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  1. Good idea! But I will not do my own Oppa. Because shyyyy hahaha plus I don’t really see photos of his abs...haha
  2. +2 Me: People talking about TYH DP=Me
  3. @triplem hehehe. licious is my middle name now this is a new combo. Abslicious. muscleslicious?
  4. @triplem technically there is a somewhat ‘privacy’ in there not sure what is the level of privacy though but yeah. I get it now.. +2
  5. Ehhhh i take offence to that! How can you put lichious on abs! Lichious is my name! Sushilicious! ... JUST JOKING! Go ahead! I’m just kiddinggggg Hahahaha in Before I accidentally put +2 again. He!
  6. @triplem join Liao. Let’s see how Pervy we could be. Hehe +2
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