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  1. @selen4ever Also the Korean wiki now claims that the drama was extended not for one but for 6 episodes, so it will now have 126 episodes. 내일도 맑음 방영 분량이 120부작에서 6회 연장되어 126부작으로 변경 및 확정되었다.
  2. Really extend to 126 episodes? Why not 150 episodes to the next generation? This is a rubber band drama, stretched to the limit until it snaps. I hope the ratings continue to drop as a lesson to writer-nim. @darrI think this week witnessed some developments. Here are some. DG starts to suspect JE Hanna starts to suspect SH SH is blackmailed by Yuri and SJ's fake dad Mr. Lee starts to change his mind about HN and HG's relationship The grannie likes HN more and more The secret of SJ is starting to be revealed to more people (Eunae, Yuri) i guess some of this developments will go a stray.
  3. @darrBut, why is it that the bad ones always make it more than the good ones? If, how to stretch the drama to 121 episodes. I think 1/2 hour has more room to play about.
  4. @ jayakris :Was she just starting this off by bluffing after simply overhearing the cop questioning SH at the boutique Earlier I commented on facial expression. Yura read SH facial expression when the cop question her so she decided to take SH side. Yura was at the right place and time. This how con artist works.
  5. I like this @ange ong from youtube So many people know who she is but not the people that should know writer u very creative so many problems n story dragging if till the end that know they are mother n daughter. u really make this a rubber band drama..now have to wait till monday..u know how to play n torture people life.
  6. HN's mother dozing away because the the wrong medication. When will they discover she is on wrong medication given by JE? another 14 or 15 episodes to go
  7. The way the drama is going, I think Sa rang will be HG new gf. She is smarter than HN.
  8. In this episode, the three men ( fathers of DG , Je and HG ) remind me of the Three stooges.
  9. Written by Kim Min-Joo Directed by Eo Soo-Sun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunny_Again_Tomorrow
  10. I think the fake SJ is after something big. She is going to transfer the boutique and probably the house into her name with the help of SJ (blackmail her).
  11. What about telling us from which country you are from? hehehe I am from Malaysia.
  12. Copied from a comment on youtube @ charmaine lin Korean dramas always make good people look/act dumb become dumber as if got no brains. Only the evil ones smarter. lol
  13. Now to episode 121. I think the writer is also reading all the reviews on the internet and decide to add one more episode to have a happy ending.
  14. After watching many episodes, I think the acting, especially SH facial expression is all wrong. You can read that she is lying all the way until ep 103. Now the fake SJ is playing a mind game with SJ and JE by reading their facial expression.
  15. nohamahamoud2002 said: in the preview, it seems that SH makes her doctor visit Eunae to give her medicine to prevent her from regaining her memory. Isn't writer going to the extreme? I wonder what the Korean Medical Board will think of this. Better prescribe insulin pills or any medicine that can kill her faster. Another funny part I noticed when the Police questioning SH; her facial expression tells she knows all. Many the police will question her again after the CCTV footage. After all this is a drama.
  16. Really. Wow this writer-nim has some many bad things. I wonder in real life the writer has the same traits.
  17. Abortion is morally wrong. Abortion is murdering the feotus. Hana says no to keeping the baby. How is she going to getting rid of the baby? If a couple does not want to have a baby, then they should have taken protection. Abortion should not be view as a normal thing to do cause it bring harm to the mother. Clearly I think the writer should not brought this conversation just to increase air time. The writer is good in plotting bad things.
  18. I still wandering, what happened to the pink blouse, white socks and white shoes ?
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