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  1. Wed-Thu DOL Mon DOL-BTS footage Tue DOL- "Life before DOL" documentary Not sure if he is tall enough, though. The tutor from Sky Castle just threw out a first pitch and there are so many instagrams of it and SHS needs to throw another first pitch!! (Also Kim Seo Hyung's pitch was as bad as SHS's- the Bears need to coach better!)
  2. I thought I read Mon-Tue somewhere a while back, and Wikipedia has DOL on Wed-Thur AND on Mon-Tue (under the alternate title, "Love of My Life." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programmes_broadcast_by_Korean_Broadcasting_System#KBS2_Monday–Tuesday_dramas I am curious to see what is placed in that Mon-Tue slot. With SHS in the lead role, DOL is a must-watch-as-soon-as-possible drama for me. But, if you replaced SHS with anyone else, it would be a if-I-read-some-good-reviews-maybe-I'll-watch-an-episode-or-two-in-a-few-months-after-it-ends. The story doesn't seem that exciting, and the promo they instagrammed made it sound even less interesting to me. KBS might have a better show planned for less competitive Mon-Tue slot. I gave up on Liver or Die after 1 hour- was that a mistake? For some reason, I envision SHS skateboarding to set. Or taking the bus for farther trips. Not sure why, though. I suspect SHS's kindness and empathy were traits long before she started acting. While I love her acting, I think I might like the BTS/non-drama clips even more, especially the baseball ones and clips from the breaks in between award shows (like the Dec. 31st award show, when she was hanging out with the 30/17 bunch during the break).
  3. This was well-put. I suspect a factor in her ability to consistently land roles is her kindness and sincerity. Colleagues recognize these traits, and want to work with her again. That video is great. Now, I want to see SHS do training videos for EVERYTHING- household appliances, car repair, pet care... except her workload is already way too high. Never mind, then. Competing on Wed-Thu against Vagabond and Save Me 2 (starring Jian's Dad!) and Spring Night seems less than ideal. Vagabond will likely be a ratings juggernaut. If KBS thought DOL was a stronger drama than whatever is replacing Dear Citizens, wouldn't they have put DOL on Mon-Tue?
  4. New article on Naver about the script reading on January 18: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000079887 Says the first episode is May 15! Google Translate keeps on using the words "smoke" and "cotton", when translating Korean to English. From the context, it seems like "smoke" is referring to (acting) ability/prowess, and "cotton" is something like awards, or maybe recognition? Can anyone with Korean Language Powers tell the class about "smoke" and "cotton?"
  5. Does SHS get additional compensation for any ballet training? Does she have additional insurance coverage during her ballet training? How extensive if her training schedule? YNK needs to send us copies of the contracts!
  6. The Naver article was linked onto SHS' gall.dcinside thread, so many of those fans jumped into the article comments and replied/downvoted the bad comments. https://m.entertain.naver.com/comment/list?commentNo=1666513581&oid=109&aid=0003971026
  7. Some of those comments on the Naver article about the Kerastase pics were a bit harsh. SHS likely knows better than to pay any mind to such ignorant comments, but hopefully she doesn't even see them.
  8. Don't really understand the need for SHS to go through ballet training for a three-month drama. No one can accumulate decades worth of ballet skill/experience in (two months?). No matter how hard she trains, there will still be netizens complaining. If her training/diet regimen is "Black Swan style", SHS could face future health concerns. SHS was hired for her elite acting talents. Why can't SHS focus on the actual acting, and hire actual ballerinas to focus on the actual ballet dancing? Technology, filming, and writing could all be utilized to maximize realism, without putting excessive physical demands on SHS.
  9. I thought we had all planned to go abroad to study ballet, to prep for the new drama? Surprised to see everyone else seems to have plenty of free time to post. After a 21 hour day spent arabesquing, I pretty much just sleep. If SHS signed up for a 104 episode drama- it would be necessary for us to go to SK and stage an intervention. The fan letter is printed and packed up in three chests to take to YNK... but I feel like it needs to be updated- with the transcripts from the meetings I had with celebrity-specializing nutritionists, the journals from ballet boot camp, the vers libre I just wrote about goddess oil... (I'm glad that Kérastase is throwing some won SHS' way, but "ultimate elixir goddess oil" seems like the type of product that sells itself.) I've enjoyed some Satoshi works (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress), and am a HUGE Makoto fan (too many to list). Looking forward to seeing Weathering With You this year.
  10. Does SHS have a break between "Innocent" and the new drama? She needs to get out of cow mode for a bit, and switch to sleep mode. Especially since there was an extremely legitimate report elsewhere that the new drama will be 104 episodes.
  11. Not sure I agree here. When SHS was "unknown actress #083189", she auditioned for available roles, shooting when she had availability. Now, SHS is "Shin Hye Sun", and she chooses from available roles on offer, shooting when she has availability. "Unfinished business" likely has little, if any, effect on SHS' decision-making process. It feels more like a platitude that would be used in an interview, when the truth is uncomfortable/unprofessional to openly state: Interviewer: "Why did you choose to be involved in "Innocent?" SHS' truth: "I was available, and there was no reason not to." YNK's desired response: "I wanted to challenge the role of an attorney again." (SHS is very honest/straightforward, so SHS' actual response will often be a combination of the truth/YNK's answer.) As for Instagram, SHS, particularly in the past year, has not been very active, regardless of her schedule. Maybe, She is just not a big social media person. She doesn't want to share elements of her personal life with strangers, for personal/safety reasons. YNK has imposed specific guidelines on Instagramming. Given that SHS (or YNK?) deleted many of her older Instagram posts ~ a year ago (?), I would guess that #3 is the biggest factor. (It would be great if SHS IG'd more, in a safe manner, but I'm sure there are reasons the IG count is kept low.) There are numerous qualities to praise SHS for, which is why she has a dedicated, growing fanbase. But I don't really think "unfinished business" and "focusing on work over Instagram" narratives are among them.
  12. Those baseball pics are actually the best pics. There is no longer any need to take any additional pictures on this planet. Everyone should now focus on paintings and sculptures. The bullpen video clips are crucial evidence that the Doosan Bears coaching staff should be held culpable for the unfortunate result of the SHS First Pitch. In the SHS fan letter, I will examine the best course of action for clearing SHS' name in this, the only blemish of her career.
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