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  1. From a person who has praised her acting skills at the beginning, I think shes been pretty bad the last few episodes. If I had started watching her from these episodes I might have dropped it already by now. She cant handle those intense emotional scenes yet. It actually really took me by surprise how poorly shes acted. Angelababy is popular but also well hated too. She’s well connected but the public loves to hate her and she gives them reason to. She updated her weibo with a statement saying she welcomes all criticism in regards to her acting, when people do exactly that, she deletes all the bad comments. Don’t put up a statement that you’re open to criticme when you can’t handle it. What has she won in awards? Popularity awards? Weibo hot search award? She's known to buy hot searches on herself. Not sure how legitimate those claims are but I read that about her, same goes for Ma Tianyu. It backfired on them both. She hasnt won anything in terms of acting awards. Her drama airing right now is not doing well, considering she's going up against her not so well liked hubby. Maybe the numbers will get better because she is working alongside a well liked and talented costar. I dont think either men overthink for her, she does her fair share to lead them both on by giving them mixed signals. When LS confessed his love for her at the lake, which to me was very upfront, she could have said something, she didnt. She cried. What was he suppose to think? Her silence to him was her agreeing to the conditions of growing old and grey together, we must be together no matter what. Really actually sounded creepy to me. Then when she allowed LS to drag her out of the Cheng's mansion, that said to LS she wasnt on good terms with Tianyou as she claimed the previous night. She told Tianyou twice she chose her brother over him? I only remember once. I think being the type of girl Tianyou knew she is, when she gave her virginity to him, I think it made it clear to him he had her heart. In his mind she loves him but she loves family more, she would compromise him for family. He's just going to wait until she figures things out. Doesn't matter whose fandom one is on, the way she's been treating both men is unfair. She needs to make up her mind and stick to it. She had no intention of quitting Tianyou's company until he told her they're irrelevant. Most level headed women would quit the job as soon as they found out their ex would be their superior, instead she stuck around to be a dagger in his chest. It totally goes against her decision to keep him safe from her. I'm not buying it anymore. If she wanted no part in his life she could have just quit. She doesn't want to hurt her brother, but she treats him like a second class citizen with her condescending eyes and tone of voice after he delivered her breakfast. It makes me blood boil because the thing I hate the most is when family treat family like that in front of their significant other. That was so unfair to LS. He must have felt like a piece of trash walking out of there. It wasn't so much her telling him she spent the entire night with Tianyou, but it was how she went about doing it. What was the difference between that and telling him the truth that she wasnt into him romantically? She's immature, period. OK but you also defended her and blamed Tianen for her lying about her miscarriage right? Tianyou actually has the right to learn because that baby was his. Shouldn't he know the truth that the baby was lost through a miscarriage and not aborted? Shouldnt he learn that she might not be able to conceive in the future? Shouldn't he be allowed to make a mutual decision on how their relationship should proceed further? Him lying about his eyes, they're his eyes, even if she caused the blindness, they belong to him. The baby was not solely hers. She lied about the miscarriage because she's afraid she cant conceive in the future. He lied to protect her from harm and also because he does not want to become dependent on her. His reasons are fair, I dont think hers was entirely, especially when she walked back into his life and made it difficult for him to forget. How can she not know the impact she had on him when he was crying like a baby when she told him about the miscarriage and proceeded to break up with him? She's senseless. The difference between the two is that Tianyou will try to disappear from her life after this ordeal, but she made it really hard for him after she broke up with him the last time. She will walk back into his life again when he turns blind, and disappoint him again before this drama ends. She is really the most dramatic protagonist of all time. Mind you this drama was finished product at 50 episodes. Hunan requested they go back and film so they can make it into 80. They managed to get 70 but the online version got stretched to 72. What will end up happening with Jiang Sheng is we will see her character develop into a strong woman and it takes 70 epsodes to get us there. That’s the beauty of the process. We might even complain that it ended too soon LOL Their wine by the sea would have been the morning after their night together. Shes in the same grey sweater. When she met him outside the model's room, I think that was another day.
