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  1. Welcome @Tyduck Just wanted to let you know that if you want spoilers for season 2, you can join the webnovel discussion: ever night (yoda version) I bet you will satisfy with the discussion over there especially the topics about mss
  2. You were disappeared from the forums longer than Haotian SS in the novel hi to you too *waving* @n3bula me too, friend. I used to think, what the heck, still the same director directing the drama?? When I heard Mao Ni was involved in producing and the script - and I was like, WOW!! Now I can watch the drama with a peace of mind and heart
  3. I like YHY as well. We will see her often in S2. But, not for MSS just a kind reminder to you, dont put too much hope on NQ-MSS relationship because I am worry you will not be able to take it or continue watching the series for most of the story in S2 is about NQ-SS relationship. I believe you are not a novel reader. But, what will happen with MSS in the following season will be pitiful, annoyed, shameless as she is always trying to steal NQ from SS even after NQ-SS already got married.
  4. Comrades, chingusss, a good news for all of NingSang's shippers. I just be told that Mao Ni will participate in producing the drama as well in script! The aunty said that the love story and relationship between NQ-SS will not be changed and will be based on the novel story So, worry not for unnecessary or overdone scenes like in the season 1 Mao Ni also said that he is firmly on SS's side. This is a big triumph!
  5. C'mon @n3bula YHY never liked NQ more than enemy, comrade or friend-foe (I am not sure how to describe their hate-love relationship). But, one thing for sure, they both never fall in love. YHY hates men. She always looking down on someone who is crazily fell in love with another person. For her, liking or loving someone can make someone become an idiot. NQ treats her like a man. In other word, she is like a tough man (sage) to him or even an enemy if NQ feels that YHY has threaten his and SS's life. NQ-YHY relationship is actually quite refreshing to read if you put away your bias against her I really enjoy their present sometimes. They can be kinda good comrade for each other and the next minutes can fight and kill one another. YHY also likes to tease NQ. She would not hesitate to mock his love life with mss sometimes.. because she knew NQ would bite the hook with getting angry and embarrassed when YHY did that. Both YHY-NQ are actually quite understand each other because she is NQ's female version and they both are cruel in term of killing people. Since YHY knew NQ quite well, therefore, she knew how much NQ loves SS. And she never doubt his love to SS even until the end. That's why at the almost ending chapter, YHY advised MSS to give up on NQ.
  6. @n3bula in my opinion, he only considered her because he felt quilty and responsible toward mss, and not because he loves her. Like NQ said, He owed Chen Pipi his life and he owed Mo Shanshan for her love.
  7. I have been watching The Kingdom of the Winds drama everyday. It makes me forgot about EN at the moment it was a good drama, comrades @n3bula I had just read about him drinking with MSS today. Tbh, its kinda boring to read mss always chasing NQ shamelessly and now turned to be pitiful by the way I look at her while NQ has SS in his mind all the time. Maybe I already knew NQ wasnt in love with mss and even had moved on from his past relationship with her, so I dont feel anything (,not even feel annoyed or angry like last time) whenever MSS always be the one who started being melancholic or trying to tied NQ with their past. Maybe I had reached my peaceful cultivation level now with my mortal enemy. However, my perspective about her is still the same, pitiful, shameless and annoyed character
  8. Not sure either. True. I think we will see some haters joining this forum soon. I love SYR-DW sparks!! Their chemistry are getting stronger in each bts video Cant wait for EN2!!!!
  9. Hahaha.. I think so many people are waiting for SS reappearance now (including me). Yesterday morning someone dropped me a message on youtube and asked me when SS will return again as she found the novel is kinda boring without SS
  10. @pad-hari are so excited to see her again until it brought you to tears??
  11. @phuong1317 @n3bula I think most of the fans who acted like that are young fans. Younger girls tend to be more aggressive, easily obsessed and jealous over things or certain people.. while they are getting more mature, they will be able to think the otherwise... well, that is my opi I might be wrong.
  12. They hate him? Why @n3bula? He such a sweet guy and he seems getting along with everybody.. I believe after EN2 airing, those haters will regret with their own words. I heard some Dyshen's fans, who only used to like Dyshen, after watching EN1, they have now became a big fan of NQ and SS I dont think they can resist NQ-SS's charms. Not even mention S2 will be fulled of sweetness and lovey dovey scenes about them
  13. Agree. I heard on instagram some Dyshen's fans called SYR old and ugly. Even though I am not DW's fans, but I do respect him for defending SYR from those nasty fans when they were bashing SYR with their comments in social media. DW still have a long way to go in his career path. Of course he will be paired up with other female actresses. But many of them are expecting him and perceived he only qualified to be paired up with Shen Yue alone. I like Shen Yue. But this kinda thought is nonsense and childish. It is called possessive freaks over their idol. They are not supporting their idol but dragged him down.
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