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  1. kokkuri33

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Not sure I agree here. When SHS was "unknown actress #083189", she auditioned for available roles, shooting when she had availability. Now, SHS is "Shin Hye Sun", and she chooses from available roles on offer, shooting when she has availability. "Unfinished business" likely has little, if any, effect on SHS' decision-making process. It feels more like a platitude that would be used in an interview, when the truth is uncomfortable/unprofessional to openly state: Interviewer: "Why did you choose to be involved in "Innocent?" SHS' truth: "I was available, and there was no reason not to." YNK's desired response: "I wanted to challenge the role of an attorney again." (SHS is very honest/straightforward, so SHS' actual response will often be a combination of the truth/YNK's answer.) As for Instagram, SHS, particularly in the past year, has not been very active, regardless of her schedule. Maybe, She is just not a big social media person. She doesn't want to share elements of her personal life with strangers, for personal/safety reasons. YNK has imposed specific guidelines on Instagramming. Given that SHS (or YNK?) deleted many of her older Instagram posts ~ a year ago (?), I would guess that #3 is the biggest factor. (It would be great if SHS IG'd more, in a safe manner, but I'm sure there are reasons the IG count is kept low.) There are numerous qualities to praise SHS for, which is why she has a dedicated, growing fanbase. But I don't really think "unfinished business" and "focusing on work over Instagram" narratives are among them.
  2. kokkuri33

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Those baseball pics are actually the best pics. There is no longer any need to take any additional pictures on this planet. Everyone should now focus on paintings and sculptures. The bullpen video clips are crucial evidence that the Doosan Bears coaching staff should be held culpable for the unfortunate result of the SHS First Pitch. In the SHS fan letter, I will examine the best course of action for clearing SHS' name in this, the only blemish of her career.
  3. kokkuri33

    Soompi love feast

    Is this a Love "Feast" or a Love "Fest?" Kind of has a bit of a "Fest" vibe to it. Anyways, an IMMORTAL! directed that a post be made celebrating... SHIN HYE SUN! Why are we celebrating Shin Hye Sun, you ask? Well, let's bulletpoint this particular situation: Resilience! SHS has worked her way up to TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER, by paying her dues in commercials, print ads, and progressively larger acting roles. She has overcome quite a bit of adversity, since her days of selling 5900 won pizzas! Versatilty! What role do you need? An emotional soprano? An intoxicated teacher? A choco pie-craving 17 year old, in a 30 year old's body? A baseball pitcher? SHS has got you covered! Cow Mode! SHS scoops up one project after another, spending most of her time working like a cow. During her infrequent spare time, she isn't partaking in billable hour-generating scandals- she is probably sleeping, or watching animations. (Or doing things like this.) Please visit the Soompi SHS thread for more!
  4. The writer has decided to wait until Episode #5 to add Subway to the plot. Feels like the type of mistake that a veteran writer shouldn't be making.
  5. kokkuri33

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    My daily schedule is: 8 pm Wake up Check SHS news Eat 1 cup of cooked brown rice Check SHS news Take vitamins Check SHS news Watch j-drama (Tokusatsu Gagaga!) or k-drama (Last Empress!!) Shower Check SHS news 10 pm Sleep Sometimes I dream of 고기구이
  6. kokkuri33

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Anyone else trying the SHS Diet? It's been very effective. Down 17 kg in 2 weeks! Used to have insomnia- but now sleep at least 22 hours a day!
  7. kokkuri33

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    Was anyone else shocked by the Subway product placement that took place INSIDE the Moon Snails restaurant? (Did not see that plot twist coming!!)