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  1. Somehow. I feel that other then these two, Both Priest Moon and The demon itself have something to do with it as well.(I also find that maybe, OSM’s mother’s death and possession is related as well.Cause everything that the drama had come up with always have a purpose and meaning for it.) TBH, I now feel that maybe all these while, The demon wants either OSM or Ham, or even both. It’s like TG. Because I believe that the demon would not randomly possess other people, the demon would possess someone to attracts OSM or Ham.I think the demon is playing with his ‘food’. Oh...can we all spend a minute of silence for Detective Koo’s junior and partner. You guys didn’t give any respect to her, let me help you guys. That’s why they say curiousity kills the cat. PS Moon is really not as ‘pure’ as it seems.
  2. Who knows....Ji Hoon looks good with blood on his face while standing in the toppled bus
  3. Imagine An eagle spying on It's prey, so it flies around the prey and waits for the best time to strike. Then each time it tries, it fails. Ultimately it will succeed. We just have to wait. Low key if OSM ever gets possessed... Crazy Sushilicious will emerge once more hahahaha
  4. Going old school tonight But if you are talking about Korean songs: EXID I LOVE YOU
  5. sushilicious

    If you have three wishes...

    If you are given three wishes, what would your wishes be? If i have three wishes, I would: 1) I wish my family to be healthy and happy 2) I wish that the world will be peaceful (No wars, or miscommunications) 3) I wish that I could find a man that love me What is yours? May your wishes come true
  6. same, I want to know what happened 8 years ago. Honest opinion, the male doctor and Priest Moon are very suspicious. One, The male doctor somehow know Who OSM was eight years ago. How is he the only one that knew about this? Like if OSM Have entered the hospital before, some of the doctors should have met him, but I don’t see any coming up to him except for the male doctor. Two, Priest Moon. I am very suspicious about him. I’m not sure Is it the subtitles error or what, but as I was watching it I read two things. 1:The demon said “You were the one who Let me go.” 2:The demon said “You were the one who trained me.” I feel that he has something to do with whatever is happening. Wild guess: 8 years ago, OSM & Ham became a couple, they were about to get married when midway through The demon who was in OSM’s mother have found him once more. The demon proceeds to possess OSM, thus he became a energumen. Ham saw the scene, this cause a trauma that resulted in her forgetting what happened 8 years ago. (Probably something big has happened thus allowing the demon to take OSM) Moon took charged to Exorcise OSM, But midway through it, (Missing) something happened and Moon was forced to set the demon free. As the demon leaves, OSM’s memories was wiped. Seeing that the two have met with such horrifying scene. Moon felt that it is better to just let them be, in fear that if (The thing that happened in paragraph one would be known) chaos could rain upon them. Just me doing some while guessing
  7. sushilicious

    virtual angel

    @lynne22 @mrsj3n @Dramanoona Hiya! So Christmas is here, the sky turns cold, what so good about Christmas without any warm food to warm our hearts? Cheers to many of us as we share the joy of togetherness! PS. I would stuff myself with that pizza like her. If you are having examinations or any hardship, remember to be yourself and be happy Your Gift From @sushilicious
  8. Playing Tug-Of-War with Priest, but the Priest is a cheater Me: I will pull the rope to win! Priest Pulls the rope to win me. Me: Alright, I pull, I will not lose my interest in you! Priest drops the rope and I fall to the ground. Me: I hate you! I don’t want to play with you anymore. Preparing to leave. Priest: Okay Fine, I will play legit. the cycle continues.
  9. @maplinh *Clears Throat* Let me and @mrsj3n introduce you to Less Than Evil. It’s currently airing on Monday-Tuesday, which is great to watch after Priest. I shall let @mrsj3n tell you how she feels about this show. Anyways, to me all the characters are pretty somewhat likable but I don’t say that I have any specific feelings for all. It’s just all very neutral. All I know is that I just like the chemistry between the priests. It’s cute. Have not watched EP 6 yet but yup, will do that later. Based on what @mrsj3n had said, I guess the team is giving us breather episodes. So is like some episodes will be less impactful so that it won’t be heavy.
  10. RIGHT?! GOSH! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FINDS THAT KISS SCENE REALLY WEIRD ESPECIALLY FOR GENRES LIKE THIS! *Takes a breather* Okay. I’m calm now. I honestly find the concept of entering the subconsciousness to fight with the demon...a little fictional. I don’t believe that there is such a possibility that would happen. First initial thoughts about this concept And as what @mrsj3n said, like so the exorcism is a success like The fish? Kiss Scene underwater like Low Key think that the writer bite off too much he/she could chew. Medical + Exorcism + Romance(?) From the beginning I was wondering to myself, Medical and Exorcism they are stand alone genres, meaning they could be independent by themselves. But the team, decided to combine both which becomes wider. Wider and harder to write. But based off what we see, they wanted to add in romance too. They are really biting too much. I will give EP 6 a try. If it doesn’t turns out, I will probably just stick to their trailers. Honestly the more I think about the problems, the more I lose my interests *sigh* Great, Father Moon isn’t technically clean either. A corrupted exorcism priest? That’s a first. Okay, now in EP 7 We focus the story on the cop and his family and somehow Priest Moon is involved?
  11. Boys being Boys hahaha. Getting kissed by a pretty lady of cause he would be thinking about it hahaha. Probably it's OSM's first too.
  12. Okay Guys, placing a youtube video and or any other media is easy. I will just place it here for future new soompiers to see Youtube: COMPUTER BASED UPLOAD -Simply go to youtube and copy the URL -Paste the URL on the reply box and it will automatically change into the video itself. (You have the option to either have it as a link or the video itself) PHONE BASED UPLOAD -Go to your Youtube app and press the arrow button -Press Copy Link -Paste URL on the reply box and it will automatically change into the video itself (You have the option to either have it as a link or the video itself) Eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBxzWYAXf1M (The Youtube Link should look like this but of different letter) Photos/Gifs: COMPUTER BASED UPLOAD -Simply right click -Open Image in new tab -Copy URL and Paste URL on the reply box and it will automatically change into the picture itself (You have the option to either have it as a link or the video itself) PHONE BASED UPLOAD -Simply go to the photo you want to upload (internet) -Press and hold and press view image -Copy URL and Paste URL on the reply box and it will automatically change into the picture itself (Apple and Android should have the same settings) (You have the option to either have it as a link or the video itself) (Gifs can be created by you and or others all you have to do is to upload your own on a gif website and get the URL link and paste it here.) Eg.https://media.giphy.com/media/yoJC2A59OCZHs1LXvW/giphy.gif
  13. sushilicious

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    One of the best MV with the greatest ending (Ps. If you haven't watch it, you really should!)
  14. sushilicious

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    Er....I want a sequel hahahaha i missed them
  15. @bebebisous33 You had the same thought as mine. Having it always happening in the hospital is too repetitive. Got to have some new location or it will lose the feel in my opinion. To me it's not as attracting as TG. I even realised that as i was watching EP4 today. I stop midway through and didn't bother watching for a week until today. Normally if Im really into something i will watch it right away and not like this. Honestly it's just not catching up on me despite this being my favourite genres. I feel let down sometimes... I think as of now, i would still continue, let see how long i will last PS. Somehow as i was watching this i have a tendency to look at my phone. Not a good sign.