  2. I read a long letter that Tianyou wrote designated for Jiang Sheng but with no with intention for her to read it. It explains his train of thought. I knew the reason he had everyone present when he cut ties with was to make it realistic because it wouldnt be reasonable that he only saved her life a few days ago and now telling her he's sacrificing her for his career. He made sure family were present, he made sure Liang Sheng was present. Here's some of it "I was once a sensible man but the one thing I cannot tolerate is seeing you in distress. When you fell, that moment my heart stopped. I subconsciously rushed out. There was only one thought in my mind, grab you and protect you. If I cannot protect you from heartbreak, I can at least protect your body from physical harm. I don't know how deep the sea is but I tried my best to be your bottom of the sea I don't know if it will be temporary or long term, but I'm aware that my grandpa's anger will engulf you and public scrutiny is not what you can afford. I do not want to add to your sorrows. I cant stand to add to your psychological burden. Every man will compromise what he cant afford. The price I cant afford are to the accusations you will encounter, the shame you will have to endure. I cant afford this. I rather you despise me than to have you suffer the pressure. Today we will be irrelevant. Take a cup of tea and drink it in front of everyone, let them witness my decision. Your brother has the power to protect you. The harsher I am with you today, the more he will take care of you in the days to follow. You must do well, forget me and start your new life. Uncle Qian is beside me. I'm fully aware he came to serve my grandfather's mission. He wants to send you to the other side of the earth. Instead of living my life on their terms, it's better to let the world see that I don't care about you anymore. This is the only way to protect you. We must have no other opportunity to meet, everyone will be relieved and only would you be truly safe. Don't worry about me. My future is bright. You don't owe me anything, you were just merely pass through my life. As I will forget you, please forget me. Please go on with peace of mind. Sorry I'm hurting you. I'm aware that you love me, but love alone is not enough. You don't love me enough. When the good days return, I will certainly return to you, confess my apology or not say anything and just hold you. But can I wait until that day?" @lizzieyenwe posted at the same time LOL. when I scrolled up I was like who edited my comments???? that's not me! But then I rechecked and its you!
  3. Sorry my mistake, that scene where she brings her hands to her mouth wasnt edited out but it will probably be in a later episode. She's in civilian clothing not hospital uniform. I think I was just trying to find excuses for her. I would have to agree with the "many." I didnt read youtube comments but I've read weibo comments and countless articles on how she's so emotionless as an actress. I didnt see these articles before so I'm assuming most people were ok with her until recently where she had to up her game and failed. There are articles comparing her acting to Angelababy's. I want to disagree with them but they couldn't be more right. I thought Angelababy wasnt a strong actress, but when to comes to expressing grief Angelababy has the upper-hand compared to Sun Yi. Honestly speaking Sun Yi's acting slipped tremendously in the last few episodes. She's spaced out in a lot of the scenes. I dont think its the vibe her or the director was aiming for either, it's more likely that her acting abilities has limits. She's not yet a seasoned actress. She's done well to portray light emotions but now the script requires a higher level of acting skills to convey those complex emotions, she's just not there yet. Its not so much her reaction but her portrayal of it. I dont see pain in her eyes. A good actor should be able to emit emotions using just their eyes. Even if she was entering deep depression she didn't look it. She just looked bored. I'm not just speaking for the hospital scenes, but mostly all of 37-38. When she learned that Tianyou might not wake up she didnt flinch, nothing changed in her facial expressions, her eyes stayed emotionless. You know how an actor can convey emotions in a way that as the audience you can feel and you want to cry along with them? When Tianyou's grandfather choked up after learning of his blindness, that was powerful acting. His emotions were in place. It was subtle but it left a strong impact. I almost choked up with him, because I feel I can relate to how he feels knowing someone he loves is facing such a tragedy. I believe he does love his brother. His conflicting feelings for his brother shows through his acting. I know there were times I asked in this thread what his intentions were, and now with his confession it makes sense. If it was only hate he had for his brother, he wouldnt bear to stay up 3 nights and 3 days watching over him. She's immature. It has nothing to do with her age, because Jinling's not irrational. All the misunderstandings in this entire drama was driven by her. Her intentions were good, but the way she went about achieving the results she wanted was stupid and pathetic as she's caused more harm than good. With her comes drama and headaches. She used LS to break up with TIanyou. She used Tianyou to distance herself from LS. What she did to her brother in that hotel room was not cool. She looked like she wanted to throw the breakfast back at him. Did she have to