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  1. I think it’s because she is a skeptic and also she doesn’t have any family, that she has guilt or anger with. @Dramanoona I really love to talk about this drama here. Knowing that I am in a place where everyone is watching the same thing as I do. It’s so hard to find people to talk about Dramas haha.
  2. Let’s stress the fact that asking someone to cover their eye to see if that person is PID is the worst possible idea to check if they are indeed PID. They can lie. *sigh* That said, HP is still high on the list. I think that PY just went to meet PHJ in a tunnel is just that. I don’t think it means that he is PID. How would the superior PID not know that GY is watching them. When HP talks to CY. The way HP talks is like..Someone knowing that it’s himself, but trying to say that he’s not. I just don’t think that HP is right anymore.Honestly, the dialogue “How could you not trust me? We fought together before.” *Head tilts* that dialogue just screams that something is off, or am I thinking too much. I love the guest, but I hate to wait for the guest to come because he is always late! (Haha Made a joke there.)
  3. So I watched the episode (Now just jumping around on the different parts to rewatch it again) Anyone finds it suspicious that GY’s partner is drinking water, then it cuts to HP drinking as well? My Thoughts on the possible ending for them: I find that right now, PID is breaking down HP. Because PID knows that 20 years after the ritual he can finally come out. Hence forth the hospital bleeding scene, as every pain HP has, the energy of PID will take over, more and more till it takes up HP completely. (The old lady said that) -(Possible Thoughts on the Ending :I feel that HP, will become the superior Human/Sprit. Or he will be a completely different person from what he was. He might be in control like a sherif in the spirit world.) CY, we can see that he is still suffering from all of this. But a thought that comes to my mind is that even if PID spares him, he will either kill himself or get psychological problems in the near future, due to the sudden pain that he is feeling. (Breaking the mirror, can meant that he is fight with the curse and pain) Maybe once PID dies, his curse will be lifted? But I think it will stay permanently. GY, I see that she is trying her best to get things right, but at the same time she lacks the idealization of other people around her. Her partner gets scolded all the time because of her, yet she doesn’t felt apologetic. Funny enough, I can’t exactly think of a possible ending for her.Maybe she stays as a policewoman after? PHJ...Psych Ward. Look at her actions when she is angry. PY...I think he will either be apart of destroying PID or if he is PID ,he will die, and then transfer it to HP. I think his possible ending is he will die. YG...To me is a 50/50 chance his vision will come true. GY’s partner I ain’t too sure about him either. Preping things early haha. Honestly this is one of the best drama, I’ve watched.The Wednesday to Friday two weeks after is gonna be so lonely.
  4. Making HP to lose his mind, but at the same time giving back HP his psychic powers. Ah.. have to wait till next week. Can we just talk about how we only have about two weeks left? I am not ready to leave the trio yet!
  5. Yes. Because,if they were to fight Park ll do in the human world. Wouldn't park ll do just jump from one body to another? Then the story will not end. PS, anyone saw the bts today? CY holding HP up the hill while GY goes up without anyone haha (Bromance~)
  6. Intensive scenes next week I just stumbled across one fan comment and I kind off clicked with it. So for the next Episode, Choi Yoon is getting hurt. While Episode 11, Gil Young gets hurt. They are literally going to the top step by step, weakening those who stand in their way to get Hwa Pyung. I also feel that the prophecy is true that "Everyone around him will die." Anyone noticed how almost each time,when Hwa Pyung is around or as long as it comes in to contact with Hwa Pyung people will either get possessed or murdered? When they say that "He is just like us." I think they meant the nature of Hwa Pyung,being like death in a way. Just like park ll do killing everyone. At this stage, Choi Yoon is injured spiritually and I'm afraid that he wouldn't have much soul left to defeat Park Ll Do. I don't even think that Gil Young will be much help either. Hwa Pyung, he could. But I think he has to take Park Ll Do in. (I know it's a bit out there but just bare with me) Maybe the only way to win park ll do is to get in to the spiritual world. In which park ll do is vulnerable to being injured. Maybe, Hwa Pyung has to let Park ll do in so that he could fight him one on one. This is something that we must wait and see. Then from the human world, Choi Yoon will keep Hwa Pyung in check making sure that he doesn't lose the fight.
  7. But Yoon will never be able to get permission due to it not being recorded. Though.
  8. Oh my. The writer really knows how to screw our brains up with unexpected twist here and there haha. My Brain is fried. After GY’s partner got possessed.
  9. Okay so I was just re watching the trailer for today’s episode. And at the last part, when HP was like. “Let’s not see or call each other again.” It kinda sounds like a break up between CY and HP. (I know he is talking about the trio. But at the same time this could also apply for the bromance. It’s like we are watching some romance)
  10. Talking about him, i felt that Father Yang is like testing HP in the next episode. Hence the upside down cross scene. AH...HP or Father yang...Now i don't know who is PID exactly. But i am betting on HP haha. Something must have happened to HP. If not he wouldn't just give up like this.
  11. I have watched the latest episode and i was surprised as to how fast the episode had ended. It honestly felt like i just watched this episode in like 5 minutes! It's quite saddening, for this episode. One is someone that HP have not met for 20 years and another that have been his sole pillar, gone just like this. It's really nerve wrecking. Hope that HP is okay.
  12. Based on the trailer, the possessed voice did say something along the lines of “He say that the kid is his, he will never leave the body.”...Plus...Hwa Pyung did say that “Park Ll Do is too strong, let’s not call or see each other anymore.” To Choi Yoon. It sucks that the trio’s relationship is in danger again
  13. Something really had happened. Literal Translated Title: Park Ll Do in Yoon Hwa Pyung’s body?