich discussion about what will happen. 4 episodes left...
  10. Haha! I am all for your statement. Leave it to PD-nim on keeping us guessing. We will never really know! Argh
  11. @bebebisous33 I love how KJH has a strategy when it comes to CSH. However, there was some mistranslation when JH said “he had to control himself the last time” I think in Viki and on @stroppyse‘s translation (if im not mistaken) he actually said, “i have tea at home, why would i drink tea here and leave”. Moreover, there was just something off with CSH when he lied down beside her. That is not the correct reaction of a girl who has been in that level of intimacy with his boyfriend. Cuba or not. AND if I was KJH, i dont know why I will stop in Cuba (especially if we are in closed quarters, no eyes are looking and there’s a bed)... I wouldn’t stop in Cuba either if I was CSH
  12. I dont feel it, YET. Maybe because Im not too much of a fan of Gong Yoo. But there is a big possibility i’ll change my mind if I see them together.
  13. @redbeanbuns of course there will always be more people who will support kyo. No matter what. But heck, this is going to be so huge. 10x bigger than MinKyo hopefuls. So I will really expect a heavy fan wars from this. But if that wont happen, then thats even more fabulous!
  14. Naahhhhh thats definitely misleading... a woman won’t be THAT composed if the guy she fell in love with is proposing to her.... Just an after thought, KJH never gave her flowers. So it’s kind of unique that he gave her a wedding flower.
  15. @ahdrianaa @gigivillaceran @caileysmiley @redbeanbuns I was just thinking... If ever Won Bin and Kyo will pair up again, I’m gonna expect a very heavy fan wars. People reacted with PBG, how much more if Won Bin will be the leading man. Omg. I cant even. I think we’re going to need SHK old fans that are hibernating back online for that.
  16. @ahdrianaa I really hope Kyo will take on another project while SJK is also busy. But it would be selfish for me to ask that of her if she doesnt feel it. I want a movie at least. Won Bin is a really good bet Gong Yoo is ok. I cant feel it, YET.
  17. I just read this part. why is she filming in a hospital ?? @jl08 omg chingu! Who made that I dont know if I’ll laugh at the 50 shades of gray parody or be insulted.
  18. oopps sorry girl! I was thinking of Camellia Dong Won.. and oh yes! He's still so hot. I saw his latest pictures. And i like his husky voice. So manly I definitely would want a a drama from both of them. Of course. Kyo will always be no. 1 for me too
  19. Is it only me? But I'm not feeling them. hahaha I know their make out sessions was the heaviest Kyo has ever done though (tongue included). and "his wife" ? so WonBin is already married? If that's the case that's a HUGE step for KEnt! I'll be so proud of them ===================== @gigivillaceran i love love Liza! However, I cant help but compare their age difference though. Hope Liza will be just as beautiful when she's Kyo's age
  20. I saw that in koreansongsongcouples my day as well. I was wondering which camera she’s referring to. According to the caption the person taking the video is from the 2nd floor, its not too far up.
  21. You went all Pink Panther on them! Agree to all @jl08‘s wishes dear Encounter staff, friends and relatives reading this!!! Please make it happen! @rosiepeonie188
  22. @ahdrianaa yes hang on, I saw that earlier. I agree with you. Thats why there’s always fan wars whenever she’s in a drama. I cant blame the guys though, i mean seriously, look at that face! Wait, let me look for thats bts shot again. Didn’t notice the one holding that one I cant find it anymore, chingu. The closest that i found was this: but they didnt show who was holding the umbrella
  23. I believe that someone was me Edit... you mentioned the BTS already... ————————— Why is CSH’s shoes in epi 1 preview being brought up again? i don't understand.