look annoyed at him the way she did? That was so disrespectful and hurtful to him that she would treat him like that in front of her man. Felt like smacking her for LS. Tianyou was really uncomfortable with the way things were going too. She's driving a wedge between the two men. Why cant she just sort out her problems without dragging other people into the picture. I find her character very annoying just on her stupidity alone. She has no backbone and gets herself bullied by everyone. The only backbone she has is with Tianyou. I can understand why so many viewers are so turned off by her character. I really hope that the script is written better for her in the later episodes Tianyou's noble sacrifice makes a lot more sense to me. He's a proud man, why would he want the woman he loves to see him blind like that? If he can no longer protect her, he doesn't feel worthy. Sometimes you want to protect the ones you love from news that might only worry or pain them. He was sparing her of the agony. He knows that she will feel guilty in turn worsen her depression. He did vow in the trailers that once he gets his vision back nothing will stop him from making her his wife whether or not she was married or had children. But hes not going to put her in a position where she would have to stay with him just because she indebted to him since she caused his blindness. The very least I appreciated he didn't use Su Man, Ninxin, Tianen or his grandpa as an excuse to break up with her. Therefore if she were to have any animosity it would only be towards him and him alone. You saw a clip where Tianyou says he wants a clean break from her? When he met her outside the model's room I dont think it was to tell her that?
  4. @lizzieyen her reaction upon seeing him unconscious was still too calm and emotionless for even the most cold and unfeeling person. But I went back to watched the scene, they did cut out the part where she sees him and brings her hands to her mouth and gasp. I read a lot of criticism on her acting regarding these scenes too but I would say it’s not entirely her fault since they did edit out parts of it I really don’t think that Tianen hates his brother enough to want him dead. I didn’t follow him in the book but there was a description of his character where it said he loves his brother enough to die for him but hates him to the bones. Murong Feng was from Too Late to Say I Love You. His character is based on two historical figures that had an impact on China’s history, they just combined both men into one for the drama. I couldn’t find trailers on YouTube just a bunch of clips of their kiss scenes. It’s probably the most sexually charged Chinese drama I’ve watched. I watched it with my parents so imagine how uncomfortable that was LOL. It was this episode my parents had on that made me actually take interest in the drama. Wallace’s acting blew me away. He looked so hopeless and shattered like she drove a sword into his chest. Start at 7 min point,their exchange the night before and the morning after. Few words were said in the morning but the emotions and chemistry was oozing. Fans made an mv combining the scenes from that drama and Sun Yi’s Seige In Fog drama. I might have already posted the link pages back, but someone posted again this morning so I had to watch it again https://m.weibo.cn/1762891332/4297291370456614 Almost 7 whole minutes of pure Tianyou and Jiang Sheng scenes, some scenes that haven’t popped up yet https://m.weibo.cn/3735838407/4297269308508649
  5. @lizzieyen When I saw the trailers of that boat scene I thought she was crying because she’s leaving LS for Tianyou so she feels bad for him she had to make that choice. I don’t think her reaction is normal when she saw him lying there unconscious. She breaks down and cries often but in this situation not one teardrop. She cries over everything, so I don’t think her reaction to his state was consistent at all. Let’s not talk about tears but her eyes and her body language didn’t speak in those scenes. Her eyes empty with no emotion as if she was staring at a wall. When I saw short clips of this scene she brought her hands to her mouth, at least that reaction would suffice. Or did she do that and I missed it? Tianen had tears in his eyes but Jiang Sheng had none. Either she failed or the director failed to have that scene pass. If it was Ningxn’s reaction I wouldn’t be complaining cause it would be consistent to her posed character. There were a couple of times in the last two episodes where Sun Yi just looked spaced out. Maybe those scenes were filmed during her pregnancy or post pregnancy and she wasn’t feeling well. Making excuses for her here. You can see changes in both Wallace and Sun Yi during this filming, their weight gain and weight loss. Tianen has been giving mixed signals so I’ve been suspecting his intentions whether it’s to help or harm his brother. Hes not all that evil just unstable. It’s a love hate relationship. He loves his brother but hates him at the same time. I don’t even think it’s hate, it’s more jealousy and resentment. For his brother he was willing to protect his favorite woman. He covered up the news in fear of what his grandpa might do to Jiang Sheng. Perhaps that time when he saw his brother sulking over the break up he really did want his brother to reconcile with Jiang Sheng when he arranged for them to meet at the party. Murong Feng was probably Wallace’s best performance. No one could have done Murong Feng the way he did. The chemistry was through the roof, sadly I don’t fancy his costar.
