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  1. Thank you for sharing this info @ahdrianaa. I was actually scrutinizing her face. Lol I concluded her makeup is not that thick since there’s really not much to hide. I remember the scene in BF when CSH woke up from a drunken night. She has little to no make up there i think. Yet her skin is still tight considering her age.
  2. ”This event is to celebrate the Chinese Film Festival. It will be rude and inappropriate if I were the one that receives the limelight” .... Manners. She still slayed that red carpet though.
  3. These are new ones right? credit: koreasongsongcouple i miss Kyo so bad
  4. I know. These crazy shippers just dont get it! Sometimes I wonder if they think at all. Lol Gollum much? I just full blown ranted on Yusuke’s post telling them off. Kyo might be covering her face with embarassment on how much the rabbids are harassing Yusuke. Seriously. Good thing people are also quick to reprimand those crazed ones Lol
  5. Im getting a headache reading comments about the ring. seriously, it’s slowly becoming the ring from LOTR. “The ring that rules them all” lol
  6. I agree with you about shk. She is often questioned how pretty she is or how good her acting is and I am always surprised how humbly she answers them. Not only with words, her humbleness reflects her actions. I love that she didnt shy away from showing that she’s still not wearing her ring from the picture that she posted no matter the outcry and noise about her not wearing her ring. It goes to show that she’s still the Kyo that I love. Calm and relaxed and not swayed by the negative comments/articles that are so obviously fake. No matter what she chooses may it be work or lovelife, I will always support her.
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