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  1. Lol I dont know if KJH will be able to resist the 3rd pic. He might jump her bones Rest your worries chingu. Less than 12 hours left til the heartbreaking episode. Ready those tissues, tell the boyfriend/girlfriend/wifey/hubby to find a dog to talk to, give candies to the kids and wear a Do Not Disturb sign round your necks. Brace yourselves for the impact. I really am a masochist. Shoot me
  2. Ice Breaker from all the doom and gloom we’re feeling. aigoooo @bubblechoco i lalalalove PBG there Can we partner him with her? Or her? Or maybe this one?
  3. I was kind of wondering why @beebeep posted that. That was from last year. I thought it was a joke. It’s alright chingu We are all anxious for the last 2 episodes too.
  4. Oops! Sorry. My eyes didn't see the "drop" in your statement. haha! Ahhhh.. Her height will always be an advantage when it comes to building chemistry with her leading man
  5. @NongpeeP Agree. Especially on the scene when KJH was the one taking the photos from the hotel's wedding cover, I can clearly see his chest muscles It's funny how when I'm looking at the BTS scenes and PBG is acting like PBG. He's a cute little bunny that I just want to hug. I think they already did. Last episode? When CSH was staring at "The Wedding" painting and KJH sneak up to her and whispered "Soo Hyun-shi".
  6. Alright chingu.. Share your thoughts whenever you want though Or if you have something share, share ahead!
  7. I think PBG has been working out too. Well he said he was in the Viu interview. I can see his chest muscled sometimes and it's really sexy. haha SHK, I find her too thin in this drama. Although, I get that she needs to be thin to fit perfectly for the role and I just love the dedication that she has put in it. And it is paying off. Heck, sometimes I totally forget the 12 year age difference. I can only see 3 yr age difference from their faces. lol
  8. Chaumet is a European brand right? French, I think? @wbishkjkbg hello chingu, glad you finally got out of lurking
  9. How lucky can that passer by be? When you are at the right place at the right time. My gosh. I dont know how I would have reacted if i was in his/her place. lol It doesnt look like an expressway. It looks like a bus terminal. If you look closely, there are buses in the background.
  10. @winter spring summer Thank you! I wondered. And yes. It's the same mom in DOTS @bohmi chingu! No. I dont believe I saw that scene at all. The only scene with a bike i can recall was when they were starting the some relationship. Wonder what that is.
  11. Is Bo-Gum left handed? Just wondering. Coz he uses his left hand so much. When he was holding the camera on the latest BTS, he was also using his left hand. Hope he grows his hair back, I want it not wavey though, I want it just like in the magazine. So manly @leedonghaek Just wondering if you understand mandarin?
  12. @rosiepeonie188 Dont worry chingu... Im feeling alittle positive right now, (i had to) @NongpeeP Aigooo. PBG with long hair is my favorite!! I have high regards with PBG and I still have high regards for him Love when the tweeter referred to SHK as an acting Goddess... and look at her credentials
  13. Good job to us for soothing the pain away Everybody’s getting too worked up about all the possible endings and what will happen in Episode 15&16. Aigooo I dont even want to think about it anymore. A little more than 24 hours from now we will finally know whats getting to us. Praying to all the drama Gods for a happy ending for our CSH and KJH.
  14. Humor and... @shyguitar My thoughts exactly. Haha! JH is too gentleman really. You gotta admire and hate him for it