  6. Jiang Sheng has never indicated anything, or even given anyone the impression that she feels for her brother beyond family, but everyone has accused their relationship of not being so innocent. Not so much Jiang Sheng but LS. I think you caught this on before I did because you mentioned their friend would always question LS but not Jiang Sheng. When Tianyou dragged her there that day, I think it was to prove to everyone shes innocent and she's not going to interfere with the wedding. I think he did it for her own good not for his own peace of mind, because it's not in his character to do something abrupt without thinking. She could have easily resolved that on her own without using Tianyou. I think Tianyou's problem is he's too much of a gentleman, I'd like to see him take advantage of her LOL. Can you please break boundaries for once Tianyou?! No, LS just hasnt gotten there yet. He only just found out days ago that she's not blood related to him. At the same time he thinks she's still with Tianyou or at least still not over him. After he saw them together the next morning he packed his bags and left. Or did I skip through it too fast and miss anything? Certainly he's done enough for her to find reason to convince him she's not into him that way. The lake scene was sad because as soon as he said he would grow old with her she broke down. It's because he's not who she wants to grow old with, not in that way anyway. Sun Yi so far has done a great job as Jiang Sheng but when her and Tianyou fell off the cliff and he was still deemed still in the danger zone if he doesnt wake up in 72 hours, her performance was underwhelming. It was underwhelming the entire time she was at the hospital. If I didnt hear her monologue I wouldn't know she's devastated. The only time it appeared fitting was when she forced herself to eat. The grandfather's reaction was on point. I can feel his pain. I'm on EST zone. I'm always typing up replies in this forum thats It took me a while to catch up on this drama. I wasnt watching full episodes instead FF through it then quickly came here to leave comments. Its become daily routine and obsession to analyze this drama at this forum now LOL fans put together this gif to show the contrast between Murong Feng and Tianyou when the other man shows up in his room
  7. CSM 52 is the more significant one. When you read about ratings, they will always mention the ratings from CSM 52 not nationwide. That list posted by Skippies is the average ratings for the top 30 dramas so far this year, again they used the averages from CSM 52. Skippies used the primary source for ratings, so their numbers are reliable. Negotiators is number 15 at 1.19. Wiki's averages you linked me to are inaccurate reporting the csm 52 average at 1.13 so either they did the math wrong or they used inaccurate numbers posted by an english site. I know an English site that post up ratings on a weekly basis and they would have used the same source as Skippies, and more than a dozen times Ive caught inaccuracies in their ratings and vlinkage reporting when they translate the info into english
  8. Ok finally watched the episodes with sound That morning after where her brother made breakfast for her, they changed the context of what he said in the drama vs the book. If memories serves me correct he said something along the lines of, remember I promised you meals for life? You are the most important woman in my life. Then Tianyou walks looking like he had an indulgent night and Jiang Sheng says she felt like dying as she was sandwiched between the two men LOL. If not for her memories flashing back to what Jinlin advised her, I would have thought was trying to prevent Tianyou from getting the wrong idea about her relationship with her brother. Because they had cut so many scenes their night together was awkward. They just sat like that all night? What was the point of Tianyou telling her about his childhood? She never changed out of her robe either. I"m curious about what he was going to tell her when he saw her outside the model's room. I guess we will never know for a while now. I'm glad she finally found out who saved her during the fire. He's been doing so much for her without her knowing that he still cares, at least now she knows he didnt let her die just because they broke up. I dont think she knows yet that the flower garden was planted for her by Tianyou? In the novel it was easier to pick up the clues since the someone told her it was a man who bought acres of land years back to plant those flowers for his future wife. Forgot to add, remember that scene where Tianyou picks up Jiang Sheng from school and forces her to clean up his place? Then he made her life even harder by adding to the mess while she was there? That wasn't part of the script and was added on the spot by Wallace cause he thought it was fitting. Tianyou doing that was an effort to have Jiang Sheng keep him company a little longer.
  9. Negotiators average was 1.19, not 1.6. But at 1.19 its still considered a hit
  10. Perhaps your standards are held too high on what is considered a hit. Breaking 1 is a huge deal, because every time a drama breaks 1, I see its made into a big deal, so I dont know where you're getting "bare minimum" from. From Hunan's and critics point of view, Negotiator's was a hit. Its not so much the numbers but how it fared against the competition. I saw real time data of the ratings as the drama aired, so I can verify the reports that the media, critics were not delusional or biased claiming it was a hit. It was a huge hit online but with online its always hard to verify how true those numbers are when fans play a big role into playing and replaying episodes. It was averaging 300 mil views a day, Negotiators was number 1 drama topic on weibo on most days. That's not an impact? It was a hit but the feedback wasn't good, but those are two entirely different subjects. Mr Love had double broadcasting, the average ratings were 1.56 and 1.02. Thanks for the list of dramas by Daylight, I can see where you're coming from. My expectations for Minglan are even higher now.
  11. She sacrificed the baby in the book, they just changed the circumstances in the drama. I watched Wallace's interview and he said he had read the book himself to have a deeper understanding of all the characters and he said the characters in the drama are very much aligned with the book. He said Tianyou is probably the warmest and most well-rounded characters he's portrayed onscreen. Sun Yi said that Tianyou is perfect and has no flaws, that I would disagree with and speak about later. Then Wallace spoke for Jiang Sheng and said her train of thought and actions reflect that of a growing girl. He didn't elaborate, but it sounds like he was making excuses for some of the wrong decisions she made along the way due to her immaturity. Him dragging her to bachelor party wasn't to make her choose between him and LS, but it was to prove her innocence that she wouldn't be a wedding-crasher. It was for her own dignity to prove she wouldn't affect the wedding. Little did he know that caused a chain reaction of events. Along with LS's reaction to the news they're not blood related and her reaction by using him as a shield proves to him that LS might feel for his sister more than family. He already knows that he comes second to LS the brother, so now the the circumstances changed, it's unsettling for him. That's why we saw him get drunk nights later when he saw the news. I dont think TY is persistence at all. If not for her walking back into his life, I don't think he would have reached out to her. It was her that walked past his villa and wanted to approach him. It was her that went to work for his company and didnt quit when he challenged her. I think this is where his character is flawed, because he gives her too much space instead of fighting harder to keep her. Every single time they broke up it wasn't him who aggressively went after her to reconcile, fate just took her back to him. Now the dialogue he had in Paris that we saw in the trailer where he declared, if he were to get his vision back, it doesn't matter if she's married or had kids, she can only be Mrs. Cheng that is the Tianyou I and a lot of viewers want to see. I'd like to see him approach love the same way he approach his business dealings. I really dont think that Jiang Sheng and LS would have stayed together unmarried, there would be a turning point where he would overstep his boundaries as a brother and she would bail. She loves him as a brother but the thought of him as a lover probably creeps her out, which is why she's been adamant about pushing him away and making it known she has Tianyou, so back off. When those lanterns floated away it was metaphoric of Tianyou floating away from her life. She imagined growing old and grey with Tianyou not her brother. Though she chooses to be her with brother, her heart is still in pain because she's regretful she had to sacrifice Tianyou. I went to watch episode 39 dvd version, it only covered up to the part where Tianyou comes into her dreams and brings her flowers. The TV version (38) is already at the part where Tianyou cut ties with her after he finds out hes blind. She doesn't know he's lost his vision, because he used a different excuse altogether. He claimed that she was just a game for him, and now hes letting her go because she's a hindrance to his career.
  12. They are considered hits, I've read countless articles that they were hits, as the drama was airing and after it ended. Just because the English sites say otherwise or doesn't cover it doesn't mean it wasn't a hit. The Negotiator's average rating was 1.19. A lot of the hits this year came from CCTV. I did read that this drama might air after Lu Yi's tribute drama, take that with a grain of salt. They do have 40 episodes left so its a possibility. They played their cards wrong airing RIse of The Phoenix because they were betting on that to cover their quota. I asked about what other dramas Daylight produced not Ciwen.
  13. So he’s going to make his decision based on an accident? It’s a different issue altogether if WY hired a hit man. If he could be so decisive he wouldn’t have got himself cornered into marriage. Jiang Sheng not being blood related to him was the most enticing factor in his decision. Just how I said Jiang Sheng wouldnt hesitate to abort the baby in order to donate bone marrow to her brother because she loves him more than herself. Given the choice she would have done it without consulting Tianyou in fear he might stop her. I feel her monologue today confirmed my thoughts. I’m not saying she’s a bad person but how she’s been portrayed so far shows that her love for her brother is selfless even if it means sacrificing herself. In many ways she’s selfless not just with her brother but everyone around her which is probably her biggest flaw because she ends up hurting herself and others along the way. I think it was you who mentioned that he was avoiding her after the break up but Tianen had to instigate things. I only noticed after you LOL. He did try to avoid her after the breakup, it wasn’t until she showed up at his company that he couldn’t help himself. I think at one point she will have to make the decision who she loves more with some balance and not having to sacrifice anyone. When she marries Tianyou and have kids, she can’t just divorce him so she can take care of LS should he fall ill. She would balance the two relationships and keep both intact. It’s not even about who she loves more, there should be a balance. So far she doesn’t seem to balance. She’s not level headed because her love seems to go to the extreme. She is staying with her brother because she doesn’t want to hurt him so she sacrifices her love for Tianyou. Yet she’s declaring if Tianyou dies she shall die with him, so who’s going to stay with her brother so he’s not hurt? As absurd as it sounds it happens more often than not. It could happen with just getting too close to the cliff for pictures. Viewers were saying the amnesia is unlikely in reality that it only happens often in tv dramas. I haven’t watched the 38 the lastest episode yet cause it has no sound. It’s not the same without sound. What version are you watching? Weibo has long clips available of the pivotal scenes.
  14. Come back and comment once you have time!!! @lizzieyen and I don’t want to hog this thread LOL. anyho I went to watch my episode 38 tv version, it has no sound. Is anyone else having the same problem? I got by watching long clips on weibo. I also went back a couple epsodes to get clarity. When LS took Jiang Sheng to the Cheng mansion, I think the grandpa did refuse to see him. Although it’s only Tianen speaking but would he really go above his grandpa to make up a story like that? He does have a soft spot for his brother. It’s a love hate relationship. I think he sincerely believed Ninxin is best for his brother. In his eyes Jiang Sheng wasn’t good enough. Epsodes back he talked Ninxin into pursuing his brother too. Today’s episodes also shows that his love for his brother overshadows the hate and resentment. I
  15. I would say she used him one too many times. Its really unnecessary for her to use Tianyou as a shield. The first time she could have simply said to LS, yes we are not related, but it doesnt make me love you any less. You are the best brother in the world to me, so blood related or not you are family and the world to me. The second time, she had no reason to use Tianyou. LS already gave her an excuse. She could given him minor clues that shes not into him that way without using Tianyou. She grew up with LS, I thought their bond was greater than life itself? Why cant she just be honest with him when its going to hurt him either way? Do they not share any details of their life with each other? Maybe the 4 year break put a big wedge between them but I feel as if they have no chemistry even as siblings. Their relationship is so tense. Tianyou is mature and stable it doesn't mean his heart is made of stone and it doesn't hurt him when she continues to use him that way. You can see the hurt in his face. Perhaps he's confident that she loves him, but he's also confident that he comes second to her brother. He might even be confident that Jiang Sheng doesn't love LS romantically, but he knows she would sacrifice herself for her brother. When she told him she aborted the baby, he didnt doubt it, because like I said pages back, she loves LS more than she loves her own life. Isn't this what he said to LS when LS confronted him at the villa? Jiang Sheng verifies this through her monologue, that she still loves Tianyou, but greater than love is family, she cant bear to hurt LS because she loves him more than her life. It wasnt Tianyou that walked back into her life, he did all he can to avoid her but they're destined to be together sooner or later so their paths were bound to cross again. The heart wants what the heart wants, she didnt quit upon learning his family owned the business, and he decided to move into that office. They could have avoided each other, but they didn't. This drama is really abusive, I truly understand the dog blood terminology. Yet if its bothering us enough to write chapters as both of us have, that means we enjoy it enough to care LOL. I